Scriptural and Church sex and marriage teachings – which?

24 A.D. approx.: Adultery, serious offence even by intention! Jesus Christ said: "You have heard that it was said, 'You must not commit adultery.' But I say to you that everyone who keeps looking at a woman so as to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Bible, Christian Scripture, Matthew 5:28)
1st Century A.D.: Fornication: The New Testament writers forbade fornication, which is understood by many people to be sex between a person and an unmarried person of the opposite sex. Read Acts of the Apostles 15:20, 29; 21:25, Romans 1:29, 1 Corinthians 5:1, 6:13, 18; 7:2; 2 Cor 12:21, Galatians 5:19, Ephesians 5:3, 1 Thessalonians 4:3, and Jude 7.
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   Homosexual behaviour: The early Christians also forbade homosexual behaviour. Read the Letter to the Romans 1:24-27, which in the original Greek condemned "uncleanness," "bodies dishonoured," "passions of dishonour," "females changed the natural use into the one beside nature," "the males, having left the natural use of the female, became burning with lust toward one another, males in males," calling it "indecency," and "error". In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 it says that many kinds of sinners will not inherit God's kingdom, and the list includes "soft men" (which has been interpreted as being "men kept for unnatural purposes") and "liers with males." Jude verse 7 condemns Sodom and Gomorrah people for going out "after different flesh," which is interpreted as homosexual activity.
   The early writings set the recommended behavioural standard: " . . . to avoid fornication every man ought to have his own wife and every woman her own husband." (1 Corinthians 7:2) Read verses 3 to 5 to gain greater understanding that what is thought to be the authentic early Church, while opposed to incontinence in sexual matters, at the same time wanted married couples to be generous with each other.
2nd Century A.D. document: The Didache, the oldest existing commentary on the gospels, early second century, commands in item 2.2: "Thou shalt not seduce young boys." (pronounce Didache "di dah KAY".) -- adapted from Dr Barry Coldrey's book, Religious Life Without Integrity, 2002, P & B Press, Como (W.A.), page 27.
Find online Didache translations list through: .
309 A.D., Council of Elvira, expulsion proposed for pederasty: The earliest Church council after the Council of Jerusalem for which records exist took place at Elvira in 309 A.D. This council proposed irrevocable* exclusion for those who sexually abuse boys (Canon 71). That is, they were not to receive the Sacrament of Communion even at the point of death. (Based on Religious Life Without Integrity, p 27, Barry Coldrey, 2001.)   * People who doubt permanent exclusion is authentic Christianity could check Hebrews 6:4-6 and Matthew 12:32
Middle Ages. There were strong punishments for erring clerics, according to studies done by Catholic Father Thomas Doyle, a modern canon lawyer, who states that in the Middle Ages Irish monks published penitential books for handling confessions. Several of the tomes, according to Doyle, refer to sexual crimes committed by clerics against boys and girls. One widely-used volume, known as the Penitential of Bede, advises clerics who sodomize children to repent their sins by subsisting on nothing more than bread and water for anywhere from three to 12 years. "The reason sexual abuse of minors is in these books," says Doyle, "is because it was a problem." Refer Kristen Lombardi, "Failure to Act," part 1, The Phoenix, 126 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215, U.S.A., news_features/top/features/documents/01847611.htm , October 4 - 11, 2001
• 2002: The early Christians banned homosexual behaviour. This article, begun in July 2002, mentions the moves by various Christian Churches in recent years to legitimise homosexual behaviour. By July 2003 the Church of England and related Churches around the world were discussing whether to consecrate homosexual bishops or not, and whether to "bless" same-sex "marriages." In Australia the Uniting Church on 17 July 2003 decided to ordain homosexual clergy. In much of the mass media it was unclear if those for or against the change in doctrine were considering what the Christian Scriptures taught about homosexuality.
