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!!!: Milo Academy faces lawsuit over sexual abuse allegations

  [2007-08 Unnamed woman] - Adventist. Girl (15).  
   The News-Review, www.nrtoday. com/article/ 20081031/ NEWS/ 810319987/ 1063/NEWS& Parent Profile=1055 &title= Milo%20Academy %20faces %20lawsuit %20over %20sexual %20abuse %20alleg ations ; by Chelsea Duncan, October 31, 2008
   OREGON -- A lawsuit has been filed against the Milo Adventist Academy over allegations that a woman who served as an assistant coach, instructor and choir leader at the Days Creek-area boarding school sexually abused a 15-year-old female student.
   The suit, filed Thursday in Multnomah County Circuit Court, alleges that the woman groomed and sexually abused the girl in 2007 and 2008.
   Neither the alleged victim nor the accused woman are named in the lawsuit, which seeks up to $100,000 in damages for past and future counseling and medical expenses and $3 million for psychological suffering and damage. (This is the first item of Abuse Chronology: http://www. multiline. johnm/ethics/ ethcont154. htm , and of the Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abusetracker , A Blog by Kathy Shaw, for Saturday, November 01, 2008)
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Series starts:   Visit http://www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker . These are digests of and links to mass media and other coverage of clergy abuse. Get fuller details by clicking the links.

ST. LOUIS: Judge increases bond for priest accused of abuse

  [2000s Ross - ? NEW*] - Roman Catholic Church (RCC). Girl.
   St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 31, 2008
   ST. LOUIS (MO) -- A St. Louis judge increased the bond Thursday for a former Catholic priest facing felony sex abuse charges that accuse him of molesting a young girl in his parish in the early 2000s.
   Joseph D. Ross, in custody since September, will have to post $350,000 cash to be released pending trial. His former bail was $200,000. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 10:05 AM]

Priest Suspected Of Affair Barred From NYC Service

  [? 2007-08 Elano -NEW*] - RCC. Woman.
   WCBS ~ November 01, 2008
   NEW YORK (AP) – Church officials say a visiting Catholic priest accused in a $25 million lawsuit of luring a distraught divorcee into a seven-month affair has been barred from serving in New York City.
   The Diocese of Brooklyn says the accuser reported the affair in August but refused to out the priest. They learned it was the Rev. Elvis Elano when the suit was filed earlier this week.

Missouri Man In Jail For Suspiciously Taking Pictures Of Kids At Local Church Festival Friday

  [2008 Oct - Burns -NEW*, very new] - No religion link in section here.
   WKYX, ~ November 01, 2008
   PADUCAH, KY -- A Missouri man was arrested Friday night at Heartland Worship Center after some folks got suspicious about him taking pictures of children there during a church festival. The McCracken County Sheriff's office say 41-year-old Anthony Allen Burns of St. Louis was charged with possession of Loritab not in a proper container, driving without a license and driving with no insurance. …
   Officials say Burns was out of jail on bond after being arrested in June in Union County on a charge of sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl.

Voice of Faithful wants celibacy rethought

  - RCC
   The Boston Globe, Posted by Michael Paulson October 31, 2008
   UNITED STATES -- Voice of the Faithful, the Newton-based organization pushing reform in the Catholic Church, has launched an effort to get the church to rethink its position on mandatory celibacy for priests.
   The organization has launched a web site for its National Working Group for Priest Support on which it has posted correspondence with Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley of Boston.
   An excerpt from the VOTF letter … :
   "For many young men, the requirement of celibacy is a major obstacle preventing them from responding to a call to the priesthood. We have seen a 60 % drop in vocations in the past forty years, adding considerably to the workload stress of an already overburdened and aging priesthood. Solutions that have been proffered, such as recruiting non-native priests from poor countries, substituting communion services for Mass, lowering standards for admission to seminaries, parish closures, and priests pastoring multiple parishes, fail to address the long-term systemic issues that are at the root of the problem. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 10:09 AM]

Before suing priest, parishoner sued a too-handy man

   New York Daily News, BY SARAH ARMAGHAN and TINA MOORE, 9:52 PM, Friday, October 31, 2008
   NEW YORK -- A Queens woman who accused a chaplain of coercing her into a "God-ordained" love affair sued her building's super for sexual harassment six months ago, court records show.
   Former paralegal Judith Rodrigues-Lytwyn, 50, charged in an April lawsuit that her Elmhurst building's handyman offered to fix her unit in exchange for sex.
   She charges Fernando Batista also tried to touch her and physically forced her to touch him repeatedly between 2000 and 2007.
   Two other women - one of them transgendered - made similar accusations in the suit.


   New York Post, By LORENA MONGELLI and TODD VENEZIA, November 1, 2008
   NEW YORK -- The Queens woman who slapped the Catholic Church with a $25 million lawsuit claiming a priest seduced her is also accusing her building superintendent of getting too frisky.
   In a federal lawsuit filed in April, Judith Rodrigues-Lytwyn, 50, claims the super, Fernando Batista, tried to grope her, forced her to touch his privates and refused to do work on her apartment when she refused sex.
   "He offered to pay [her] for sex or to pay her rent and bills or make improvements to her apartments in exchange for sexual favors," the suit said.

Defrocked, suspended priests continue to live comfortable lives

  [1960s-70s Tourigney] - RCC. Boys.
   The Patriot Ledger, By Lane Lambert And Elizabeth Crowley, Posted 03:45 AM, Nov 01, 2008
   QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS – Defrocked priest Ernest Tourigney, 72, still lives in the Pocasset neighborhood of Bourne on Cape Cod.
   It's the house where several men say "Father T" molested them in the 1960s and '70s when they were boys and he was a priest at Immaculate Conception Church in Weymouth. Jeffrey Scolamiero, 43, of Pembroke, is one of them. He settled a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Boston for $70,000 earlier this year.
   Tourigney was defrocked in 2006 after the church settled several other allegations against him, including those of two other boys from Immaculate Conception.
   Since the church cut its ties with Tourigney when it defrocked him, no one is in charge of keeping track of him. Scolarmiero says he's taken on the task himself because he doesn't want Tourigney to get too comfortable.

Child abuse case largely disappears

  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution By Michelle Roberts Associated Press Saturday, November 01, 2008
   San Antonio, TEXAS –- The custody case that swept 439 children from a polygamist sect's western Texas ranch into foster care has largely evaporated, with state authorities dropping all but a few dozen cases against parents.
   All but 37 children from the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado have been released from court oversight after Child Protective Services found they had not been abused or that their parents could protect them from the risk of future abuse. Only one girl has been returned to foster care.
   CPS spokesman Patrick Crimmins said the agency is pleased with the case dismissals, because they mean the children can safely remain with their parents and that questions about their safety have been resolved.

Victim bitter toward order

   The Pueblo Chieftain By PATRICK MALONE
   PUEBLO (CO) -- Years of anguish and burning curiosity over Brother William Mueller's activities before and since his time in Pueblo motivated a former Roncalli High School student to pursue answers.
   That pursuit ultimately led him to file a lawsuit against the Catholic Diocese of Pueblo and the Society of Mary religious order. Almost two dozen of his contemporaries gradually joined him in the litigation. But for most of his life, he thought he was alone.
   "They all thought that they were the only ones who were abused and struggled for years with that shame and embarrassment," said Adam Horowitz, one of the lawyers who represented the plaintiffs.

Marianist religious order will pay part of Colorado settlement

   St. Louis Post-Dispatch By Robert Patrick November/01/2008
   ST. LOUIS (MO) – The St. Louis-based Marianist Province will help pay $4 million to settle 23 civil suits alleging that an educator who once served the Catholic order here had sexually abused students in Colorado.
   The suits claimed that Brother William "Bill" Mueller, who has become the most-sued cleric to have worked in St. Louis, sexually abused the students at the now-closed Roncalli High School in Pueblo while pretending to perform experiments on them. Mueller taught at Roncalli from 1966-71.
   Mueller taught at Chaminade College Preparatory School in Creve Coeur from 1960-62 and Vianney High School in Kirkwood from 1962-66. After leaving Roncalli, he taught in San Antonio from 1971-81.

Clergy sex-abuse victims keep tabs on fallen priests

   The Patriot Ledger By Lane Lambert And Elizabeth Crowley Posted 03:45 AM Nov 01, 2008
   QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS – Jeffrey Scolamiero of Pembroke knows where defrocked priest Ernest E. Tourigney lives, even what kind of car he drives.
   Alexa MacPherson of Holbrook keeps similar tabs on the Rev. Peter S. Kanchong, who was first suspended from public ministry in 1983 after he was sentenced to probation on charges he molested a 9-year-old girl. MacPherson, now 33, was that girl.
   She and Scolamiero – who said Tourigney molested him when he was a boy at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Weymouth – keep an eye on priests who sexually molested children because, they say, the Archdiocese of Boston doesn't.
   "They don't do anything, really," MacPherson said.
   Archdiocese officials strongly disagree. A church representative stays in contact with priests who are restricted from ministry for confirmed reports of abuse, said Ann Carter, a spokeswoman for the archdiocese.

$5 million verdict against diocese upheld

   BELLEVILLE (IL) -- A judge on Friday denied a motion by attorneys for the Catholic Diocese of Belleville to set aside a $5 million civil jury verdict against the church for damages suffered by a former altar boy or to order that a new trial be held.
   St. Clair County Circuit Judge Lloyd Cueto issued his one-sentence order that legally clears the way for an appeal to the 5th District Appellate Court in Mount Vernon.
   As for whether an appeal will be filed, St. Louis attorney David Wells, who represents the diocese, said, "that's up to the diocese." [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:20 AM]
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Abuse Chronology:
For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

#### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Sun November 02, 2008 edition:

Woman: Priest said she was 'chosen' to have his triplets

  [2001 Cristancho -NEW*] - RCC. Woman (in vitro fertilisation).    
   Examiner, By Carolyn Peirce, November/2/08
   MARYLAND -- She believed him when he said she was "chosen by God."
   At the age of 50, Dalia Fernandez underwent in vitro fertilization with donor eggs and the sperm of Fernando Cristancho, a Catholic priest in South America, in 2001 in Colombia.
   Cristancho "said God had spoken to him and said, 'Yes, you can have children' and that I was the right woman. I thought he is a priest and maybe he has that ability, I believed in his ethereal power," Fernandez said. [OLD SAYING: "There's a mug born every minute." ENDS.]

Diocese, church sued over sex abuse

  [1984-87 Vignola -NEW*] - RCC. Boy.  
   The News Journal, ~ November 02, 2008
   DELAWARE -- A 37-year-old man filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Diocese of Wilmington and St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Middletown alleging childhood sexual abuse by a now-deceased priest. According to a lawsuit field in New Castle County Superior Court, Robert J. Kohr was sexually harassed, molested and abused by Rev. Carmen D. Vignola while he was pastor of St. Joseph's from 1984 to 1987.

Defrocked, Suspended Catholic Priests Involved In Child Sex Abuse Survive Tirade

  - RCC.
   AHN, 11:56 a.m. EST, November 2, 2008
   Quincy, MASSACHUSETTS, (AHN) - Most Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Boston who were either defrocked, suspended, restricted or ordered to go on administrative leave due to alleged involvement in child sex abuse survive their ordeals, carry on quietly and continue to live comfortable lives.
   The Massachusetts-based Patriot Ledger reported that most of these former and suspended priests are not monitored by the church leadership and are even allowed to fuse into mainstream society, according to the Survivors Network of Those Abused By Priests or SNAP.
   SNAP said that these priests have little diocesan oversight and behave "as if they have done nothing wrong."
   The Archdiocese of Boston, however, denied the allegation saying that church officials stay in touch with suspended priests and continues to conduct criminal background checks including keeping tab [? missing word/s] civil authorities to ensure safe environments in its churches and schools. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 2:46 PM]

Will we ever make it to Oprah? Maybe in the year 2040. Meanwhile we lie in wait digitally at bishop accountability dot org

   City of Angels By Kay Ebeling, ~ November 02, 2008
   From the Vatican: "One cannot forget that unsuitable people with inconsistencies in their sexual, affective, and relational life provoke negative consequences on the church and on the faithful." (Oh, so now I am a negative consequence?)
   At a press conference last week, the church announced a new policy: Applicants for the priesthood will now take psychological evaluations about sexuality. The Boston Globe, Irish Times and others said new questions are to weed out priests with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies, unclear sexual identity, difficulty with the celibate life, excessive rigidity of character, and lack of freedom in relations."
   Nothing in there about sexual attraction to children.
   Thousands of damaged people roam the world with ruined souls due to being raped as children by priests, a small percentage of whom have made our presence known through civil and criminal cases. You would think new questions for incoming priests would address pedophilia with aggression, asking, "Do you get aroused looking at children?" in a variety of wordings.
   Nope, the pope's gotta "get rid of them homos." (Funny. I just wrote the pope sounding like Billy Bob born lobotimized living in a swamp in Alabama. Same mentality.)

