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'Too hard' to extradite abuser nun; - Roman Catholic Church. Claims of flagstick rape and forcing to eat faeces. Australia flag; Aust. National Flag Assn.  Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of, flag; Mooney's MiniFlags 
   The Weekend Australian, p 8, Aug 31-Sep 1 2002
   BRISBANE (Qld) Australia: Queensland police had thought it would be too difficult to extradite a former Nazareth House nun from Britain. Melbourne solicitor Peter Cash, who represented the 17 alleged victims who have received payouts from the order, said his clients wanted the nun brought to Australia to face trial. [Emphasis added]
Perth Anglican "Archbishop's Panel deals with any complaints of sexual misconduct by Church workers." Anglican. PERTH, Australia. -- Anglican Messenger, Anglican Church newspaper, Perth, Western Australia, September 2002, p 8
"The facts about Wesley College" internet peeks by the principal. Uniting Church. PERTH: Principal John Bednall accessed inappropriate websites on the school computer, so decisive steps were taken by the school in telling Church authorities and the police. He resigned. -- Western Impact, Uniting Church newspaper, Perth, Western Australia, September 2002, p 1
[FOOTNOTE: He was charged on Jan 31 2003. See "Ex-college head will face court," February 1 03. Because the police did not charge him with the right kind of charges, and had not got the dates and times of the alleged computer access, he was not convicted on April 2, 2004. END of FOOTNOTE] [Sep 2002]
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Jehovah's Witnesses; Handling Of Child Sexual Abuse Cases.;, by B.A. Robinson, Sep 3 2002
   "In the organization, you have to have two witnesses, and of course it's almost impossible to have two witnesses to a child molestation. So if a parent comes with their daughter to the elder, they ask and he says, no, I didn't do it, then that's the end of the matter. I would like to see them recognize it, take it to the civil authorities and professionals that are capable and qualified to help the victims." Joe Anderson, former Watchtower Society elder.
   NEW HAMPSHIRE, United States: A church member informed elders that her husband was physically abusing their children. They took no action. For years afterwards, the man sexually and physically abused children in his own family.  He was finally caught, tried and given a 56-year prison sentence.
   Texas: In 1992, church elders ordered a teen-age boy to stop molesting his younger sister. The youth later sexually abused another sister. Police found out about the latter case when alerted by hospital staff after his victim attempted to commit suicide. In 1997, the perpetrator was given a 40-year prison term.
   Maine: Church elders disciplined a member for child molesting. Later, the perpetrator molested a teen-age boy between 1989 and 1992. It was only after the second victim disclosed the abuse to a therapist that authorities were notified.
Sep 3 2002
• "Tentative deal set [again] in abuse suits," 86 plaintiffs would share $10 million in Geoghan cases, settlement seen in Geoghan suits. BOSTON: The Archdiocese of Boston and a lawyer for 86 plaintiffs suing defrocked priest John J. Geoghan have reached a tentative accord that would pay the plaintiffs $10 million - about half the amount the archdiocese first agreed to, then rejected in May. J. Owen Todd, the personal attorney for Cardinal Bernard F. Law, who as a defendant in many of the Geoghan-related lawsuits is accused of negligence, confirmed last night that a tentative agreement has been reached. (801 words) -- The Boston Globe By Stephen Kurkjian, and Walter V. Robinson, September 4, 2002
"A hurt and betrayal felt by all Catholics." BUNBURY, Western Australia: Bunbury Catholic Bishop Gerard Holohan says the Church lacked child-abuse insight. [The RCs claim their Church is 2000 years old, so why no insight? A rebuttal of the bishop's unbelievable claims is at: "Church leaders knew ... unspeakable ... ignore" ~ 14 Sep 02] -- The Record Sep 5 02, p 2.  
