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Pell back to work

Sydney Catholic Archbishop George Pell will return to work today as leader of the Catholic Church in Australia, after a church inquiry failed to substantiate sexual abuse allegations against him.
   Dr Pell says he is grateful to God that the inquiry is over.
   "My Catholic conviction sustained me during these dark weeks," Dr Pell said.
   A former altar boy accused Dr Pell of several incidents of molestation during a church camp at Victoria's Phillip Island in the early 1960s.
   But a Catholic Church inquiry has found the complaint against Dr Pell cannot be established and no further action should be taken based largely on a lack of forensic or corroborative evidence.
   The complainant's lawyer, Peter Ward, says his client is delighted with the outcome and feels exonerated by the findings.
   "Initially, it was said that the complaint was vindictive," Mr Ward said.
   "The report clearly disputes that assertion, it also accepts that the complainant was attempting to be truthful and in our view, it was a very balanced judgment."
   Dr Pell says he has forgiven his accuser.
   "After a little interval of time I was able to pray for him, I continue to do so and I bear him no ill will," Dr Pell said.
   Dr Pell now wants to focus on getting back to work.
"Pell back to work," © Australian Broadcasting Corporation, October 15, 2002

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