Defense wants a look at affadavit

  [affidavit is usual spelling]  
   Texarkana Gazette By Lynn LaRowe - Published: November/02/2008
   ARKANSAS -- When federal agents and the Arkansas State Police searched the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries compound in Fouke, Ark., they didn't leave empty-handed.
   Documents concerning church marriages, photos and folders marked as "draft sermons" and "young girls getting married," were seized, according to court documents.

Man gets 10 years for enticing 14-year-old

  [2007 Mr Richerson*] - Baptist. 10yrs prison. Girl (14).
   The Richmond Register, By Lorie Love, Register Assistant Editor, ~ November 02, 2008
   LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY – A Green County man was sentenced Friday to 10 years in federal prison for using a computer to entice a Madison County girl to engage in sexual activity.
   Timothy Scott Richerson, 40, of Greensburg, admitted in July in U.S. District Court that he met the victim, a 14-year-old girl, on a MySpace page where he represented himself as a16-year-old male. He then began communicating via the Internet with the victim during the summer of 2007 using MSN Messenger. …
   In September of 2007, Richerson – a former youth minister at Freedom Baptist Church in Campbellsville – traveled from his home to the victim's residence, according to a press release from the U.S. District Attorney's Office.

More than Just Your Money's Worth

  - Christian.
   Virtual Church of the Blind Chihuahua, by Kay Goodnow, September 11, 2008. Received in October 2008
   MISSOURI -- My Letter to Bishop Finn
   Dear Bishop Finn:
   Please know that you have made my life much easier.
   My education in understanding the church is complete.
   I understand that victims are business deals.
   I understand that bishops are corporate executives in an institutional church.

I'll excommunicate you: archbishop

  - RCC.    
   The Australian by Andrew Fraser | for November 03, 2008
   BRISBANE, Qld, AUSTRALIA -- THE Brisbane parish of St Mary's looks set to be excommunicated after the local priest, Peter Kennedy, said yesterday he would not change his ways despite being warned to do so by church authorities.
   Father Kennedy was speaking after the inner-city parish received a letter from Brisbane Catholic Archbishop John Bathersby, who has given the parish until the end of the month to change several of its practices.
   The South Brisbane church openly gives communion to gays, regularly has women giving the homily, and has a style of baptism that is not within the rules of the Catholic Church.

If you're ready to withhold donations, join us

   Voice from the Desert, ~ November 02, 2008
   UNITED STATES -- A group of reform-minded Roman Catholics has had to it up to here with irresponsible, unaccountable bishops. The group advocates that all Catholics "Send the Bishops a Message" by withholding financial support, whether it is cash, check or credit cards, on designated "Withholding Sundays."
   The continuing failure of Catholic Church officials to protect our kids and provide acceptable levels of stewardship for our hard-earned donations compels us to take this action. These officials shield predator priests. They adamantly refuse to accept responsibility for their grave moral failures in the clergy sex abuse crisis.

Must Read: How I Was Abused

  - RCC.
   Voice from the Desert, Kay Goodnow writes of her deposition, ~ November 02, 2008
   MISSOURI -- In March of this year (2008) the Diocese of Kansas City / St. Joseph contacted the law firm that works with victim/survivors in this area. The diocesan lawyers wanted to work out a settlement between victims who had sued the diocese; some of those cases had been wending their way through the court for eight years. The diocese stalled, wrote briefs, etc. etc. ad nauseum. By March of 2008, our law firm had deposed several "higher ups" as well as all of the victims and their families.
   I got a call in March, as I have stayed active with SNAP in an attempt to prevent further harm to children and as support for victims. The attorney said that she believed I could be a part of the settlement although my case was well beyond the Statute of Limitations.
   So I filed, I did press conferences and the news spread across both Kansas and Missouri, into the Chicago area and eventually to Bishop Accountability in Boston.

Vatican to use psychologists to weed out homosexual priests

  - RCC.    
   Telegraph (United Kingdom), ~ November 02, 2008
   ITALY and VATICAN CITY -- Homosexuality was a "deviation" that must be rooted out in would-be clergy early on in order to prevent "tragedies", the Vatican decreed in new guidelines on the issue.
   Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, prefect of the Catholic Education Congregation, said that a celibate candidate with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies" should be barred "not because he commits a sin, but because homosexuality is a deviation, an irregularity, a wound" that would prevent him from fulfilling his duties. …
   Another homosexual group said the Catholic Church was full of gay priests and threatened to 'out' them to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the Vatican's stance.
   "We offer ourselves as consultants to help the Italian Catholic hierarchy trace all the homosexuals hiding away in the Vatican, in the college of cardinals, in dioceses, in parishes, in monasteries and so on," said Aurelio Mancuso, the president of Arcigay. "It would certainly be a haul to make the sacred buildings tremble".

Christmas interested in job

  [Decades] - Four major Churches.  
   The Chronicle-Herald, By MICHAEL LIGHTSTONE, Sun. Nov 2, 2008
   CANADA -- The panel set up to examine the legacy of Canada's Indian residential schools could have a Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq as a candidate for its new leader, according to a published report.
   Bernd Christmas, former CEO of the Membertou First Nation in Cape Breton, said in the Globe and Mail on Saturday that he's willing to be considered as the head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a committee that is to look at a system of forced assimilation in which scores of native children were removed from their communities.
   If Mr. Christmas does get the job, which would be an appointment by the federal Indian affairs minister, he would replace Ontario Justice Harry LaForme, who quit as commission chairman recently over what the judge said was "an incurable problem." The problem stems from a dispute he was having with the other two panel members. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:21 AM]
////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Sun November 02, 2008
Abuse Chronology:
For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

#### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Mon November 03, 2008 edition:

Priest faces sex abuse charges

  [40yrs -(Capuchin) -NEW*] - RCC. 24 boys.    
   Swissinfo, ~ November 03, 2008
   SWITZERLAND -- A Catholic priest is alleged to have sexually abused 24 boys in Switzerland and France over a 40-year period, justice authorities in Fribourg have announced.
   The man, a 68-year-old Capuchin priest, will have to appear in court in either France or in Switzerland, the investigating judge Yvonne Gendre said on Monday.
   An inquiry in the western Swiss city has been looking into the cases of several priests suspected of paedophilia. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 1:28 PM]

Review finds retired Catholic bishop guilty of sex abuse

  [Bishop Soens*] - RCC.  
   Des Moines Register, By ERIN JORDAN,, November 3, 2008
   IOWA – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Davenport announced four priests, including retired Bishop Lawrence Soens, have been found guilty of sexual abuse by a diocesan review board.
   Soens, Joseph Hines, Eugene Smith, and Gerald Stouvenel will be added to a list of clergy credibly accused of sexually abusing children, the diocese announced this afternoon.
   Monsignor Drake Shafer has been found not guilty and will be restored to active ministry, the diocese announced. Shafer was second-in-command in the diocese until he was suspended in 2003 after a West Burlington man sued him for alleged sexual molestation. The case was settled out of court. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 11:14 PM]

Davenport Diocese: 4 clergy added to abuse list

   WCCO, AP, ~ November 03, 2008
   DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- A church panel on Monday announced that there is evidence that four clergy members who served in the Diocese of Davenport have sexually abused minors.
   The panel of lawyers, supported by the Vatican, cleared a fifth person.
   The diocese added Joseph Hines, Eugene Smith, Lawrence Soens and Gerald Stouvenel to a list of those who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing minors. The list will be posted on the diocese's Web site.
   Hines is dead, Smith has been defrocked by the Vatican and Soens' case has been sent to Rome for a decision. Stouvenel has not been defrocked and works in the diocese, though not with children.

Today's outrage: Sins of the father

  [2001 Cristancho*] - RCC. Woman (in vitro fertilisation).    
   Examiner, November/2/08
   MARYLAND – WHO: Fernando Cristancho
   WHAT: Cristancho, a former Roman Catholic priest, lost custody of his 6-year-old triplets, two boys and a girl, this week after he was found unfit to be a parent because he sexually abused two of the children.
   WHY IT'S A BAD IDEA: Where do we start? Cristancho should never have had children in the first place. He fathered the children through in vitro fertilization while he was still a priest -- a move that got him fired from his post at a Forest Hill church.

Jenky gives victims a poke in the eye

  [Bp Jenky] - RCC.  
   Rancho Miller, November 03, 2008
   PEORIA (IL) -- A crosier is a staff that is supposed to be used as a symbol of a bishop's role as a shepherd and his responsibility to keep the flock going in the right direction.
   Bishop Daniel Jenky of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, though, likes to use it to give victims of clergy sexual assault a poke in the eye.
   This time, according to a story in the Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008, Journal Star, he has decided to lift the ban on public ministry of a priest who has been accused in a pending civil lawsuit of sexually assaulting a parishioner, getting her pregnant and then forcing her to get an abortion. The priest, Thomas Szydlik, was expected to concelebrate a Mass – with the bishop, nonetheless – in Dallas City on Saturday.

Bishop Soto Records Pro-Prop. 8 Message, God Laughs

   Orange County Weekly, Posted by Gustavo Arellano in Ex Cathedra, Gay Marriage 9:16 AM November 3, 2008
   CALIFORNIA -- Got a voicemail yesterday in Spanish from Diocese of Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto urging us wabs to vote sí on Proposition 8 to protect the children, and I spit out the carnitas I was devouring from laughing so hard. Bishop Soto cares for children? The man who, while serving in his hometown Diocese of Orange, helped send off the county's most-notorious pedophile to a Tijuana children's ministry and wrote a letter on behalf of Andrew Christian Andersen, another notorious pedo-priest? Somewhere, God laughs and prepares a muy caliente spot in the afterlife for Soto.

Church defends Vatican document

  - RCC.  
   Irish Times By PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent, November 03, 2008
   IRELAND -- A VATICAN document issued last week, which recommended that seminary candidates undergo "psychological evaluations", was as much about reassuring the laity that such matters are being taken seriously by the church, Fr Patrick Rushe has said.
   The Irish Catholic Church's national co-ordinator for diocesan vocations said the document from the Congregation for Catholic Education was more broadly focused than just on sexual issues.
   "It encourages psychological profiling in the broader sense, as a help" in assisting candidates for the priesthood, he said.

Publication of taped conversations breached privacy right

  - RCC.
   Irish Times, November 03, 2008
   IRELAND -- Herrity -v- Associated Newspapers [Ireland] Ltd High Court Judgment was given by Ms Justice Dunne on July 18th, 2008
   A newspaper which published details of a woman's relationship with a priest, as described in telephone conversations illegally taped and published, was liable for ordinary, aggravated and punitive damages, amounting to €90,000.

Shortage of priests forces reform of diocese

  - RCC.
   Irish Independent By John Cooney, Monday, November 03, 2008
   IRELAND -- Cardinal Sean Brady has launched a blueprint to reorganise the archdiocese of Armagh through greater lay participation in the running of the Catholic Church, as it is confronted with a chronic shortage of priests.
   The Primate of All Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh signalled sweeping reform changes to counteract diminishing vocations and an ageing priesthood in a pastoral letter, 'Diocese in Transition -- Parishes in Partnership', distributed to all Catholics in the diocese at the weekend.
   Today, the Cardinal will unveil a three-year programme of pastoral renewal at a special consultation with priests and people in the Synod Hall of St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh.