• "Trial by media: The attacks on Archbishop Pell;" MELBOURNE (Vic) Australia. -- News Weekly, Sep 7 02 pp 4-5
"Dr Pell muddied the waters on '60 Minutes';" AUSTRALIA: R.C. Archbishop Pell had spent 10 days denying that the Church paid "hush money" and criticising 60 Minutes for "bias," even though he had admitted it on the 60 Minutes videotape, broadcast June 2. He later admitted it -- again. He had also four times denied that a victim named David Risdale had reported to him that a priest, his uncle, had been sexually abusing him. Then he admitted it. Letter sent to News Weekly (which says there is media bias) on Sep 9 02
• "Do we remember past offences?" AUSTRALIA: St John Chrysostom in a homily on the Mass reading, speaks about the supposed "Sin of remembering past offences." The author comments on this, then makes an observation: "To forgive is to forget past offences." Norma Woodcock, The Record, Perth, (Thu) Sep 12 02, p 6
• "Speaking out a duty" about abortion and homosexual activity: ARICCIA, Italy (CNS) - U.S. Archbishop John Foley, the Vatican's top communications official, said Catholics must speak out courageously against immorality like abortion and homosexual activity. He said that many people were prisoners of the "politically correct," and feared to speak out. The Record, Perth, (Thu) Sep 12 02, p 12
• "Depression doesn't square with priesthood." MANCHESTER, England (CNS) - Former Dominican master-general, Father Timothy Radcliffe, said that he had been told many priests felt depressed or demoralised, but depression and priesthood don't mix. Reasons for feeling demoralised included the scandals of sexual abuse, the loss of respect for the priestly vocation, and the disappearance of the young from many parishes The Record, Perth, (Thu) Sep 12 02, p 12
• "Blunt words on seminaries from Pope." CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy (CNS) - Pope John Paul II has asked Brazilian bishops to exercise greater care in selecting candidates for the priesthood, with special concern about whether they would be able to live celibately. He said the bishops ought to get to know the candidates, mainly from a moral and affective point of view. Celibacy is "not an extrinsic or useless element - a superstructure - to their priesthood, but is intimately suited to participation in Christ's dignity and service to the new humanity that has its origins in him and for him and that he leads to fullness." The Record, Perth, (Thu) Sep 12 02, p 13
• "Women make an Ernie out of men:" SYDNEY: Archbishop George Pell was voted worst of the worst for sexist remarks, at the annual Ernie Awards. He won the Golden Ernie award for his July comments that: "Abortion is a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing young people." He had earlier won the clerical award, the Fred. The West Australian, Fri Sep 13 02, p 5
Church leaders knew priests were doing unspeakable things to kids, and ignored it. AUSTRALIA: -- Answer to Bunbury Bishop Gerard Holohan's Sep 5 statement that the Church lacked child-abuse insight. Approximately September 14 2002
"Party priest jailed for sex abuse of schoolboys, " 10 1/2-year term by NSW court. SYDNEY: Fr Vincent Kiss, 70, molested Young Christian Students and altar boys while priest and athletics coach at Albury NSW for seven years from 1966; he had concealed 1979 convictions for indecent assault in Vanuatu; he was described as "saintly" and had mixed in Melbourne high society; he had been gaoled in Victoria in 1993 for six years for a $1.8 million fraud from charitable trust funds; The Weekend Australian, "Ex-priest's jail for child sex," Sep 14-15 02, p 6, and Sydney Morning Herald, "Party priest jailed for sex abuse of schoolboys," by Ellen Connolly, Sep 14 02

• Footballer sex-abuse cover up "Photo out of the frame." PERTH: The police royal commission has been wrong all week about a photograph that helped fuel allegations if high-level police corruption, in failing to prosecuted a high-profile West Australian accused by a lady of sexually abusing her from teenage years. In fact, the photograph had been taken before any allegation about the personality was ever made to police; in fact, in August 1997, not in August 1998. -- The Sunday Times, Perth, Sep 15 02, p 3
• "Abuse check on teachers." PERTH: The Western Australian Director-General of Education Paul Albert told parent groups in Perth that the feasibility of cross-checking teachers with police databases was being studied. About a third of WA's 60,000 State teachers would be screened under the proposed new system. The rest, employed after 1996, had been required to supply police clearances. The WA Council of State School Organisations head Shelley Norrish said all teachers should be checked by police regardless of cost. In March the department obliged teachers to report any police charges against them, but stopped short of forcing them to report past convictions. -- The West Australian, Mon Sep 16 02, p 3
• U.S. Catholic "Bishops sued on child sex counts" for conspiracy. LOS ANGELES: Claim that Catholic bishops held seminars to discredit claims and conceal priests' records. Church paid $5.2 million last year re Mons. Michael Harris. -- The West Australian, Wed Sep 18 02, p 27
Dr Pell's identity unless proven guilty should be confidential; AUSTRALIA: Letter, Mr P.M.Armstrong, Kalamunda, The Sunday Times, Perth, Sep 22 02, p 34
