The Hidden Scourge of the
Sexual Abuse Scandal

When wolves train shepherds  by Judith A Reisman, Ph.D.
... The following briefing of the source of the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal is excerpted from a document delivered to the Holy Father [the Pope] and endorsed by renowned Catholic leaders. I write you as a sympathetic non-Catholic with decades of research experience in identifying the causes of today's pandemic sexual anarchy and its inevitable fallout in pandemic child sexual abuse.
   Without question, the main source of this erotic pollution has been the implementation of the allegedly "scientific" sexual "manifesto" crafted by Prof. Alfred Kinsey in his 1948 tome, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Originally funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Kinsey's human sexuality disciples today counsel the Church and train its children; its future nuns, brothers, priests and bishops.   . . .
   For example, the Chairperson of the Department of Psychiatry at Boston University Hospital, Dr. Richard Pillard attended the nascent North American Man-Boy-Love Association (NAMBLA) conference on "Man-Boy-Love."
   Pillard ... said ... "Men and boys who love each other are engaging in a social experiment."   . . .
   In 1948, most of our patriarchal state sex laws exacted strict controls on male sexual licence and thus favored women, children and the family.
   ... Kinsey's elite legal and psychiatric colleagues created the "Sex Offenses" section of the first American Law Institute Model Penal Code [ALI MPC]. Citing 100% to Kinsey's fraudulent sex date for its claim that everyone was doing every kind of sex act, without any negative public health consequences, the ALI MPC was eventually partially or totally implemented by all 50 state legislatures.
   The ALI MPC urged the legalisation of fornication, cohabitation, adultery, contraception, alienation of affection,
seduction, abortion and prostitution. It winked at bestiality and rape and called for a lowered age of consent and a legal window for child sex abuse if the predator were within five or ten years of his young victim.   . . .
   Kinsey's influence on society includes the shaping of seminarians, priests and bishops. Indeed during the nascent NAMBLA Boston conference, circa [= approximately] 1979, Father Paul Shanley echoed Kinsey's claims that imprisoning a child molester "does far more damage" to the child than did the sex abuse.   . . .
   So, how did Kinsey lead the struggle for the "boy-lovers" whom the nation and the Church suffer today?
   Briefly, 87% of his male research subjects were already aberrant; prisoners, homosexuals, 1,400 sex offenders, at least 650 abused boys, etc., while so few normal women would talk to him that he had to label "wives" women who lived more than a year with a man.
   In this way he could fake his date to show that masturbation and fornication were common and critical for later marital success.   . . .
   Still following our sexuality stream, Kinsey's erotic dogma is seen in the now-famous 1985 document "The Problem of Sexual Molestation" in the Church, in which Father Thomas Doyle, Ray Mouton and St Luke's Dr. Michael Peterson (a closet homosexual, now dead from AIDS) said the Church was unequipped to address sex predators due, and I quote, to its "extreme moral judgmentalism."   . . .
   ... Peterson ... especially recommended Drs. Fred Berlin and John Money of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic.   . . .
   In 1988 the Maryland press had already reported: "At least eight men were convicted of sexually abusing Maryland children while under treatment at the Johns Hopkins clinic."   . . .
See: Social Justice Review, USA, "The Hidden Scourge of the Sexual Abuse Scandal ..." Judith A. Reisman, Mar 2003

   ... Look at John Money, the world-famous expert whom Peterson foisted on the Church. Few people believe there is a magazine called the Journal of Paedophilia. In a JOP interview, Money told ... readers that the Johns Hopkins clinic was never meant to stop child molesters.  ... sex between men and boys is good.   ...
   The Lancet, the British medical journal wrote: Dr. Judith A. Reisman and her colleagues demolish the foundations of the two [Kinsey] reports ... Presumably some at least of those [sex] offenders [they called normals] were also the sources of information on stimulation to orgasm in young children that can only have come from pedophiles -- or so it must be hoped. [Vol 337: March 2, 1991, p. 547]   . . .
   Yet these sexual deviants counsel clerical child offenders and train schoolchildren, mental health professionals and seminarians,
and regularly appear as courtroom experts.   . . .
   These findings of the sinister, root causes of the sexual abuse scandal and of fraud and malpractice, should also be considered for possible use in making direct or third-party legal claims against identified sexologists and their institutions, including the current Kinsey Institute.   . . .
   My plea is that the Catholic faithful will view this tragedy as a catastrophic "opportunity" to take to the courtrooms and legislatures everywhere; to obtain rulings and laws to turn off the spigots that spew Kinsey's pansexual virus into the stream that has infected us all.
   Once attaining success in the courtroom the bogus Kinseyan sex credo may finally be excised from our larger society. Until then, the wolves will still be paid millions to train the shepherds who guard the sheep. 

Extracted from: Social Justice Review, United States of America, "The Hidden Scourge of the Sexual Abuse Scandal; When wolves train shepherds," by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., , p 52, March 2003 (by courtesy of John XXIII Fellowship Co-op, PO Box 22, Ormond, Vic, 3204, Australia,
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