  [? 2000s Elano*] - RCC. Parishioner.
   New York Post, By MATTHEW NESTEL and GEORGETT ROBERTS, November 3, 2008
   NEW YORK -- The Queens church where a randy reverend stands accused of carrying on a torrid seven-month love affair with a parishioner will hold a special prayer service Wednesday to help heal the wounds the scandal has wrought.
   Crowds of soul searchers were notified of the event during two morning Masses held yesterday at Our Lady of the Snows in Glen Oaks.
   "We will come together as a parish and a church for healing and hope in light of the actions of Father Elvis Elano," they were told.

Many New Orleans parishioners move on, but some vow to stay

  - RCC.
   The Times-Picayune, by Katy Reckdahl, Sunday, November 02, 2008
   NEW ORLEANS (LA) -- Parishioners from one shuttered Catholic church tearfully danced from their now-silent building to their new parish Sunday. But at two other closed churches, a few hundred resolute worshippers gathered for prayer services and vowed to reverse the archdiocesan orders shutting them down.
   As worshippers walked into the closed Church of St. Henry, some trod tentatively, looking for visible changes from the previous Sunday, when, according to the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the final Mass was said.
   Everything appeared normal. Basins of holy water were available to those who wished to dip their fingers and make the sign of the cross. Fierce autumn sunlight streamed through stained-glass windows. And on the altar stood vases of fresh white lilies.
   "It looks the same," said Cindy Hebert, with a tinge of hope in her voice.

Archdiocese will seek out other victims of priest

  [2001 Cristancho*] - RCC. Woman (in vitro fertilisation).    
   Maryland Daily Record, By CARYN TAMBER, Daily Record Legal Affairs Writer, November 3, 2008
   BALTIMORE (MD) -- The Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore says it did not know until last week that a priest who once served at a Maryland church was found to have molested two of his own children.
   Archdiocese spokesman Sean Caine said the church found out about the abuse when newspapers reported on a Court of Special Appeals decision dealing with the priest, Fernando Cristancho. Cristancho was at St. Ignatius in Forest Hill from 1999 to 2002, Cain said.
   The appellate court upheld a grant of custody of the two children and their sister to the woman who gave birth to them. The trial judge had based his decision in part on a Department of Social Services investigation showing that sex abuse of the boys was "indicated," its strongest type of finding.
   "Now that we have learned of the court's finding, the Church will publicize the statement through the Catholic Review and the parish to see if there are other victims," Caine wrote in an e-mail.
   "Should we receive any allegations of abuse against Cristancho stemming from his active ministry at St. Ignatius, or against any representative of the Church, we will immediately report it to the authorities and initiate a full investigation."

Catholic Archdiocese Of Baltimore Encourages Sex Abuse Victims Of Colombian Priest To Come Out

  [2001 Cristancho*] - RCC. Woman (in vitro fertilisation).
   AHN, AHN Staff, November 03, 2008
   BALTIMORE (MD), (AHN) - The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore is seeking for sexual molestation victims of a Colombian priest based in Maryland.
   Fr. Fernando Cristancho, who has yet to be defrocked by his diocese in his homeland Colombia, reportedly fathered triplets, 2 boys and a girl, in 2000 through in vitro fertilization with a female friend.
   Dalia Fernandez, a platonic friend of the priest, conceived the triplets using Cristancho's sperm and egg cells donated by an anonymous woman. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:27 AM]
////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Mon November 03, 2008
Abuse Chronology:
For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

#### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Tue November 04, 2008 edition:

Swiss magistrate alleges priest abused boys

  [35yrs Unnamed priest (68) - NEW*] - RCC. 24 boys.    
   The Associated Press, By PHILIPPE CLAVEL, ~ November 04, 2008
   FRIBOURG, Switzerland (AP) – Swiss officials said Monday they have evidence that a Roman Catholic priest sexually abused two dozen boys in France and Switzerland over a 35-year period.
   The priest has admitted committing some sex acts with children between the ages of 9 and 14, two of whom had disabilities, said investigating magistrate Yvonne Gendre.
   However, the 68-year-old priest, who was not named because of privacy laws, has denied accusations that he molested two children who subsequently committed suicide, Gendre told reporters in the western city of Fribourg. The priest also denied accusations by some of the victims that he sodomized them, she added. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 6:08 PM]

Head priest held for minor's rape

  [2008 November 3 - Ishwar -NEW*] - Temple religion. Girl (9).  
   The Times of India, ~ November 04, 2008
   NEW DELHI, India: A nine-year-old girl was allegedly raped by the head priest of a temple at Kabir Nagar near Shahdara on Monday evening. The girl had gone alone to offer prayer when the accused, Ishwar, allegedly raped her inside the temple. The police have arrested Ishwar following a medical test on the victim, confirming the rape. A case of rape has been registered against him at the Shahdara police station.
   According to the police, the victim used to visit the temple frequently and knew the priests well. "There was nobody else at the temple except the head priest at that time. The priest then asked her to come inside the temple to collect some sweets. As the girl knew Ishwar well, she did not refuse and followed the accused. Once both of them reached a secluded corner of the temple, the accused raped her. The girl returned home crying and narrated the incident to her family," said a senior police officer. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 3:49 PM]

America's worst 5 Catholic Cardinals on child sex abuse & cover-ups

  [1990s+ McCormack] - RCC.  
   Voice from the Desert, From an email from SNAP National Director David Clohessy, November 4, 2008.
   America's worst 5 Catholic Cardinals on child sex abuse & cover-ups
   NOTE: This list focuses largely on the Cardinals' admitted, proven, and alleged misdeeds within the past six years, AFTER the US bishops pledged to respond more quickly, openly and compassionately to clergy child molestation.
   In August 2005, Fr. Daniel McCormack was questioned by the police because of abuse allegations. Two months later, the Chicago lay review board recommended that George suspend McCormack. George refused, kept silent and let his chancellor promote McCormack. Three months later, police arrested McCormack again. During those last few months of his active parish ministry in Chicago's inner city, McCormack molested at least three boys, the district attorney said. (One of the children, prosecutors say, had been assaulted "on an almost daily" basis.)
   McCormack has pled guilty to child molestation.
   Later, records obtained by victims' attorneys showed that in 1999, a school principal reported accusations against McCormack to archdiocesan officials. Nothing was done.
   Adding insult to injury, five high ranking church officials closely involved in this fiasco have since been promoted.

Catholic priest jailed for child sex offences

  [Haines*] - RCC. 4yrs prison. Boy, and boy porn.    
   The Age, for November 5, 2008
   AUSTRALIA -- THE Catholic priest who conducted the funeral of the three Farquharson boys, who died when their father drove them into a dam on Father's Day 2005, has been jailed for four years on child-sex and child-porn charges.
   Edmund John Haines, 62, was sentenced yesterday in the Geelong County Court on six counts of indecent acts with a child under 16; one count of an indecent act with a child aged 16 or 17; one of procurement of a minor for child pornography; and with producing and possessing child pornography.
   One offence involved Haines capturing on his mobile phone images of an indecent act with a boy. He gave his mobile to another boy, who saw the images and reported Haines to police. Haines was found in possession of 30 child pornography images and resigned after his arrest. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 12:13 PM]

Church leaders feel for young victims

   Geelong Advertiser, by Danny Lannen, for November 5, 2008
   AUSTRALIA -- GEELONG Catholic Deanery members hope young victims can emerge unscathed from ordeals associated with the offences and conviction of Meredith Catholic priest Edmund John Haines.
   Haines was convicted yesterday to four years and three months jail for multiple child sex crimes.
   Deanery spokesman Fr Kevin Dillon lamented the pain caused.
   "No matter what words you come up with, they're not really adequate," Fr Dillon said.

Iowa bishop listed as object of 'credible' abuse charges: a first in US scandal

  [1950-83 Bp Soens] - RCC. 30 males.  
   Catholic Culture, November 04, 2008
   IOWA -- Bishop Lawrence Soens, the retired head of the Sioux City, Iowa diocese, has become the first American bishop to be named as the object of 'credible' sex-abuse charges under the guidelines of the US bishops' policy guidelines.
   A review board in the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa announced on November 3 that evidence existed to support charges against Soens and three other priests. More than 30 men have come forward to say that they were molested by Soens while he was a priest in Davenport from 1950 to 1983.
   He became Bishop of Sioux City in 1983, retiring in 1998 at the age of 72. The Davenport diocese has been forced into bankruptcy because of damages awarded to sex-abuse victims.


   Voice from the Desert ~ November 04, 2008
   The Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, J.C.D., C.A.D.C., has updated his bibliography of source material.

Bishop guilty of child molestation; Sex abuse victims respond

   Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, For immediate release: Monday, Nov. 3, 2008
   IOWA -- Statement by Barbara Dorris of St. Louis, Outreach Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (314 862 7688 home, 314 503 0003 cell)
   This is a very belated and begrudging admission of horrific wrong-doing that for decades was shrewdly concealed by corrupt Catholic officials. We hope now that finally the Iowa church hierarchy will use its considerable resources to seek out and help Soens' dozens of victims.
   We resent that Davenport's bishop deliberately makes this announcement at a time when he knows it will receive inadequate public attention. At the same time, however, we hope this admission will prod others who saw, suspected or suffered these priests' crimes to come forward, get help and call police.

Former Sioux City Bishop Has Been Credibly Accused

  [Bp Soens] - RCC.
   KCAU, ~ November 04, 2008
   IOWA -- A church panel says there's evidence a former Bishop of the Sioux City Diocese sexually abused minors.
   Lawrence Soens led the Sioux City Diocese from 1983 until he retired in 1998.
   Now Soens is among four members of the clergy who've been credibly accused of sexually abusing students while he was principal at Iowa City's Regina High School in the 50's and 60's.

Melbourne priest jailed for child sex offences

  [Haines*] - RCC. 4 1/4yrs prison. Children.    
   LIVENEWS, ~ November 04, 2008
   AUSTRALIA -- A former Catholic priest has been jailed in Melbourne for multiple child sex offences.
   Ex- priest Edmund John Haines will spend at least two years and six months in jail after being sentenced to four years three months by the Geelong County Court.
   He was convicted of multiple indecent acts against a child under 16 years, as well as procuring a minor for the purposes of child pornography, making child pornography and possessing child pornography.

Jail for former Meredith priest

   The Courier 10:56:00 PM, November 4, 2008
   AUSTRALIA -- FORMER Meredith priest Edmund John Haines has been jailed for four years and three months on child sex and child pornography charges.
   Haines will spend a minimum two years and six months behind bars before being eligible for parole.
   Handing down sentence in Geelong County Court yesterday, Judge Geoffrey Chettle spoke of the effect Haines' offending had on the young victim and his family.

Priests Face Psychological Tests: Vatican Claims It Wants Gays Out of Priesthood

  - RCC.    
   Ethics Soup ~ November 04, 2008
   The Roman Catholic Church has published guidelines calling for future priests to have psychological tests to vet for those with "deep-seated homosexual tendencies." The document, approved by Pope Benedict XVI, was made public last week. Jolted by a series of sex scandals during the last decade involving pedophile priests, the Catholic Church has faced numerous lawsuits that have cost hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements.
   Gay rights groups have accused the Church of using homosexuals as scapegoats for abuse scandals. The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) said in a statement:
   "Catholic officials continue to fixate on the offenders and ignore the larger problem --The Church's virtually unchanged culture of secrecy and unchecked power in the hierarchy," as reported by the BBC. "These broader factors are deeply rooted in the Church and contribute heavily to extensive and ongoing clergy sex abuse and cover up."


  [Bp Soens + 3 priests]  
   Diocese of Davenport, November 03, 2008
   IOWA -- This links to the press release from the Davenport Diocese on results of its investigation of allegations of sexual abuse made against Bishop Lawrence Soens and three other priests.

Weeding out those unfit for the priesthood

  - RCC.  
   Irish Times, November 04, 2008
   IRELAND – OPINION: The Vatican wants would-be priests to be assessed psychologically. They already are in Ireland, writes Desmond O'Donnell
   IN The Art of Being Ruled, Wyndham Lewis wrote: "Priesthood is a social expedient of great use, extracting from society the practically unfit and so offering a suitable occupation to people who would otherwise be a drag on the active community."
   An occasional priest may fit this description, but even minimal acquaintance with the priests in the Catholic Church or the Church of Ireland casts clear doubts on this assessment of priests in general.