• "Protesters organize at Law's church." RCC. BOSTON, USA: With their backs symbolically turned to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, dozens of regular protesters of the Roman Catholic Church declared their unity against Cardinal Bernard F. Law yesterday with a solidarity vigil marking the naming of their new group STTOP! "Speak Truth TO Power!" joins a handful of other grass-roots groups that have sprung up since January in response to the clergy sexual abuse crisis. The group is not altogether new. It has been meeting at the cathedral - the cardinal's home church - since the scandal broke, but members only recently decided on a formal organization and name. They have come out in rain showers and on sunny days, whether Law is present or not, chasing his car, shouting through bullhorns, carrying signs, and repeatedly demanding accountability from the church. -- Boston Globe By Michael S. Rosenwald September 23 2002
• Sex case inquiry call. BRISBANE: Protests by Queensland Opposition after charges were dropped against Australian swimming coach Scott Volkers. [Television revived this case in late February 2003.] -- The West Australian, Wed Sep 25 02, p 12
• "Church in peril of split: writer". (Dr Pell case, comment) SYDNEY: Visiting Irish writer and lecturer Father Daniel O'Leary criticised the Pell sex abuse Church inquiry terms of reference. He said the sex abuse crisis affecting the Church in many countries made it more vulnerable but was a chance for regeneration. "In the universal, institutional Church there is fear, defensiveness, when the Church needs to be more human, more vulnerable, more compassionate." Associate Professor of Western Sydney Tom Altobelli said there was an imbalance in a Church inquiry. The rules of the Pell inquiry were stunning for their overemphasis on confidentiality. He urged appointment of an independent entity. Margaret Halsmith, who has worked on the Church's protocol in WA, disagreed. The West Australian, Wed Sep 25 02, p 13
• "Prosecutor angers some by releasing names of accused priests" (RC, USA, Donald Bowen indicted): BOSTON: In a controversial move, a prosecutor publicly released the names of 20 priests who church officials say were accused of sexually abusing children in the 1960s and 1970s, though none of them has ever been charged criminally. Bristol County District Attorney Paul Walsh gave out the list of names Thursday as he announced the indictment of the Rev. Donald J. Bowen for allegedly molesting a girl while he was a priest at a Norton church from 1965 to 1971. Civil rights advocates sharply criticized Walsh's decision, which Walsh acknowledged goes against standard prosecutorial policy and appeared to be the first move of its kind by a prosecutor. See: The Boston Globe By Denise Lavoie, Associated Press, September 26 2002
• Justice system disempowers victims: AUSTRALIA: Bravo to Lloyd Davies (Letters, 25/9) for highlighting the serious injustice of alleged perpetrators being able to split hearings where there is more than one victim. Letter, Michelle Stubbs, WA co-director, Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse, Bassendean, The West Australian, Thu Sep 26 02, p 15
• "Homosexual debate heats up": WASHINGTON (CNS) - In an article published in America, a weekly published in the Jesuits in New York, a U.S. priest working in the Vatican said that homosexually-oriented men should not be ordained to the priesthood. He is Father Andres R. Baker, a staff member of the Vatican Congregation for Bishops. In the same September 30 issue, Auxiliary Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton of Detroit defended ordaining "gay" priests, and opposed scapegoating them. Last year Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone of the Vatican told the CNS "Persons with a homosexual inclination should not be admitted to the seminary." This March, Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Vallis told The New York Times that "people with (homosexual) inclinations just cannot be ordained." In his America article Father Baker listed several reasons against the suitability of homosexual men for the priesthood, including the experiences of some seminaries and dioceses with "cliques ... based on the disordered attractions." -- The Record, (Thu) Sep 26 02, p 13
• "Nun defends her actions": AUSTRALIA: Sister Bernard Mary, 69, of the Sisters of Nazareth, denied hurting any children. She served at Nazareth House, Brisbane, in the 1940s and 50s. -- The West Australian, Fri Sep 27 02, p 4

• Homosexual recruits in priest training seminaries. LINCOLN, Nebraska: "Unless the homosexual tree is cut down, all the draconian measures in the world taken against its fruits will not solve anything in the long run." [Is this sensible, or an example of politically-incorrect "homophobia"?] -- "Unspeakable Crimes," by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska, Fidelity, (reprinted from Social Justice Review, Sep-Oct 2002), Victoria, Australia, Oct 2002, p 3
"He can't be a PRIEST! I threw him out because he likes BOYS!" -- ex-wife: BROOKLYN (NY): They were the words of the ex-wife of Rudolph Kos, for whom a fraudulent annulment had been obtained so that he could enter a Catholic seminary. The Church authorites ignored her, and the complaints of seminarians. When the later Kos court case [1998] for his molesting as a priest ended, the Judge read a statement from the Jury publicly rebuking the Bishop of Dallas and the Vicar General for obfuscatory testimony. The victims had originally gone to their Church for relief, but the Church leaders had betrayed them. -- Fidelity, "Fr Joseph Wilson's response," by Fr Joseph F. Wilson, Diocese of Brooklyn, Oct 2002, pp 15-16
• The enemy is within, not the outside bodies taking action. BROOKLYN, New York: "The real enemies of the Faith are NOT the attorneys, the reporters covering the stories, the pundits weighing in. ... the real enemy ... [is] the enemy within ... [who failed] to oversee and govern, to guide and rebuke and foster the good, ... [and] administer seminaries in which every kind of aberration was tolerated; ..." -- "Fr Joseph Wilson's response," by Fr Joseph F. Wilson, Diocese of Brooklyn, Fidelity, Oct 2002, p 17