   The article quotes the New Testament and the Didache, and covers a few other aspects. (For various reasons it was not put onto the WWW until July 2003.) -- Religion Clarity Campaign, July 30 2002
• Compulsory celibacy crept in from the outside [slowly to the Latin-rite clergy at all levels, but earlier for bishops in some Oriental rites], i.e., from antiquated and partly pagan notions such as from the religions of Thebes, Astarte, and Dodona, and the Vestal Virgins of Rome, according to Thomas Lederer 1992 at quoting Richard Sipe and David Rice.
   The anti-family sects in the Church fought long and hard, even winning some ground in the Greek or Oriental regions of Christianity, but in the main being defeated in Church councils such as those in 325 and 692. However, the swing away from the practices of the Apostles, and the practice and teachings of the Epistles, continued unabated in the Latin or Roman section of Christianity as people were chosen for ministry in direct contravention of the authentic early rules, which were that each Church leader candidate had to be the head of a well-ordered family (1 Timothy 3:2-7, and Titus 1:5-9). -- Faith Purification Programme, Oct 7 02

• 2003: Christopher West's "new" way of marriage etc. PERTH, W. Australia: There were 500 people at American speaker Professor Christopher West's talk at the Catholic Education Office on Monday night. The foundation of the sexual counter-revolution was the Pope's Theology of the Body, he said, which had been delivered in 129 homilies in Rome from 1979 to 1984. There was a spiritual marriage between Christ and his bride, the Church. This image of marriage with humanity is what God uses throughout the Bible to describe his love for us. God wanted his eternal plan to be so obvious that he stamped it into our bodies by making us male and female so that two could become one flesh. The deepest mystery of God is the eternal exchange of love that is the Trinity. "Marriage is a sacrament because it is a sign, a foretaste of the eternal marriage" in Heaven. Lovemaking ought to be Free, Unconditional, Faithful, and Fruitful. "Contraception is at the root of all the addictions that are wreaking such havoc in families and our culture," Professor West said. (and so on) -- The Record, "A revolution to change the world," by Hugh Ryan, Mar 27 03, p 1-2. [COMMENT: Well, not much new there! We have a charismatic speaker on Pope John Paul 2nd's old lectures, the Trinity, and the Bible -- but, what sections of the Bible are original? AND, is this religion telling us one thing and doing another with its long-term child sex abuse, plus defying Bible rules? COMMENT ENDS] Mar 27 03
• Cardinal-elect O'Brien questions Church stance on contraception, homosexuality, and priests' celibacy rules. ABERDEEN, Scotland ( Archbishop Keith O'Brien of St. Andrews-Edinburgh, Scotland, who was named by Pope John Paul II to become a cardinal, used a Mass of thanksgiving as an occasion to question Church teaching and discipline regarding contraception, homosexuality, and clerical celibacy. Archbishop O'Brien, who is to become only the third Scottish cardinal since the Reformation, said that the Church should re-examine her teaching regarding contraception. He said that he assumed a large number of Catholic priests are homosexual, and is not troubled by that fact if they maintain their vows of celibacy. But he also questioned whether the discipline of priestly celibacy is necessary, pointing out that "throughout the world there are married priests and in England there are a number of converts from Anglicanism who are married and who became Roman Catholic priests." The archbishop's public statements-- delivered just one day after the announcement that he would soon receive a cardinal's red hat-- stood in sharp contrast to the stands taken by the late Cardinal Thomas Winning, Scotland's most recent representative in the College of Cardinals. They also contrasted with the stated views of Scotland's other leading prelate, Archbishop Mario Conti of Glasgow. A spokesman for the Glasgow archdiocese declined to comment on the statements by Cardinal-elect O'Brien, but announced that Archbishop Conti would release his own public statement this coming Sunday, underlining his own "more traditionally Catholic" teachings regarding marriage. -- Catholic World News, "Cardinal-elect questions Church stance on controversial issues," , [He recanted within a short time] Oct 1 03
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* Hebrew Scriptures: Psalm 43:3 / 42:3
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