Plea deal called off for former teacher who admitted to sexual contact with students

   South Florida Sun-Sentinel By Missy Diaz | ~ November 04, 2008
   FLORIDA -- A former Summit Christian School music teacher who has admitted to sexual contact with numerous South Florida boys almost resolved his cases on Monday -- with prosecutors dropping many of the charges -- only to have the plea deal called off because of a technicality.
   In a negotiated agreement, Chad Stoffel, 32, of Palm Springs, briefly pleaded guilty to lewd and lascivious molestation and battery of a 14-year-old Summit Christian student.
   In exchange, the state agreed to drop eight additional charges -- four counts each of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and battery of a child -- stemming from allegations involving a 16-year-old Wellington Christian student. The two met performing in a musical version of Cinderella at the Lake Worth Playhouse in fall 2005.

Panel adds 4 to abuse list

  [Bp Soens, and others]
   Press-Citizen, The Associated Press, November 4, 2008
   DES MOINES (IA) -- A church panel Monday announced that there is evidence that four clergy members who served in the Diocese of Davenport have sexually abused minors, including a former principal at Regina High.
   The diocese added Joseph Hines, Eugene Smith, Lawrence Soens and Gerald Stouvenel to a list of those who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing minors. The list will be posted on the diocese's Web site.

Davenport Diocese names more priests accused of abuse

  [Bp Soens +]
   The Gazette, By Gregg Hennigan, , November 03, 2008
   DAVENPORT (IA) -- The Roman Catholic Diocese of Davenport on Monday released the names of four more priests it says can be "credibly accused" of sexual abuse.
   The list includes retired Sioux City Bishop Lawrence Soens. He has been accused by 31 males of abusing them when they were minors, with most of the allegations dating to when Soens was principal of Iowa City Regina in the 1950s and 1960s.
   The diocese has submitted reports on Soens to the Vatican, which will determine whether he should continue as a member of the clergy. Diocese spokesman Deacon David Montgomery said he did not know when the Vatican will announce its decision. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:22 AM]
////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Tue November 04, 2008
Abuse Chronology:
For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

#### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Wed November 05, 2008 edition:

Former Baptist youth minister sentenced for child molesting

  [2007 Richerson (40) -NEW*] - Baptist. 10yrs PRISON. Girl (14).  
   Associated Baptist Press, By Bob Allen, Tuesday, 04 November 2008
   LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, (ABP) -- A former Southern Baptist youth minister in Kentucky was sentenced Oct. 31 to 10 years in prison after confessing to sexually exploiting a 14-year-old girl he met while posing as a 17-year-old youth evangelist on the social-networking website MySpace.
   Timothy Scott Richerson, 40, of Greensburg, Ky., admitted in July that he met the girl online and then followed up with computer and telephone messages during the summer of 2007. That September he drove about 50 miles from his home in Greensburg, Ky., to the victim's home in Madison County, where he sexually exploited her.
   The girl's mother became suspicious after several visits by Richerson. She found sexually explicit text messages on her daughter's phone and called police. The Kentucky State Police arrested Richerson in Greensburg Oct. 12, 2007, and a federal court indicted him in March, as part of Project Safe Childhood, a Justice Department initiative aimed at protecting children from online predators. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 9:35 AM]

Former assistant DA charged

  [? 2000s Cappuccio -NEW*] - Methodist. Minors.  
   News-Herald, By Bob Keeler, November/05/2008
   PENNSYLVANIA -- Anthony Cappuccio, a former Bucks County assistant district attorney and church youth group leader, is accused of corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of children and related charges.
   Charges were filed Oct. 30 against the 31-year-old Hilltown resident.
   Cappuccio had a consensual sexual affair with a teenage boy and provided alcohol to and smoked marijuana with that youth and others from the youth group at First United Methodist Church, Perkasie, investigators say. Cappuccio was a youth group leader there until he resigned at the end of June, giving family needs as the reason, according to information from the church. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:36 AM]

Pelotte leaving Gallup, Maikowski going to Page

  - RCC.
   Gallup Independent, By Elizabeth Hardin-Burrola, November 04, 2008
   GALLUP (NM) – After more than a year of startling news developments and changes in local church leadership, more changes are on the way for Catholics in the Diocese of Gallup.
   When contacted on Monday, officials with the diocese confirmed that former Gallup Bishop Donald E. Pelotte is preparing to move out of Gallup this week. According to sources within the diocese, the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington, D.C. had issued instructions that Pelotte move out of his Gallup residence and out of Gallup, an action which many believe is a step toward the appointment of a new bishop for the Gallup Diocese.
   Lee Lamb, communications director for the diocese, said Pelotte is currently in the process of packing and moving from his Gallup residence. "He indicated to us that for now, he is moving to his condo in Florida," Lamb said in an e-mailed response. "However, Bishop Pelotte does not anticipate living in Florida full-time."

Attempted 'womenpriest ordination' triggers automatic excommunication

  - RCC.    
   Catholic News Agency, 06:42 am, Nov 5, 2008
   CHICAGO (IL) / (CNA).- A woman claiming to be a Catholic bishop "ordained" a so-called womanpriest and three "women deacons" at St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Chicago on Saturday. In response, a spokeswoman from the Archdiocese of Chicago said that her act automatically excommunicates the participants.
   Dana Reynolds, from Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, claims that she was ordained a womanpriest in 2006, the California Catholic Daily reports. At an April 9, 2008 ceremony in Stuttgart, Germany, she became the first self-described U.S. bishop for the dissenting Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement.

Aboriginals must be heard

  - Four major Churches. Government.  
   Telegraph-Journal, Commentary, By John Millikin, ~ November 05, 2008
   CANADA -- Recently, critics have tried to denigrate the Assembly of First Nations and Phil Fontaine's leading role in the residential schools reconciliation commission. It is an unfair and ill-informed attack.
   Susan Martinuk has written that Phil Fontaine is "determined to frustrate the process of healing for residential school survivors and keep at bay reconciliation with non-aboriginal Canadians and our government…." Martinuk suggests that Phil Fontaine was trying to railroad the reconciliation process by turning it into a survivor storytelling event with no reconciliation.
   The reality is that without the stories of residential school survivors, there can be no reconciliation. To merely have a confession of the history of residential schools followed by a speedy reconciliation agreement would do nothing for real long-term relations between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Canadians.


  - RCC "Pubianity" exposed. Book.    
   Voice of the Faithful, Nov 5, 2008
   AN IRISH TRAGEDY: How Sex Abuse by Irish Priests Helped Cripple the Catholic Church, By Joe Rigert. Baltimore, Crossland Press, 2008, available at for $10.99. Reviewed by Thomas Doyle
   A number of books have been written about sexual abuse by Catholic clerics. Some are the gut-wrenching stories of victims themselves, told in their own words or through another. Some are polemical in that they confront the official Church for its hypocritical response while demanding both recognition and action to help solve the problem. Still others are scholarly ventures into the mysterious depths of this unique socio-cultural phenomenon by academics from a variety of disciplines. All are seeking answers as to "why." The answers are much more complex and elusive than simply saying "celibate priests are sexually dysfunctional" or "bishops only want to protect their turf." Both are statements but there are many more "whys."
   An Irish Tragedy is an apt title for this book because it describes precisely the end result of the continuum of excessive and superstitious piety, toxic clerical control and a twisted sexual morality which has all converged into too many cases of sexual abuse of minors and deceitful cover-up by bishops.
   Sex abuse by Catholic clergy is not limited to a "church" problem. It is a deeply rooted, complex flaw in society in general because the results impact so many aspects of our daily lives. Many have arrived at the conclusion that expecting the official Roman Catholic Church to accomplish anything like a basic change of attitude marked by an honest recognition of the problem followed by concrete and realistic steps to help bind the wounds and reduce the chances of future abuse is completely futile. It is left to writers like Joe Rigert to probe deeply into the dark, mysterious and malignant shadows of the Church to find more answers. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on January 14, 2009 10:21 AM; copied to this webpage in date order. ]
   [RECAPITULATION: … excessive and superstitious piety, toxic clerical control and a twisted sexual morality which … all converged into too many cases of sexual abuse … Many have arrived at the conclusion that expecting the official Roman Catholic Church to … reduce the chances of future abuse is completely futile. ENDS.]
   [COMMENT: Unfortunately, nearly every other religion has the problem of sex abuse of children and/or women, sometimes men too.  It is NOT just a Roman Catholic, or Anglo-Celt, problem, nor is celibacy the main cause.  Cover-ups go on, too, in these other religions. ENDS.] [Copied from CSAT of January 14, 2009; date Nov 5, 2008]

////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Wed November 05, 2008
Abuse Chronology:
For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

#### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Thu November 06, 2008 edition:

Father Elvis Is Now 'Crying In The Chapel'

  [~ 2000s Elvis Elano -? NEW*] - RCC. Woman.  
   Queens Chronicle, by Liz Rhoades, Managing Editor, November/06/2008
   NEW YORK -- A Floral Park priest named Elvis is "All Shook Up" after a Brooklyn woman filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, claiming he seduced her while she was in a vulnerable mental state.
   Judith Rodrigues-Lytwyn, 50, filed the case against the wayward priest, the Brooklyn diocese and the church last week in Brooklyn Supreme Court, asking for $25 million. She claims that Father Elvis Elano, who was then assigned to the church, Our Lady of the Snows, encouraged the affair by claiming it was "ordained by God."
   He'll be "Crying in the Chapel" if the lawsuit proceeds. The woman's attorney, Andrew Laufer, said last Thursday that he expects the case to move quickly and take a year to conclude, "unless a settlement is worked out, which we would be agreeable to," Laufer said.

San Jose pastor arrested on charges of molesting relative

  [1996-2000 Nguyen -NEW*] - Vietnamese Alliance Church. Girl (10-14).      
   San Jose Mercury News, By Lisa Fernandez, ~ November 06, 2008
   CALIFORNIA -- A longtime Vietnamese pastor was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a female relative starting when she was 10 years old, according to San Jose police.
   The alleged abuse continued until the girl was 14. She is now 22 years old.
   Police arrested Minh Van Nguyen, 51, senior pastor of the First Vietnamese Alliance Church at 102 S. 21st St. in San Jose, on Oct. 2 on charges of child molestation. He has held that church position since 1998.
   He is being held without bail in Santa Clara County jail. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 4:22 PM]

In response to lawsuit, diocese says personnel decisions private

  [1995-96 Mons Thomas Maloney] - RCC. The "exempt" plea. Boy.  
   Pantagraph, By Edith Brady-Lunny, , 2:50 p.m., November 06, 2008
   PEORIA (IL) -- Personnel decisions regarding Catholic priests are exempt from civil court review, according to a response by the Catholic Diocese of Peoria to a lawsuit filed by a man who claims he was sexually abused as a student by a former Twin City priest.
   Andrew Ward, now 20, filed a lawsuit in June accusing now-retired Monsignor Thomas Maloney of sexually abusing him at Epiphany Catholic Church between 1995 and 1996. The Pantagraph does not routinely name victims of alleged abuse, but Ward asked to be publicly identified.
   The action against Maloney and the diocese alleges Maloney "engaged in unpermitted, harmful and offensive sexual conduct" with the boy while the boy was in second grade. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:29 PM]

Former Sioux City Bishop Accused

  - RCC.
   KCAU, ~ November 06, 2008
   IOWA -- A Fort Dodge woman who claims she was sexually abused by a priest is asking for action against Sioux City's former bishop and for victims to come forward.
   Lawrence Soens led the Sioux City Diocese for 15 years.
   For several years he faced allegations of abuse.
   But now the Diocese of Davenport says Soens has been "credibly accused" of sexually abusing minors while working in that diocese.