Uniting Church paper's quiet response. PERTH: Western Impact has received complaints about the September front-page story [= newsitem] under the heading 'The Facts about Wesley College.' The paper believes it supplied fair and factual information. Since publication, the paper has learnt that Mr John Bednall is in dispute with the college concerning the ending of his principalship at the school. He has taken issue with certain parts of the article. -- Western Impact, Perth, Western Australia, October 2002, p 9
!!!: Cruising away from prosecution! R.C., abused girls. LOS ANGELES: Retired priest G. Neville Rucker, 82, instead of surrendering on 23 charges of sexual abuse of seven girls at various times from 1947 to 1976, was off on a 64-day Pacific cruise, until the ship was diverted to the Aleutian Islands and he was arrested there on September 27. The West Australian, "Police divert ship to arrest alleged paedophile priest," Tue Oct 1 02, p 23
Argentinean archbishop accused of seminary sex abuse resigns. LONDON: Accused that he sexually abused seminarians, on September 25 Archbishop Edgardo Gabriel Storni, of Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz, Argentina, denied the charges, saying his resignation "in no way signifies guilt on my part, nor does it mean I accept the allegations". The allegations were made in a book Nuestra Santa Madre (Our Holy Mother) about the Catholic Church in Argentina, published in August by the Argentine journalist Olga Wornat. She writes that the 66-year-old archbishop sexually abused at least 47 men, including minors at the seminary of Santa Fe archdiocese, north-west of Buenos Aires. A Vatican inquiry years ago was inconclusive. [Also see "Argentine archbishop submits resignation after sex abuse allegations" Catholic News Service (CNS) NEWS BRIEFS Sep-26-2002 and also see "Pope OKs Archbishop's Resignation," Yahoo! News, , Tue Oct 1, 2002, 8:28 PM ET ] -- , The Tablet, Britain, Sat Oct 5 2002
Shock waves from German cardinal's criticism of laity. GERMANY A leading German cardinal has attacked Catholic organisations in his country and warned that the Church is itself at risk of becoming a mere organisation. Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Archbishop of Cologne, said that within Catholic commissions and councils there were many representatives who lacked any real faith. Instead of vital belief, he said, what emerged from these organisations was a self-made ideological faith, which was only Catholic in name. -- , The Tablet, Sat Oct 5 2002
Impasse ends between Irish priest and bishop. DUBLIN, Ireland: A year-long confrontation between an Irish curate and the diocese of Ferns has ended, after 71-year-old Fr James Cashman agreed to accept a post as a convent chaplain as proposed by Bishop Eamon Walsh. The deadlock began after Dr Walsh's predecessor, the former Bishop Brendan Comiskey*, appointed a new curate to St Leonard's, and Fr Cashman appealed to Rome, barricaded himself into the presbytery, and was fed by neighbours concerned for his welfare. [ * Bishop Comiskey had announced his resignation on April 1 2002 over allegations that he protected a paedophile priest, Father Sean Fortune. -- see "Bishop resigns over sex cleric," The West Australian, Wednesday April 3 2002, p 25; and item of Oct 23 02 ] -- , The Tablet, Sat Oct 5 2002
• Nicaraguan Cardinal Sees "Persecution" on Sex-Abuse Charges; ROME, Oct 7, 02 ( -- Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo of Managua, Nicaragua, has become the third Latin American prelate to speak out in defense of US bishops in their handling of the sex-abuse crisis. This is the first paragraph of the story. The complete story is available only to subscribers and to those who have registered for a free 30-day trial subscription. -- Catholic World News (CWN), Oct 7 02
• Compulsory celibacy crept in from the outside [slowly to the Latin-rite clergy at all levels, but earlier for bishops in some Oriental rites], i.e., from antiquated and partly pagan notions such as from the religions of Thebes, Astarte, and Dodona, and the Vestal Virgins of Rome, according to Thomas Lederer 1992 at quoting Richard Sipe and David Rice. Lederer also says that the Councils of Nicaea in 325 and Trullo in 692 upheld the clergy's right to marry. And he reports that Church historian Hubert Jedin submitted a paper to the Second Vatican Council [1962-65] saying that the law of 1139 did not actually enact true celibacy, but in reality changed marriage into concubinage. The Council of Trent [1545-63] had reiterated the prohibition of a married clergy. Despite opposition from half the bishops attending the world Synod of Bishops in 1971, and other requests in 1988, Pope John Paul II has not budged.
   Lederer also quoted William Herr, who had written that theologians' views fell in and out of the Vatican's grace, citing the rollercoaster opinions about Aristotle and Aquinas -- "Today's heresy is tomorrow's dogma." Lederer said Catholics were embarrassed by the Church taking 13 years of study before announcing around 1992 that it had erred 350 years ago in condemning the theory of the astronomer Galileo [1564-1642] that the earth was not the centre of the universe. He wanted Rome to accept one of Jesus's primary tenets, that of humility, and stop its all-too convincing imitation of the ancient Pharisees. The New Testament shows that the apostles were married men, Jesus approved of such families, married candidates were preferred for the clergy, and that no teaching can be changed. "Doctor of the Church" Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) wrote that Scripture was the sole way to answer an adversary of divine truth (Summa Contra Gentiles, I, ch. 9, ¶ 2).
