Church paper repudiates work of pro-freedom union leaders, and martyrs to Marxixm and Islamic extremism
Now I've seen it all

N ow I've seen it all! Anti-Communism in the 1950s was hysteria, and the Muslims could be our best friends for family-friendly policies! Your last issue had it all! Presumably the martyr-like figures of Archbishops Stepinac and Mindzenty and the Rev. Richard Wurmbrand were wrong.
   Do we assume that the rape of Poland and the suppression of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, plus the terrorist attacks decades ago by the Red Brigade and similar gangs, and the Cuban persecutions, are "beat-ups" by the capitalist Press?
   Also, presumably, the women being stoned to death for nothing, the people being martyred, and churches being blown up, by Islamic zealots, don't exist, and any canonisations being considered ought to be dropped!

[Not included in the publication:]
   Read The West Australian, "A great escape; Betty Mahmoody's flight from a brutal Iran," interview with Helen Crompton, "Liftout" section page 12; film review p 20, Thu Aug 8 1991, for an idea of "family values" in a country that has been theocratic for years and years. [Perhaps the period was overstated.]
   The source of these woolly statements also ought to read the periodical The Voice of the Martyrs, of PO Box 598, Penrith NSW. A recent issue included these articles: "China Authorities Arrest Christian Women", "Nigeria Raging Violence Destroys Churches", "Continuing violence in Indonesia", "Hostages in the Philippines", "Praying for Afghanistan", "More deaths in Nigeria", "Turkmenistan defector speaks", "Christians massacred in Pakistan", and "Muslim extremists claim responsibility" (for an outrage). Contact: , .
   A similar Catholic periodical is Aid to the Church in Need Mirror , of PO Box 6245, Blacktown DC NSW. It, like The Record itself, chronicles the sorry story of persecutions by extremists of the Communist and Muslim persuasions. Contact: , . [End of section which did not fit on the page.]

   Do we really have to re-educate the faithful about godless materialism and paganism?

The Record, Perth Catholic newspaper, "Now I've seen it all," letter to editor, Sep 25 2003, p 11
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