SNAP Group Wants Former Sioux City Bishop Defrocked

  [1950s-60s Bp Soens] - RCC. Children.
   KPTH, Posted 06:16 PM EST, Nov 6, 2008
   IOWA -- A former Sioux City Catholic bishop is being accused of sexually molesting boys in eastern Iowa and a victim's group wants the Sioux City Diocese to take action. This comes after a Catholic Church panel in Davenport, Iowa, found some of those allegations credible. Reporter Samantha Suttle brings us the details.
   A child molestation victim of a Catholic priest wants to see former Sioux City Bishop Lawrence Soens defrocked.
   Janet Clark of the group "Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests," or SNAP, says Soens needs to be permanently removed from the religious state. On Tuesday, the Davenport, Iowa, diocese said there is evidence Soens sexually abused children when he was a priest in Davenport during the 1950's and 60's. Soens later served as bishop in the Sioux City Catholic Diocese for 15 years.

Bishop Paulk's megachurch for sale

  ["Bishop" Paulk]
   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, By KEVIN DUFFY, Thursday, November 06, 2008
   GEORGIA -- The church campus in south DeKalb County started by Bishop Earl Paulk, who built a megachurch but was plagued by sexual scandal for more than 40 years, is on the market for $24.5 million.
   Paulk, 81, moved his church to Flat Shoals Parkway and Wesley Chapel Road in the early 1970s and later built a neo-Gothic worship center that can seat more than 6,000 people.
   Today, the church is called Cathedral at Chapel Hill and is run by the Rev. D.E. Paulk, who grew up thinking he was Earl Paulk's nephew but later learned he is his son.

Elite schools' priest jailed for abuse

  [1983-85, 1992-95 Reis*] - RCC. Prison. Girls.    
   Herald Sun By Tristan Swanwick 12:01am November 07, 2008
   AUSTRALIA -- A FORMER Catholic priest and schoolteacher who taught at some of Queensland's most prestigious private schools has been jailed for molesting young girls.
   Michael Francis Reis, 66, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court yesterday to five counts of the indecent treatment of girls aged under 14 years and two counts of indecent treatment of girls aged under 16.
   The court was told the abuse occurred in Brisbane from 1983 to 1985 and in Caboolture from 1992 to 1995. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 2:54 PM]

Abuse victim blasts Catholic officials about pedophile bishop

  [Bp Soens]
   Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests ~ November 06, 2008
   SIOUX CITY (IA) – WHAT - At a sidewalk news conference, a clergy molestation victim will prod Catholic officials in Sioux City and elsewhere to
  • apologize and explain why it took so long to deem a pedophile bishop "credibly accused,"
  • write Rome and urge the Vatican to defrock him, and
  • aggressively reach out to others who may have been hurt by any church employees, but especially the retired bishop.
       She'll also call on anyone with any information about the predators' crimes to come forward, get help and call the police.
       WHEN - Thursday, Nov. 6, 1:15 p.m.
       WHERE - Outside the Sioux City Diocese headquarters, 1821 Jackson Street, in Sioux City

    New lawsuit is filed against high profile Jesuit author and professor

      [Unnamed priest (Jesuit)] - RCC. 8 girls.
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests ~ November 06, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) – WHAT - At a news conference, clergy molestation victims and attorneys will announce and discuss a new child sex abuse lawsuit against a nationally-known Jesuit priest and professor who now faces allegations of assaulting at least eight girls.
       WHEN - TODAY, Thursday, Nov. 6, at 1:15 PM
       WHERE - At the law office of Kerns, Frost & Pearlman, Three First National Plaza, 70 W. Madison Suite 5350 (corner of Clark) in downtown Chicago

    Priest speaks out about child sex abuse allegations

      [2001 Cristancho*] - RCC. Woman (in vitro fertilisation). Abusing 2 sons.    
       Examiner, By Carolyn Peirce, November/5/08
       MARYLAND -- The Catholic priest accused of sexually abusing two of his 6-year-old triplets claims their surrogate mother vengefully orchestrated the allegations, knowing he was vulnerable as a priest, to gain sole custody of the children.
       Fernando Cristancho, 52, tearfully denied the allegations during a three-hour interview with The Examiner at the Bel Air public library Tuesday evening. His beard tinged with gray and his spirit broken with the realization that he'll never again hold his children without a supervisor watching and wondering.
       Armed with court documents and video recordings, Cristancho laughed between tears while showing tapes of his children, two boys and a girl, who now live with their surrogate mother, Dalia Fernandez. The Department of Social Services found in August 2006 that Cristancho had sexually abused the boys – a civil finding upheld by Harford Circuit Judge Emory Plitt Jr. and the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, although he was never criminally charged.

    Former Massillon pastor gets 10 years, lifetime tag as sex offender

      [2002-08 Pilger*] - Christian. 10yrs prison. Girl (6-12).
       Canton Repository UPDATE: 1:31 PM, Wednesday, November 5, 2008
       CANTON (OH) -- A former minister will spend 10 years in prison for molesting a family member.
       Peter L. Pilger, 36, of Warren, was sentenced today by Stark County Common Pleas Judge John G. Haas.
       Pilger previously pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping, rape, gross sexual imposition and three counts of attempted rape. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:56 AM]

    Iowa vicar general exonerated

      - RCC. Mons Shafer cleared.
       Catholic Culture November 05, 2008
       DAVENPORT (IA) -- As a Diocese of Davenport review board found abuse allegations against retired Bishop Lawrence Soens and three other priests to be credible, it exonerated Msgr. Dale Shafer, who served as vicar general from 2000 to 2003.
       Following Msgr. Shafer's suspension in 2003, he 'exercised his right to an ecclesiastical trial and the Vatican instructed the Diocese to conduct an ecclesiastical trial,' according to a diocesan press release issued Monday.

    Priest sex abuse case 'unfortunate'

      [1983-85, 1992-95 Reis*] - RCC. Prison. Girls.    
       Brisbane Times, November 06, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- A Catholic priest and former teacher has been jailed for sexually abusing two young girls in the 1980s and 1990s.
       Michael Francis Reis, 66, pleaded guilty to seven counts of indecent treatment of girls under 16 in Brisbane's District Court this morning.
       The abuse occurred in Brisbane between 1983 and 1985 and in Caboolture from 1992 to 1995.
       Reis molested the girls by touching them on their breasts and genitals but did not involve sexual penetration, placing his offences at the "lower end of the scale", Judge Kerry O'Brien said at a sentencing hearing today. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:26 AM]
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Thu November 06, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Fri November 07, 2008 edition:

    Threesome pastor convicted over sex game assault

      [2008 June - Unnamed pastor -NEW*] - Church of Sweden. Threesome. Beat wife.  
       The Local, , Published 14:10 CET, Nov 7, 08
       SWEDEN -- A Stockholm-area pastor charged with beating his wife during a threesome has been sentenced to probation and counseling, the Metro newspaper reports.
       The Church of Sweden pastor, his wife, and another male acquaintance assembled in June for a meal and drinks. After the meal, the three then moved to the sauna at which point they began to engage in a series of sex games.
       According to court documents, the pastor became enraged when his wife began erasing pictures of the threesome's deeds which had been taken using a mobile telephone camera. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 7, 2008 8:27 AM]

    Complaint in Jane Doe 125 v. The Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus a/k/a the Jesuits and Father John Powell, S.J.

      [~ 1967 Powell -? NEW* (Jesuit)] - RCC. Girl +.  
       Circuit Court of Cook County, November 6, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- Powell engaged in a pattern and practice of sexually abusing Loyola University students and other minor and adult students prior to and during the years that he taught at the school. Upon information and belief, Defendant Order had been apprised of Powell's pedophilic behavior and his propensity to engage in sexual abuse before he began abusing Plaintiff. …
       Defendant Order did not report Powell to law enforcement or otherwise warn its members or the public at large that Powell posed a significant risk to children. The Jesuit Order represented that Powell was a priest in good standing and allowed Powell to continue in ministry and conduct numerous retreats where he could have access to and abuse children, including Plaintiff. …
       Plaintiff met Powell in or about 1967, while Plaintiff was approximately 16 or 17 years old and attending Rosarian Academy, at that time a Catholic school for girls located in West Palm Beach, Florida. At that time, Powell was a visiting priest who held a retreat at Rosarian Academy that Plaintiff and other students attended.
       During this retreat, Powell conducted approximately four private "counseling session[s]" with Plaintiff. During these sessions, Powell required Plaintiff to sit on his lap, forced her to kiss, and on at least one occasion required her to take her school uniform off from the waist up and then fondled her. [excerpts from Complaint, pp. 3-4] [Posted by Terry McKiernan on November 7, 2008 1:02 PM]

    SNAP Mexico presents Federal Initiatives to reform Federal Laws

       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, ~ November 07, 2008
       MEXICO CITY, Mexico -- SNAP Mexico presented various Federal Initiatives with Deputy Claudia Cruz on Monday, November 3, 2008 to reform Federal Laws that will: define "Abuse of Minors" under 18 years of age; increase jail time for convicted child molesters; establish mandatory reporting laws in both the public and private sector; establish laws and consequences for those persons and/or public or private institutions that cover-up abuse; increase civil monetary penalties for offenders and those that cover them up; establish rights of legal procedure for victims who report crimes; establish procedures for the Federal Attorney General's office to handle cases of child sexual abuse; the elimination of the statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse; amongst others. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 7, 2008 8:25 AM]

    150 priests faced sex probe

      - RCC checks 150 priests.  
       News 24 (South Africa), 22:19 - (SA), November 07, 2008
       DUBLIN, Ireland - More than 150 Roman Catholic priests and members of religious orders have been probed over allegations of child sex abuse in the last 68 years in Ireland's biggest archdiocese, new figures showed on Friday.
       The details were released in a statement from the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin as closed official hearings continue into how the church managed the abuse.
       He reiterated an appeal for anyone with information about child sexual abuse by priests in Dublin to make contacts with the child protection service of the diocese, the police and the health authority.
       "It is only by knowing the full truth of the past (that) we can improve the levels of safety for children today," Martin said. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 7, 2008 7:02 PM]

    Russian man arrested in the murder of two Jesuit priests

      - 2 murdered. Condoms.  
       Monsters and Critics ~ November 07, 2008
       MOSCOW -- Russian investigators have detained a suspect who confessed to the murder of two Jesuit priests in their Moscow apartment, the Interfax agency reported Thursday.
       Interfax quoted a police source Thursday as saying the Russian suspect was arrested at 6 am (0300 GMT) and was a repeat sex offender from the town of Tver north of Moscow. He was charged with four counts of rape but there were also suspicions that the 38-year-old may have been a male prostitute. …
       Investigator Yury Sukharev last week told there were open wine bottles and absinthe found in the kitchen. Russian media reported used condoms had also been lying about the apartment.

    Sex abuse pay-out by Dublin Archdiocese tops €12.4m

      - One RC archdiocese, 120 court actions. €12m so far.  
       Belfast Telegraph, Friday, November 7, 2008
       IRELAND -- The Dublin Archdiocese has revealed that 120 civil actions have been brought to date against 35 Dublin priests, or priests who have held appointments in the diocese.
       The cost of settlements so far has exceeded €12.4 million with 94 cases concluded and 26 still ongoing.
       More than €9 million has been spent on settlements and €3.3 million paid on legal costs for both sides.

    Fordham Accused of Harboring Molestors

      [O'Brien, Drake]  
       The Fordham Ram, by Nicholas Thibideau, ~ November 07, 2008
       NEW YORK -- Two groups have accused Fordham University of harboring priests who were accused of sexual abuse.
       The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests and provided the New York Times with documents detailing a settlement between the school and the Rev. Eugene O'Brien, a former principal of Fordham Prep, according to an article published on Oct. 21. In addition, Richard Cerick, a 53-year-old lawyer, claims he was raped by the Rev. Roy A. Drake in 1968. Drake lived in Murray-Weigel Hall until 2006, when he was transferred to a treatment center for troubled priests. Drake passed away at the center.
       In the Times article, Cerick said he did not file a complaint with the school until he learned about Drake's whereabouts in 2005.