   Herbert Thurston in The Catholic Encyclopedia 1908 shows that the priests and deacons were as free to marry as anyone according to early "Church Father" Clement of Alexandria, and bishops were also in most places according to early Church historian Socrates. -- Faith Purification Programme, Oct 7-9 02
   [COMMENT: The Catholic convert and apologist, essayist, critic, and novelist, Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) noted the connection between "virginity" beliefs and paganism, and did not support celibacy. These quotations (prophetically?) link protection of children and his doubts about celibacy: "I have not myself any instinctive kinship with that enthusiasm for physical virginity, . . . Paganism . . . Greeks . . . Artemis . . . Romans . . . vestals . . . (p 269) For any man who loves children will agree that their peculiar beauty is hurt by a hint of physical sex. . . . It takes all sorts to make a church; she does not ask me to be celibate. . . . I have no appreciation of the celibates . . . (p 270)" -- Orthodoxy, Gilbert K. Chesterton, 1949 (first edition 1908), Bodley Head, London, pp 269-70. END of COMMENT] Oct 7-9 02
• Priests' Psychiatric Data To Be Released. UNITED STATES: A Suffolk Superior Court judge yesterday ordered the release of psychiatric evaluations and treatment records of two priests, the Rev. Paul Shanley and the Rev. Ronald Paquin, to the families suing them for allegedly sexually assaulting their children. In rulings, Judge Constance M. Sweeney said the records are not subject to the psychotherapist-patient privilege because they were shared with a "third party," the Archdiocese of Boston. Both Shanley and Paquin have also been indicted . . . (172 words) -- Boston Globe Archive, , October 8, 2002
• "Manchester Diocese Settles With 16 Abuse Victims;" MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, USA, Oct 10, 02 ( - The Diocese of Manchester reached a settlement with 16 people who had sued the diocese over allegations of sexual abuse by priests, the diocese said on Thursday. -- CWNews Oct 10 02
• "Diocese of N.H. reaches settlement on 16 abuse claims; Accord divides nearly $1 million:" MANCHESTER, NH: (note total is 74 claimants) The claims involved eight priests accused of acts of abuse between 1957 to 1982. Four of the priests have died, two left the priesthood in the 1960s, and two have retired but have been banned from performing as priests. Among the eight sued by Charles Douglas, the lawyer for the 16 victims, was the Rev. Leo Shea, a retired priest who pleaded guilty in 1994 to assaulting a 14-year old altar boy. Shea could not be reached for comment. Peter Hutchins, who represents 58 others who have brought complaints against New Hampshire priests, said he would meet with officials and lawyers for the archdiocese and its principal insurance company in two weeks in hopes of resolving his clients' cases. Hutchins, however, said he was uncertain if some of his clients, who allegedly endured worse abuse than any of those whose cases were settled today, would accept a $150,000 settlement. -- Boston Globe, Stephen Kurkjian and Associated Press, Oct 11 02
• "Court grants convicted priest a new trial:" - R.C.C. UNITED STATES - A priest convicted seven years ago of sexually abusing a boy at a Worcester home for troubled teens was granted a new trial by the state Appeals Court yesterday. The justices ruled that the 1995 trial of the Rev. Joseph A. Fredette was significantly flawed because the judge didn't question a juror when he first acknowledged having seen a television interview with the boy's mother. The court also faulted the prosecutor for improper comments during closing arguments. Fredette was convicted of three counts of committing unnatural acts for abusing the boy in the 1970s. The priest was acquitted on charges of abusing another boy at the home. Fredette has been free for more than a year, after serving his four- to five-year sentence, said his lawyer, Alan J. Black. -- Boston Globe, Kathleen Burge, Oct 12 02
• Cardinal "Law bars new chapters of reform group from using church property:" (R.C., USA) BOSTON (AP) - Cardinal Bernard Law is allowing existing chapters of Voice of the Faithful to meet in parish halls with their pastor's approval, but has barred new chapters of the Catholic reform group from using church property. "Given the present state of the group as a national organization, I decided it would be inappropriate for new chapters to use church property until I had received further information about the Voice of the Faithful," Law wrote in a letter made public Saturday. However, Law has also reversed a decision to ban Voice of the Faithful from meeting at a church in North Andover, about 25 miles north of Boston. ... After similar bans by bishops in Bridgeport, Conn., and Rockville Centre, N.Y., the group hired the Rev. Ladislas M. Orsy, a canon law specialist and professor at Georgetown Law School. Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating, head of a panel reviewing church policy and a lifelong Catholic, called on the Church hierarchy to embrace reform groups such as Voice of the Faithful, during a trip to the Boston area earlier this month. -- , Boston Globe, Ron Depasquale, Associated Press, Oct 12 02
• Dr Pell case not proven. AUSTRALIA: Closed-doors RC Church inquiry results announced today. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) news Mon Oct 14 02
"Pell back to work," Case not proven against Dr Pell: AUSTRALIA: A former altar boy had accused Sydney Catholic Archbishop George Pell of several incidents of molestation during a church camp at Victoria's Phillip Island in the early 1960s. But a Catholic Church inquiry has found the complaint against Dr Pell cannot be established and no further action should be taken based largely on a lack of forensic or corroborative evidence. -- , Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Tue, Oct 15 2002 6:39 AM AEST
• Pell case not proven. AUSTRALIA: Independent commissioner Alec Southwell QC ruled the complaint out. He said the accuser gave the impression that he was speaking honestly from an actual recollection. The accuser had told the inquiry that during a summer camp at Phillip Island, Victoria, in 1961, the then Mr Pell had put his hand down the inside of his pants during a pillow fight or wrestling incident. -- The West Australian, "Pell cleared of sex abuse," Tue October 15 2002 p 5

• "Lawsuit Filed Against Brooklyn Diocese On Behalf Of 43 Abuse Victims;" BROOKLYN, New York, Oct 16, 02 ( - A $300 million lawsuit was filed on Tuesday against the Diocese of Brooklyn and its leaders on behalf of 43 people who say they were abused between 1960 and 1984 by at least 13 priests. The suit alleges the diocese covered up the abuse by moving abusers from parish to parish. -- CWNews Oct 16 02
• Vatican Delay on Abuse Norms Ominous. CHICAGO, IL: Oct. 18, 2002 -- "It is clear that the Vatican's underlying concern is not protecting children, but preserving the privilege and status of priests and bishops," said Linda Pieczynski, spokesperson for Call To Action [U.S.]. "If you look at who the Vatican is appointing to the mixed commission to review the sex abuse norms, they represent the clergy and the bishops. Why isn't there anyone from the Vatican offices for family life or the laity? We don't have confidence that anything will be better in three weeks when the U.S. bishops meet to consider this again." Pieczynksi was responding to the Vatican's rejection of the U.S. Catholic Church's sex abuse policy adopted in June at the U.S. bishops' meeting. "How is competent lay advice a 'source of confusion and ambiguity' for the Vatican? Is the real fear that lay people may exercise some independent authority ? The review boards as constituted by the norms are not even independent as CTA recommended in its recommendations sent to every bishops last May, and they are only advisory to the bishop, so what is the problem?" -- Call To Action, 2135 W. Roscoe, Chicago, IL 60618, USA, Press release, , October 18, 2002
"Irish Government Launches Sex-Abuse Probe;" DUBLIN, Oct 23, 2002 ( -- The Irish government has launched an investigation into charges of sexual abuse of children by Catholic clerics in the Diocese of Ferns. [ Refer to Bishop resigns over boy-sex cleric, Apr 3 02, and Tablet article of Oct 5 02 ] -- CWNews Oct 23 2002
• "Well-Known Argentina Priest Investigated For Abuse;" BUENOS AIRES, Oct 24, 02 ( - A well-known and popular Argentine priest was brought before a court on Thursday to answer charges that he sexually abused a young man. -- CWNews Oct 24 2002
• "Irish Cardinal Promises Co-operation with Government Probe;" DUBLIN, Oct 24, 2002 ( Cardinal Desmond Connell of Dublin has promised that Church authorities will "cooperate fully" as government officials expanded their investigation of clerical sex-abuse charges. -- CWNews Oct 24 02
• [Another Vatican move to diffuse and confuse anti-abuser rules.] ROME (CNS): "... the Vatican has called for a joint commission to study and revise some of the key elements of the [U.S.] bishops' plan before formal Vatican approval is granted. ... Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, ... of Belleville, Illinois, ... said the commission's review did not mean that implementation of the sex abuse charter was now 'frozen' in US dioceses. ... At a meeting in Dallas last June, the bishops overwhelmingly approved the 'essential norms' that outlined strict penalties against priests who sexually abuse minors." -- The Record, Perth, "Joint commission to revise sex abuse norms," (Thu) Oct 24 02, p 12
• "Chilean Bishops Plan National Sex-Abuse Policy;" SANTIAGO: The Chilean bishops' conference will follow the American lead in setting up a national policy for handling accusations of sexual misconduct by clerics. -- CWNews, , Oct 31 2002

• Preparing the Victims; Attack on Kinsey Report, and on the Mouton, Doyle and Peterson 1985 Report. UNITED STATES: A noted researcher, Dr Judith Reisman, with an extensive background in the study of sexual deviancy, explains why she believes that the American bishops should sue the "experts" who advised them in their treatment of abusive priests. She goes on to charge that the disciples of Alfred Kinsey have helped to build a culture that breeds sexual abuse. Her most recent book is Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences (p 36).
   She claims that Kinsey produced phoney data, and arranged for children to be raped in order to get data on their responses (p 44). Most of his data on childhood sexual responses came from rapists, sodomisers and paederasts. (p 44). The sex academics had based their advice on questionable research and outright fraud (p 36).
   She also claims that the "experts" in sex education, counselling, and therapy, consulted by U.S. bishops, had lied to them (p 36). They advised the bishops that it was all right to give those paederasts and paedophiles so-called therapy, and send them back into the community and back into service as priests (p 36).