    Priest backs test as 'a good thing'

      - RCC.  
       The Weston Mercury, ~ November 07, 2008
       UNITED KINGDOM -- A SENIOR catholic figure in Weston has spoken out in favour of psychological tests for new priests.
       Vatican officials said last week there should be tests to screen candidates who may be unable to control their heterosexual urges and those with homosexual tendencies.
       But Father Gabriel Leyden of Corpus Christi Church, in Ellenborough Park South, says the Vatican guidance, published in a document titled Congregation for Catholic Education last week, is nothing new and has been going on for years.
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Fri November 07, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Sat November 08, 2008 edition:

    Send the Bishops a Message news conferences in Chicago and L.A., Monday, Nov. 10th

      - RCC.  
       Voice from the Desert ~ November 08, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) – WHAT - Holding signs at a sidewalk news conference, Catholics will prod fellow parishioners to withhold financial donations on November 16th which will be the first nationwide, indeed worldwide Withholding Sunday, to send the bishops a message that irresponsibility and secrecy will no longer be tolerated
       WHEN - Monday, Nov 10, 11:00 a.m.
       WHERE - Outside Chicago archdiocesan headquarters, 155 East Superior, in downtown Chicago
       WHO - Three-four members of a new organization called "Send the Bishops a Message" ( and supporters from SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( ; the Catholic reform group Voice of the Faithful (; We Are Catholics (; and the Coalition of Concerned Catholics. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 8, 2008 6:01 PM]

    Walk Across Oregon 2009 will go through Wallowa Valley where Chief Joseph said I Will Fight No More Forever

      - RC reformer.
       City of Angels, By Kay Ebeling, ~ November 08, 2008
       OREGON -- As a recent convert, Virginia Jones was shocked to hear that a Franciscan brother at her parish was removed for pedophilia. She handed out copies of news articles and as she puts it, "Got thrown out of the parish." But a new pastor reached out to Virginia, she returned to the church, and is now an advocate for child sex abuse survivors. She put together among other things, the first annual Walk Across Oregon in September 2008.
       "We are walking through Wallowa Valley in August 2009," Jones said, "where Chief Joseph made the 'I will fight no more forever' speech. We will walk through the same land that he was forced to leave." The route includes campouts under waterfalls, and a route through rural towns in Northern Oregon.
       "I was thrown out of my parish after advocating for abuse survivors," Jones says, "but a compassionate Franciscan priest named Armando Lopez reached out to me along with other parishioners. What healed me was them welcoming me back to the parish."
       Today at Ascension Church in Portland, Jones helps run support meetings the second Saturday of every month from 10 to noon. Jones put together a screening of Hand of God two years ago that led to the organizing of Walk Across Oregon 2008 last September.

    Abuse victims gather at Cardozo conference

      - Roman Catholics and Judaists work together.
       The Jewish Star, By Michael Orbach, Issue of 9 Cheshvan 5769 / Nov. 7, 2008
       NEW YORK -- At a sparsely attended conference held Oct. 29 at Yeshiva University's Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, the seeds of an unlikely friendship were planted between Catholic and Jewish sexual abuse survivors and advocates.
       "We need not to be siloed within our religious communities; we need to be thinking more broadly, cooperating more broadly," said Bill Kritston, the head of Bishop Accountability, a group that documents sexual abuse in the clergy.
       The conference, organized by the New York chapter of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), brought together victims and advocates of sexual abuse inside the Catholic community and the Jewish community, which recently has seen a spate of allegations of sexual abuse, mostly in chareidi yeshivas. Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind has become the unlikely champion of the cause.

    New York - Augdath Israel To Strongly Support Mandatory Finger-Printing For Teachers In Yeshivas

      - Judaists.
       Voz Iz Neias, November 07, 2008
       NEW YORK -- Originally reported in the Jewish Star, Agudath Israel of America has officially changed its position and now is prepared to actively support mandatory finger-printing and background checks for teachers in yeshivos. Though they did specify that they would like to see how a voluntary bill is enacted before actually supporting the bill. The change follows a wave of publicity orchestrated by Jewish media – newspapers, bloggers, and radio commentators -- that has drawn attention to sex abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community.
       Speaking to VIN News, Rabbi Dovid Zwiebel, Agudah's Executive Vice President of Government Affairs explained that when the initial she'ailah was posed to the Rabbinical leaders, Agudah was authorized to support the bill for voluntary fingerprinting but to wait until "the yeshivos that voluntarily opt into the system had some experience with [it]" before either opposing or supporting the mandatory bill.
       However, in light of the recent publicity to the issue, Agudah felt that it was in its best interest to support the mandatory bill, in Zweibel's words, in order "avoid the libelous misconception out there in certain parts of the world that we oppose background checks on the people hired by our Yeshivos."

    7/11/08 Child Protection Update

      [1940-2008] - RCC. 77 priests.  
       Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin ~ November 08, 2008
       IRELAND -- It has been the practice of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to put on the public record updates of statistics concerning allegations of child sexual abuse made against, or suspicions raised concerning, priests of the Archdiocese, or priests from Religious Congregations or other Dioceses who have worked in Dublin.
       This current statement is an update of the statistics published over 18 months ago in May 2007. It contains information on Dublin Diocesan priests, as well as information regarding priests from Religious Congregations and other Dioceses who at some time held an appointment in Dublin, or who carried out short-term supply ministry without a formal appointment from the Diocese, and against whom allegations or suspicions have arisen even where the allegation does not refer to their time in the Diocese.
       Based on the information currently available the following statistics have been compiled regarding the period between 1940 and 2008. During that period:
       Allegations have been made against 77 priests of the Diocese.
       Suspicions have been raised concerning 9 priests of the Diocese.

    Letter to Fairfax, VA, Commonwealth Attorney Morrogh about Father Fernando Cristancho

      [2001 Cristancho*] - RCC. Woman (in vitro fertilisation). Molested 2 children.    
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, November 08, 2008
       MARYLAND – Dear Mr. Morrogh: We are deeply concerned about Fr. Fernando Cristancho and the credible child sex abuse allegations against him.
       As you can see from the enclosed articles, a social service agency and a judge have determined that he recently molested two of his three children. We are concerned that he may have abused other children during his tvime as a priest at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Fairfax County (1995-1998). He was fired from that parish following accusations of sexual misconduct with a young woman (though reportedly not a minor). Subsequently, he worked in a Maryland parish where he fathered three children through a surrogate mother. Fr. Cristancho is a native of Colombia, South America. You can read the findings of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals which recently denied him custody of his children.

    Statement by Bill Casey on Cristancho

      [2001 + Cristancho] - RCC. Had child by surrogate. Molested two of his own.    
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests Statement, by Bill Casey, Nov. 6, 2008
       MARYLAND -- My name is Bill Casey. Along with my colleagues from SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests–a self-help and advocacy group for survivors) and VOTF (Voice of the Faithful–a Catholic lay reform group formed in response to the clergy sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church), I come here today to deliver a letter to the Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney to use the powers of his office, along with the resources of the Catholic diocese of Arlington, to protect children from further abuse by predator priest Fernando Cristancho and to seek out and support any other victims of this priest.
       Fr. Cristancho served as a parish priest, particularly to the Hispanic community, at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Fairfax County between 1995-1998. He was removed from that position following evidence of sexual misconduct with a young woman (purportedly not a minor), but he gravitated to a new parish in Maryland under the Archdiocese of Baltimore. While there he impregnated a surrogate mother through in vitro fertilization and fathered triplets. Competent authorities found evidence that he sexually abused his two sons.
       Although he was later removed from this parish, he remains free and is a flight risk because he hails from Colombia in South America.

    Fr. Fernando Cristancho and the credible child sex abuse allegations against him.

      [2001 Cristancho*] - RCC. Woman (in vitro fertilisation). Molested own children.
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests ~ November 08, 2008
       MARYLAND -- In thousands and thousands of clergy child molestation cases, church and law enforcement staff can't turn back the clock and get a "do over". Thousands and thousands of times, at a bare minimum, church and law enforcement staff were naive and passive and mishandled clergy sex abuse reports.
       More accurately, thousands and thousands of times, church staff actively shunned victims, deceived parishioners, stonewalled police, destroyed evidence, transferred predators, and recklessly, callously put kids in harm's way. Often, criminal authorities turned a blind eye or even cooperated in these injustices.
       Here, however, is a chance to do it right. Here's a chance to help ensure that no other child is hurt by Fr. Cristancho, a priest who obviously broke his vows, deceived his flock, hurt his children and devastated their mother.

    Father John Fleming sex claim report next year

      [Fleming, Card. Pell]      
       Adelaide Now, By NIGEL HUNT, 11:30pm, November 07, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- AN internal investigation into the handling of sexual misconduct allegations against a senior priest by the Adelaide diocese of the Catholic Church will not be completed until next year.
       The inquiry, being conducted by prominent lawyer Michael Abbott, QC, was launched in August, after the Sunday Mail revealed that the diocese was aware of the allegations surrounding Father John Fleming, but that it had not taken any action.
       The allegations, one of which is the subject of a Pedophile Task Force investigation, involve activity which occurred when Father Fleming was an Anglican priest. They include allegations he was sexually involved with two girls – one underage – and that he had a homosexual affair before he was ordained as a Catholic priest.
       The Sunday Mail revealed that church authorities – including, in one instance Sydney Cardinal George Pell – were also aware that Father Fleming was the subject of allegations of sexual misconduct before he was appointed to head Campion College, a Catholic arts facility in Sydney, in 2005.

    Abuse survivors struggle with loss of faith, confidence

      - Alamo Christian Ministries.  
       The Baptist Standard By Michelle Roberts, Religion News Service Published: November 07, 2008
       ST. HELENS, Ore. (RNS)–It's been 23 years since Diane Bach left the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries compound in Arkansas, but she still struggles to make decisions for herself.
       As a waitress hands Bach a menu, she swallows hard. Her hands begin to tremble; she shifts uncomfortably in her chair. Soon, she's sweating, and red blotches pool on her chest like spilled wine.
       "I'm sorry," she said. "I have a lot of trouble ordering from a simple menu because, to this day, I have trouble making my own choices." …
       "Virtually every abuse victim feels alone," said David Clohessy, national director of St. Louis-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.
       "But I believe that no victim feels more alone than somebody abused by a religious figure or in a religious setting. The most universal source of comfort and solace in painful times is God. But if God is perceived to be an integral part of one's abuse and cover-up, victims are left with virtually nowhere to turn."

    O'Donnell avoids trial by confessing his sins

      [O'Donnell] - ? RCC. US $5m settlement.
       KXLY, with video, ~ November 08, 2008
       SPOKANE (WA) -- The former Spokane priest at the center of a decades old sex scandal has agreed to admit his guilt, but that admission could actually keep his victims from getting the closure they really want.
       Former Spokane priest and pedophile Patrick O'Donnell has agreed to pay his victims $5 Million, but a settlement reached by attorneys also means he'll never have to appear in court and own up to his sins.
       Many victims waited years to see O'Donnell appear in court and answer for what he did but to avoid next week's trial, O'Donnell admits he's guilty and has agreed to pay his victims millions.

    Landmark churches, minority, ethnic parishes recommended for closing

      - RCC.
       The Plain Dealer, Posted by David Briggs / 23:06PM, November 07, 2008
       CLEVELAND (OH) -- At St. Wendelin, there is a sense of relief that it may stay open. At St. Malachi, there is a sense of loss over the plan that it merge with St. Patrick.
       For all Cleveland Catholic churches, the wait is over after 18 months of struggling with the question of which parishes in their neighborhood should survive a wave of planned church closings.
       Over the next week, regional church committees will recommend that at least two dozen city parishes in the Cleveland Catholic Diocese close. Historic landmarks such as St. Stephen, prominent ethnic congregations such as St. Casimir and minority parishes such as Epiphany are among those churches.
       The Cleveland parish plans must be submitted to the diocese by Nov. 15.

    Parties to the Settlement Agreement and the Honorable Frank Iacobucci jointly release the following statement:

      - 4 Churches and Canadian Government. Indigenous children.  
       CNW, Nov. 7, 2008
       OTTAWA, Canada / CNW Telbec/ - Representatives of the Assembly of First Nations, Inuit Organizations, the Catholic entities, the Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches, as well as the Government of Canada, met with the Honourable Frank Iacobucci as a facilitator to address matters arising with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
       All have agreed to keep the contents of the meeting confidential, but jointly report that productive and positive discussions took place. A further follow-up meeting is scheduled for November 20, 2008 in Toronto.

    Session aimed at getting truth commission back on track called 'constructive'

      - 4 Churches. Indigenous children.
       The Canadian Press ~ November 08, 2008
       TORONTO, CANADA – A day-long session aimed at getting Canada's derailed Truth and Reconciliation Commission back on track wrapped up Friday with some signs of progress.
       Lawyer Pierre Baribeau, representing several Roman Catholic entities that ran the now-closed native residential schools, emerged from the meetings facilitated by former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci expressing optimism.
       "We visited all the issues," Baribeau said.

    'Positive' meeting for aboriginal residential schools commission

      - 4 Churches. Indigenous children.
       Toronto Star by Linda Diebel 04:30 AM Nov 08, 2008
       CANADA -- A meeting to rescue the troubled aboriginal residential schools commission broke up yesterday with cautious optimism and a promise to meet again later in the month.
       "All parties remain committed to fulfilling the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and that its work be carried out as quickly as possible in the interest of all Canadians," said a statement from the Assembly of First Nations.
       The statement said the meeting, facilitated by former Supreme Court judge Frank Iacobucci, had "productive and positive discussions."

    Is convent harassing Kerala nun for tell-all writing?

      - RCC.  
       Newstrack India, IANS, Nov 8, 2008
       Thiruvananthapuram, India (IANS) The relatives of a 59-year-old nun in Kerala say she has been forcibly kept in mental hospitals for over a month to stop her from publishing details of 'undesirable goings-on' at her convent, in another controversy to hit the church in the state.
       Treesa Thomas, a nun at the Divine Mary [sic] Convent at Anchal in Kollam district, 50 km from here, was first admitted to a private hospital in Idukki district in October and then shifted to the Government Mental Hospital here on the grounds that she is mentally unstable.
       But her relatives as well as a state women's commission member have said that she seems to be in perfect health.
       Thomas' nephew Santhosh Joseph said: 'She had last month called up my brother Benny in Ireland asking him to save her because she was being tormented by her superiors at the convent.

    Burying the past

      - 4 Churches. Indigenous children.  
       Lethbridge Herald, Written by Gerald Gauthier, Friday, November 07, 2008
       CANADA -- As mistreated as many were at Indian residential schools across Canada, many of those children may have suffered the ultimate disrespect in death.
       There is evidence suggesting the bodies of possibly thousands of residential school children were buried – without the knowledge or consent of their families – in unmarked or anonymous graves at or near their schools.
       Although there's nothing definitive to suggest students at residential schools on the Blood Reserve suffered a similar fate, no one is ruling out the possibility either.
       The Working Group on Missing Children has recommended the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission examine the number and causes of deaths, illnesses and disappearances of those students as well as the locations of burial sites.

    SJ Police Asking Child Molestation Victims To Come Forward

      [1996-2000 Nguyen*] - Vietnamese Alliance Church. Girl (10-14).    
       KTVU, ~ November 08, 2008
       SAN JOSE, Calif. -- San Jose police are asking anyone who may have been victimized by a senior pastor from First Vietnamese Alliance Church to come forward.
       Minh Van Nguyen, 51, was arrested in October for allegedly sexually abusing his niece over a four-year period about 12 years ago when she was between the ages of 10 to 14, according to the Police Department.
       He served as a senior pastor at the church since 1998.

    Abuse survivor wants diocese to reach out to victims

      [1950s-60s Bp Soens] - RCC. Boys.  
       Sioux City Journal, By Dolly A. Butz, , November 07, 2008
       SIOUX CITY (IA) -- A self-proclaimed clergy sexual abuse survivor and victims advocacy group leader on Thursday called upon the Diocese of Sioux City to reach out to victims who were allegedly abused by a former local bishop and aid in having him defrocked.
       On Monday, the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa, announced that a review board had "credibly accused" former Sioux City Bishop Lawrence Soens of sexually abusing boys in the Davenport Diocese.
       Soens allegedly abused boys during the 1950s and 1960s while he was principal at Iowa City Regina High School. Another man said Soens abused him while serving as rector at St. Ambrose Seminary in Davenport, according to the Diocese of Davenport.

    Sex abuse claims against 150 priests

      [1940-2008] - RCC. 150 priests. €12.4m.  
       Irish Times, By CONOR POPE, ~ November 08, 2008
       IRELAND -- SUSPICIONS OR allegations of clerical child sexual abuse have been raised about over 150 priests who have served in the Dublin archdiocese since the 1940s, according to updated figures released by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin yesterday.
       The legal and settlement costs associated with 120 claims already brought before the courts in connection with 35 priests who held appointments in the archdiocese is running at over €12.4 million - an increase of nearly €5 million since the last statistics were published in May 2007.
       Updating the figures, which cover the archdiocese since 1940, Archbishop Martin disclosed that allegations had been made against 77 priests who worked directly for the archdiocese over the 68-year period. Three fresh allegations have been made since May 2007. Suspicions had been raised concerning another nine priests.

    Priests abused up to 400 children in Dublin diocese

      [68yrs - 152 priests]- RCC. &euro12m. 400 children.
       Irish Independent, By John Cooney, Saturday, November 08, 2008
       IRELAND -- Shocking new figures show that 400 children have been identified as possible victims of sex abuse by priests in the Dublin Archdiocese -- proportionately even higher then the catalogue of horrors found by a Government investigation into the Diocese of Ferns.
       And settlement claims paid to victims suspected of being abused by 152 priests over the last 68 years has soared to more than €12m.
       "It is most likely that this is not a final figure," Archbishop Diarmuid Martin conceded yesterday, when he disclosed the revised figures showing the horrendous scale of clerical paedophilia in the archdiocese since 1940.
       The Ferns probe identified more then 100 allegations of child sex abuse between 1962 and 2002 against 21 priests.

    Former priest accused of sexual assault tells his side of story

      - RC priest publishes book.  
       Gazette, By TED SULLIVAN, Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008
       JANESVILLE (WI) – The Rev. Gerald Vosen was accused of sexually assaulting a Janesville boy at a time when pedophile priests made headlines, but he said he's innocent.
       Yet the church didn't support him, a jury didn't believe him and people in his parishes were left wondering whether the allegations were .
       Vosen, 74, has written a book, "Pick a Number: Stories of Faith," and he tells his side of the story in a chapter that rips into the Janesville boy's accusations and the Catholic Church. He'll be in Janesville this weekend for a book signing.
       He hopes the book will clear his name, even though the stink of sexual abuse has cost him everything: His career, his reputation and his trust in the Catholic Church.

    Diocese covered up abuse, lawsuit says

      [1970s Murray]- RCC. Girl.
       Jackson Hole Star-Tribune, By TOM MORTON, Saturday, November 08, 2008
       WYOMING -- A priest who pleaded guilty to indecent liberties with a female minor in Casper in the 1970s has been sued along with the Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne for covering up the abuse, according to a lawsuit filed in Natrona County District Court this week.
       "Defendant Diocese knew and/or had reason to know of the sexual misconduct of Father (John) Murray against prior minor victims," according to the complaint filed by the victim's attorney Robert Reese of Green River. Reese declined further comment.
       The Diocese of Cheyenne covers the state of Wyoming and includes about 50,000 Catholics.

    Leader of Project Truth takes the stand starting Monday

      - General community.  
       Standard-Freeholder, By TREVOR PRITCHARD, ~ November 08, 2008
       CANADA -- The Cornwall Public Inquiry is set to begin hearing the inside scoop on the Ontario Provincial Police's four-year probe into allegations a pedophile ring existed in the city.
       Retired Det. Insp. Tim Smith, who led the OPP's Project Truth team, is one of two witnesses scheduled to take the stand when hearings resume Monday.
       Smith is the first Project Truth investigator to testify at the inquiry, which is exploring how institutions like the OPP handled allegations of historical sexual abuse. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 8, 2008 7:33 AM]

    Manual to be released

      [Sylvestre] - RCC. 47 girls.
       Chatham Daily News, ~ November 08, 2008
       CANADA -- A long-awaited manual, the goal of survivors of a pedophile priest, will be released Nov. 14 at a public event.
       The guide, called From Isolation to Action -- Child Sexual Abuse by Clergy: Managing a Major Case R. vs Sylvestre, is aimed at preventing child sexual abuse by clergy.
       Its development was a goal of the 47 women whose court case against Catholic priest Charles Sylvestre made national headlines.
       The manual is a culmination of the work of a joint committee made up of representatives from government, adult survivors of abuse by Sylvestre, the Catholic Diocese of London and community organizations. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 8, 2008 7:29 AM]
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Sat November 08, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Sun November 09, 2008 edition:

    Catholic school teacher arrested

      [~ 2000s Mr Hong / Luong -NEW*] - RCC. 4 children (8-10).  
       San Francisco Chronicle 21:35, November 7, 2008
       GARDEN GROVE (CA), (AP) -- A part-time teacher at two Orange County Catholic schools is accused of molesting children.
       Garden Grove police say 52-year-old Hong Luong was arrested Friday after at least four students between 8 and 10 years old claimed he touched them inappropriately.
       Hong is a music and choir teacher at St. Callistus and St. Columban's Catholic schools as well as a tutor at the Paramount Learning Center. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 9, 2008 4:25 PM]

    Treasurer stole church funds

      [6yrs Ms Radigan - ? NEW*] - RCC. < US $300,000.
       WIVB, by Lorey Schultz, ~ November 09, 2008
       BUFFALO (NY) – She stole from a church - and now she's paying the price. News 4 was there - as a former church bookkeeper appeared for sentencing.
       "You owe every penny back" Once again, Judge William Boller let Bonnie Radigan know how serious he takes this case. "Ma'am, I'm here for justice, not to help you and when I think of the victims. I don't think of your employer but all the parishioners that each Sunday wrote a check out thinking they were helping the needy, poor or the church."
       Radigan is the former bookkeeper who pocketed nearly 300 thousand dollars over a six year period from St. Andrew Church in Kenmore. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 9, 2008 8:05 AM]

    Group calls for Cardinal George to resign

      - RCC.
       Chicago Breaking News, 5:17 PM, November 9, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) – On the eve of the annual meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) today called for Chicago's Cardinal Francis George to resign as the organization's president.
       "You continue to put your own reputation and comfort above the safety and well-being of your flock," SNAP told George in a letter that the group said it faxed and e-mailed to the archdiocese of Chicago today.
       A spokesman for George said the archdiocese had not received the letter and so could not comment. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 9, 2008 9:15 PM]

    Priest could face more charges over Bathurst school sex scandal

      [1970s-80s - Fr Peter Dwyer*, Fr Brian Spillane*, Fr John Gaven*, Bro. Murray Wilson*, Fr Guy Hartcher*, Mr Stephen Wade* (mainly Vincentians)] - RCC - St Stanislaus' College (Bathurst), All Saints College (Bathurst). 13-40 Boys.    
       LIVENEWS, by Emily Smith, for November 10, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- More than a dozen friends and family of a former school priest accused of assaulting young boys have surrounded him after hearing he could be slapped with more offences.
       As Peter Dwyer walked out of the courthouse, his supporters gathered around him, some putting their hands up at television cameras, asking reporters 'what is this trial by media?'
       Dwyer is one of three men accused of sexually abusing boys at the exclusive St Stanislaus' College, during the 1970s and 80s. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 9, 2008 9:12 PM]

    Ex-teacher faces more child sex charges

      [1970s-80s - Fr Peter Dwyer*, Fr Brian Spillane*, Fr John Gaven*, Bro. Murray Wilson*, Fr Guy Hartcher*, Mr Stephen Wade* (mainly Vincentians)] - RCC - St Stanislaus' College (Bathurst), All Saints College (Bathurst). 13-40 Boys.
       Sydney Morning Herald, by Jonathan Dart, 10:20AM, November 10, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- Alleged pedophile and former Bathurst schoolteacher Peter Dwyer faces more charges.
       The court case against the former St Stanislaus' College teacher has been adjourned so police can gather more evidence.
       He faced a packed Bathurst District Court today charged with four child sex offences dating back to his tenure as school president in the early 1980s.
       The prosecutor, Beth Walker, asked the court for an adjournment until December 22, with police still gathering evidence for possible further charges.