   "I read the famous -- or infamous -- 1985 document written by three leaders in these issues: Mouton, Doyle, and Peterson." They formally advised that the Church ought to release itself from its moral authority and hand over the counselling to Dr John Money and Dr Fred Berlin at the Johns Hopkins Clinic, Maryland (p 36). Dr Money had written that men ought to be able to have sex with boys (p 37).
   She has called on the American bishops to sue the "experts." (pp 36-37) Also, she says that when the "sexology experts" were throwing out would-be priests who were "not suited," they were thrown out for objecting to pornography and sex acts in the seminaries. (p 37) And, Kinsey in his book Sexuality of the Human Male made it clear he intended to sweep aside the traditional American understanding of sexual morality. This was also made clear by his backers, the Rockefeller Foundation. Kinsey was a bisexual/homosexual: sadistic, masochistic person (p 37). Fr Peterson accused the Church of its moral judgmentalism. (p 38) Another Kinsey acolyte, Paul McHugh, had supported Berlin's thwarting of the law in refusing to turn in men who were sexually assaulting children. [Editor's note: Paul McHugh is now a member of the US bishops' National Review Board on sexual abuse.] (p 38)
   Question: What is Sexual Attitude Restructuring? Answer: It's a pornography show by which you get a degree, essentially. It was created at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, and its academic dean was Dr Wardell Pomeroy, co-author of the Kinsey Report (p 38). To get a degree you had to watch hundreds of hours of pornography, in order to accept and enjoy this activity (p 39). Clergy came to such training institutes, and went into clergy-training institutions to train future clergy (p 39 a). Their mission statement says that everybody, including children, ought to be able to have sex with anybody. (p 39 b).
   The spread of pornography has coincided with the increase of venereal disease, AIDS, even of kidnapping of children from their backyards and front yards (p 40 c). If a boy is sexually molested by a male, it turns his whole sense of who he is topsy-turvy. He may never completely recover from that (p 42 b). The control of sex through the biblical standards allowed our grandparents and great-grandparents to create a civilised society (p 42 c). We had parks where children could go out and roam about and not worry about being kidnapped (p 43 a).
   The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had claimed there had been a dramatic reduction in crime. She had released a report: "How the FBI and Department of Justice Minimise Child Sexual Abuse Reporting." Overall, forcible rape had increased 418 percent since 1960 (p 43 c). That doesn't count the statutory rape of kids, because they dropped out of the data on the rapes of children under 12 in 1958. Yet, it turns out recently, 34 percent of the victims of sex crimes are under 12 (p 44 a).
   Spreading from Kinsey promoting promiscuity back in 1948, the laws of the states were gradually changed to eliminate laws on fornication, cohabitation, and seduction, and reduce the penalties for rape. Even the most violent rape offenders would be given parole (p 44 a). The recommendations went from the American Law Institute, an arm of the Amercian Bar Assocaition, into every state, which began to adopt these suggestions (p 44 a). The American Bar Association reports that 80 percent of our paedophiles never serve time in gaol (p 44 a, b). (and much, much more. Fr Peterson is given as Fr Petersen in places in this article.) -- The Catholic World Report, "Preparing the Victims," interview of Dr Judith Reisman by Brian O'Neel, pp 36-44, November 2002 [By courtesy of Mrs Josie Leeden (photocopy); to WWW 22 May 03] [Nov 2002]
• "Reinstated monsignor questions policies" BOSTON: After weathering an unfounded accusation of sexual misconduct and two Church investigations, Monsignor Michael Smith Foster yesterday returned to his post at the Boston archdiocese with a host of unanswered questions about the fate of others who may be falsely accused. An accuser who had complained to the courts in August had been shown by the newspaper to have a history of fabricating stories, others contradicted parts of his statements, and he withdrew the case. Later he complained to Church authorities. Once again Msgr Foster was cleared. -- The Boston Globe , By Michael Rezendes, Nov 1 02
• "Accused Baptist pastor is protected by elders; In many churches, control stays local." By Walter V. Robinson, Globe Staff, Nov/1/2002. [1060-82 French] - Baptist. Boys. WINCHESTER: On Sept. 26, The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts notified lay leaders of the First Baptist Church of Winchester that their pastor, the Rev. Lawrence French, had been found guilty by a church panel of sexually molesting three boys between 1960 and 1982. The penalty was the most severe TABCOM, as the governing body of churches is known, could impose: It withdrew recognition of French's ordination. But First Baptist is a congregation that reveres its pastor. And so a dozen church elders decided unanimously that French, who says he is innocent, should remain as pastor. Convinced that the 72-year-old pastor could not have committed the alleged offenses, they also concluded that it would be unfair to French to notify other members of the church about the allegations. [News media publicity remedied that omission.] -- The Boston Globe Nov 1 2002
• "Everett church vandalism eyed for possible scandal tie;" By John Ellement, Globe Staff, Nov/2/2002; EVERETT: In what might be the first hate crime linked to the clergy abuse scandal roiling the Boston Archdiocese, vandals scrawled the word ''whore'' on a statue of the Virgin Mary, and spraypainted a profanity, the word ''lies,'' and an inverted cross in red on the front doors of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, authorities said yesterday. -- The Boston Globe Nov 2 02
"It's up to the laity: Glendon;" ROME: Clergy child sex-abuse happened mainly decades ago, according to Mary Ann Glendon, of Boston, in a speech in Rome. She also said that the Boston Globe's campaign was fuelled by deep-seated long-standing anti-Catholicism. [Refutation sent on Nov 14.] -- The Record, Perth, "It's up to the laity: Glendon," 7 Nov 2002, p 5
"No more prevalent in the Church than it is in society," says R.C. Fr Steve Rossetti of U.S., who visited Australia in 2002. "They (the US bishops) have made some mistakes -- there's no doubt about it. But I frankly do not personally believe they deserve the intensity of the mistrust and hostility that they've received. I'm disappointed by it, frankly." [REBUTTAL written 30 Dec 02.] -- "I say, I say," with Paul Gray; The Record, Perth, Nov 7 2002, p 6
"Abuse laws not 'softened'." WASHINGTON: The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said on November 1 that the Vatican "did not reject or even 'soften'" the U.S. bishops' proposed norms for dealing with sex abuse allegations against priests. He is Bishop Wilton D. Gregory of Belleville, Illinois. Cardinal Francis E. George, of Chicago, said on October 31 that in fact Vatican officials made an "enormous concession" to the U.S. bishops' concerns when they agreed to the possibility of suspending the Church's statute of limitations, which meant the cases in the Church's own tribunals may in some cases proceed, even if the person is well past the age of 28. [Note the "escape hatch," the word "possibility"! And ask yourself, how could the Church be trusted to try clerics, given its dismal record of hiding sex-abusers being revealed month by month!] Bishop Gregory said the Church treats the matter of sexual abuse of minors with the utmost gravity. [That is incorrect, as a brief scan of this series of references will show.] The rules will apply to "every diocese in the country." [But it omits orders of monks, nuns, etc.] -- The Record, Perth, "Abuse laws not 'softened'", by Jerry Filteau, 7 Nov 2002, p 13
• "Church hires top FBI agent to police Catholic priests;" WASHINGTON: A high-ranking FBI woman, Kathleen McChesney, 51, has been hired as director of the U.S. Catholic bishop's Office of Child and Youth Protection. The creation of the office was a key part of the sexual-abuse policy adopted by the bishops in June and revised last week by a joint committee of bishops and Vatican officials. The bishops will vote on the revised policy next week in Washington. -- The West Australian, Sat Nov 9 02, p 19
"Uniting Church caught in row over Wesley College head;" PERTH, W. Australia - Wesley College former principal John Bednall who resigned in August is fighting back against the Uniting Church newspaper Western Impact, saying its September article alleging that he had been accused of accessing inappropriate internet webpages was wrong, the paper had not sought his comment, and when asked to do so declined on legal advice. The dispute has embroiled the Uniting Church. -- The West Australian, Tue Nov 12 02, p 6 [For article, see "The facts about Wesley College". MY COMMENT: The general news media in August had published newsitems giving the main facts similar to the September article in the Church newspaper.]
• "Bad clergy are still abusing," PERTH: Refutation of Mary Glendon's incorrect statements in Rome, reported in The Record of Nov 7 '02. The clergy abuse isn't something that happened decades ago, and which the Church has in hand -- it still continues. For example, in July two U.S. Catholic priests were charged in Montreal "with soliciting sex from underage boys in a Canadian prostitution ring." (The West Australian, "Victims claim priests still abusing," Wed, July 31 2002, p 23) "Case after case has shown the dishonesty in the Church's dealings with people's complaints: for example Fr Paul Shanley (had joined a "man-boy love" association, and had threatened his superior he would expose immorality in his seminary), Fr Rudolph Kos (ordained despite complaints that he was preying upon seminarians, and complaint by his divorced wife that she had thrown him out because he liked boys), Fr Robert Peebles (attempted rape at an air force base, hushed up), and Fr Billy Hughes (his "love letters" to a 14-year-old girl were destroyed instead of being used as evidence)." Regarding a newspaper's alleged deep-seated long-standing anti-Catholicism, "isn't it deep-seated long-standing anti-Catholicism to keep seducing boys and girls in parish after parish? And, are bishops who keep transferring them good, holy Catholic bishops, or really enemies of the Church?" Readers ought to subscribe to journals like Fidelity, which is giving the views of people like Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Nebraska, and Father Joseph F. Wilson of Brooklyn, on the scandal. The latter wrote that the real enemy of the Church was the "enemy within." [For later evidence that the abuse continues, see newsitems below at Dec 12, 14, and 28, 2002] -- letter, John Massam, Nov 14 2002

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