    More charges expected over Bathurst school abuse

      [1970s-80s - Fr Peter Dwyer*, Fr Brian Spillane*, Fr John Gaven*, Bro. Murray Wilson*, Fr Guy Hartcher*, Mr Stephen Wade* (mainly Vincentians)] - RCC - St Stanislaus' College (Bathurst), All Saints College (Bathurst). 13-40 Boys.
       ABC News, November 10, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- More charges are expected to be laid against one of three men accused of sexually abusing boys at a prestigious Catholic boarding school in central western New South Wales.
       The trio has pleaded not guilty to a total of 128 charges.
       Armidale priest and former principal Peter William Dwyer appeared in the Bathurst Local Court this morning on four charges of sexual abuse dating back to the 1970s and 80s, when he taught at Saint Stanislaus College in Bathurst.
       But in court today, the prosecutor asked for an adjournment for police to fully investigate new claims by one of the alleged victims.

    The Pre-Game Show

      - RCC.  
       Whispers in the Loggia, ~ November 09, 2008
       BALTIMORE (MD) -- And so it begins….
       Greetings from The Circus, gang. Story of the Moment: first It was on… then It was off… and now, so it seems, It's on.
       Good gibbets.
       Things may not officially rev up 'til early tomorrow -- at least, in terms of the Plenary itself; committees have been meeting all weekend -- but in the meantime the standard protest drum-beat's begun outside the hotel doors.
       Demonstrations are part and parcel of the week. Nothing in enormous numbers, but enough that you know to expect 'em.
       Beyond the lead brigade of survivor advocates -- usually joined by the anti-war crowd -- this year'll bring a new element: from the folks who brought us a bishop saying "Hussein," hard-core pro-lifers'll don Obama masks outside later today and tomorrow, holding signs saying "Thank you for your silence!"
       Er… silence?
       And, of course, as no November Meeting would be complete without a memorable opening salvo from SNAP, earlier in the day the lead victims' lobby kept to form… this time calling for the resignation of the conference president.

    Statement about tonight's vigil in Baltimore on the eve of the US Catholic Bishops conference.

      [Card. George] - RCC.
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, Statement by Frank Dingle 410 744 2398 home, 443 996 8994 cell; ~ November 09, 2008
       BALTIMORE (MD) -- We're here tonight for three reasons.
       The first is because of a recently complicit Cardinal, a Cardinal who heads the US bishops conference.
       The second is because of a recently criminal priest, a priest who fathered kids and then molested them.
       The third is because of our mission: to heal the wounded and protect the vulnerable.
       1. We're asking Cardinal Francis George of Chicago to step aside as president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. His track record on clergy sex crimes and cover ups has been markedly worse than that of his colleagues. But it is his very recent misdeeds that lead us to make this request.
       In particular, we are concerned about his continuing duplicity and recklessness regarding Fr. Kenneth J. Martin, who taught and molested at a Catholic school in Baltimore's suburbs. These aren't allegations. They are facts. Martin pled guilty to criminal charges of sexually assaulting a boy for three years. Even now, six years after promising to be open and transparent about clergy sex crimes, George secretly keeps.

    SNAP: Cardinal George Should 'Step Down'

       My Fox Chicago, ~ November 09, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) sent a letter to Cardinal Francis George Sunday asking for his resignation as president of America's bishops for allegedly ignoring years of sexual abuse within the church and allowing a convicted sex offender to work for Chicago's archdiocese.
       Chicago's Cardinal Francis George is slated to appear at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Monday in Baltimore, according to the conference website. The cardinal is president of the bishop's conference, which will bring more than 200 bishops from across the country to Baltimore. SNAP wants him to resign from his post.
       According to a release from SNAP issued Sunday, George is "deceptively and recklessly letting a convicted predator priest pal work for and in the archdiocese, violating his specific, public promise to the contrary and the church's national sex abuse policy," SNAP founder and Chicagoan Barbara Blaine said in a statement.

    Sex abuse victims seek resignation of Cardinal Francis George as head of US Bishops

       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests ~ November 09, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- Because of recent disclosures about "several pedophile priests and corrupt supervisors" in his archdiocese, clergy sex abuse victims are asking Chicago's Cardinal Francis George to resign as head of the US bishops' conference. The request comes on the eve of the annual meeting of America's 200+ bishops in Baltimore.
       Leaders of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests ( are urging George to step down "for the good of the church, both locally and nationally" because of "several new child sex crime and cover ups," including one involving Fr. Kenneth J. Martin, a personal friend of the Cardinal's.
       "George is deceptively and recklessly letting a convicted predator priest pal work for and in the archdiocese, violating his specific, public promise to the contrary and the church's national sex abuse policy," said Barbara Blaine of Chicago, SNAP's founder and president. "Short of making this predator a pastor, it's hard to imagine a more dangerous and deceitful move George could make."
       Last month, Chicago news media disclosed that Martin was still working for an archdiocesan agency with offices next to a Catholic school. In 2003, news accounts revealed that Martin was living in the Cardinal's mansion and working for the archdiocese on a part time basis. Just two years before, Martin was convicted of molesting a boy in Baltimore for three years.

    Mass Protests

       Gambit Weekly, By Jason Berry (exposé author), ~ November 09, 2008
       NEW ORLEANS (LA) -- It takes an iron will to spurn $300,000 pledged to preserve a church on the National Register of Historic Places, but Archbishop Alfred Hughes is firm in his plan to shrink the Archdiocese of New Orleans' footprint. Hughes' decision to turn back the money, along with minutes of closed meetings the archbishop held with local Catholic clergy, cast new light on last week's move by members of two shuttered parishes to occupy their churches in a 24/7 protest vigil.
       On Sept. 29, in an effort to stave off her parish's announced suppression (canon law for closure), Our Lady of Good Counsel parish president Barbara Fortier wrote Hughes with news that a benefactor had offered "an initial deposit in the neighborhood of $100,000" for an endowment if the parish remained open.
       'We feel confident that we can raise an additional $200,000 in cash by the end of the year," said Fortier, adding she had donors in the $10,000 to $20,000 range poised to contribute.
       The initial donation would eliminate the parish's debt to the archdiocese, accumulated over years past, while the prospective additional funds would give the church a $200,000 endowment.

    Catholic priests can marry, says leading bishop

       Newspost (India), Nov 9, 2008
       LONDON, United Kingdom (ANI): Priests should be allowed to marry, according to a leading candidate to become the next head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.
       The Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon, Bishop of Nottingham, said that there is no doctrinal reason preventing them from getting married.
       For centuries, Roman Catholic priests have been required to take a vow of celibacy, but Bishop McMahon argued that this now seemed unfair following the influx of married Anglican clergy.

    Mother of clergy abuse victim urging Morlino to stop predator priest book tour

       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests ~ November 09, 2008
       JANESVILLE (WI) – WHAT -- Nancy Arnold, a mother of a boy sexually assaulted by Fr. Gerald Vosen at St. John Vianney parish in Janesville, will join victims of childhood sexual abuse by clergy to flyer parishioners Sunday. They will be urging congregants to contact Bishop Robert Morlino to stop Vosen's book and publicity tour. Vosen was removed from ministry by the Vatican for child abuse. He will be holding a book signing after masses on Sunday a block from the church.
       WHERE -- St. John Vianney Catholic Church, 1250 Racine Street, Janesville
       WHEN -- Sunday, Nov. 9. Flyering will begin at approximately 10:30-10:45 a.m., after the 9:45 service
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Sun November 09, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Mon November 10, 2008 edition:

    Romanian man admits killing Córdoba priest but says he did so when the priest demanded oral sex

      [2007 July - Mr Tudose -NEW*] - ? RCC. Fr Pérez requested sex, was killed.    
       Typically Spanish, ~ November 10, 2008
       SPAIN -- Vasile Tudose, the Romanian man accused of the murder of the priest in the Córdoba municipality of Villafranca has said that the priest forced him to perform oral sex on him.
       The accused was staying in the priest Tomás Pérez's home at the time as a labourer, and claimed the priest gave him his board and 1,500 € a month for his work and also to have sex with him. But one day the Romanian told the court he had had enough of sex with the priest and refused his requests. He admitted in court that he then killed the priest by hitting him repeatedly with a radiator.
       The aggressor says he was only defending himself from a 'physical and moral aggression', and it was not his intention to kill the 75 year old priest, but he had been drinking beforehand on the day concerned in July last year. He has also asked for forgiveness from the priest's family.

    Abuse survivors group slams George

      [Card. George] - RCC.  
       Chicago Tribune, By Jeff Long | November 10, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- On the eve of the annual meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) on Sunday called for Chicago's Cardinal Francis George to resign as the organization's president.
       "You continue to put your own reputation and comfort above the safety and well-being of your flock," SNAP told George in a letter that the group said it faxed and e-mailed to the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago on Sunday.
       A spokesman for George said the archdiocese had not received the letter and so could not comment. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 10, 2008 7:38 AM]

    Clergy sex abuse victims want action on ten predatory bishops

      [10 bishops] - RCC.
       Voice from the Desert ~ November 10, 2008
       BALTIMORE (MD) – WHAT -- At a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will call on
       – ten dioceses to investigate child sex abuse allegations against current and former bishops, &
       – the US bishops conference to create a new panel to probe sex charges against bishops
       They will also
       – release a list of suspended pedophile priests who've recently gone on to commit more crimes, largely because church officials refuse to provide them with supervision and/or treatment &
       – repeat their public call, issued yesterday, to the head of the US bishops conference to resign because of recent abuse and cover up cases and disclosures in his archdiocese (including his secret decision to keep a convicted predator priest on his payroll even now).
       WHEN -- TODAY, Monday, Nov. 10, 2:30 p.m.
       WHERE -- Outside the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, where hundreds of America 's Catholic bishops are meeting this week ( 700 Aliceanna Street , 410-385-3000)

    Bless you Father, for you have sinned

      [Years - Bp Soens] - RCC. 31 males.
       WQAD, by Jim Albracht, ~ November 10, 2008
       IOWA -- With the media in Election Day overdrive, it was easy to miss the results of last week's sexual abuse hearings involving several Catholic priests with local ties. So, let's get it out in the public daylight, where it belongs.
       Apart from providing compensation for the victims, the Church has to officially determine what accusations were credible and which ones were more of the Witch-hunt variety. This is done through Review Boards or by Special Trial if a member of the clergy thinks he's been judged unfairly.
       In the case of retired Bishop Lawrence Soens, who had previously spent time in Clinton, the Church said guilty as charged. Soens maintains his innocence, despite that 31 men said he took theirs. 31!

    Priest jailed for sexual abuse of two girls

      [1983-85, 1992-95 Reis*] - RCC. Prison. 2 girls.      
       The Chronicle, http://www. thechronicle. 2008/11/10/ priest-jailed- for-sexual- abuse-of- two-girls ; November 10, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- A CATHOLIC priest who worked at Downlands College has been jailed for sexually abusing two young girls.
       Michael Francis Reis, 66, pleaded guilty to seven counts of indecent treatment of girls under 16 in Brisbane's District Court last week.
       The abuse occurred in Brisbane between 1983 and 1985 and in Caboolture from 1992 to 1995.
       Reis had formerly worked at Toowoomba's Downlands College and Monivae College in Victoria.
       [CONTACT: Downlands College Ltd, 72 Ruthen St, Toowoomba, Qld, 4350, Australia; Tel 07 4638 2609]

    More charges expected over Bathurst school abuse

      [1970s-80s - Fr Peter Dwyer*, Fr Brian Spillane*, Fr John Gaven*, Bro. Murray Wilson*, Fr Guy Hartcher*, Mr Stephen Wade* (mainly Vincentians)] - RCC - St Stanislaus' College (Bathurst), All Saints College (Bathurst). 13-40 Boys.    
       ABC Central West NSW, November 10, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- More charges are expected to be laid against one of three men accused of sexually abusing boys at a prestigious Catholic boarding school in central western New South Wales.
       The trio has pleaded not guilty to a total of 128 charges.
       Armidale priest and former principal Peter William Dwyer appeared in the Bathurst Local Court this morning on four charges of sexual abuse dating back to the 1970s and 80s, when he taught at Saint Stanislaus College in Bathurst.

    Scandals trigger tests for seminarians

      - RCC.  
       Manila Standard, By Arlie Calalo, ~ November 10, 2008
       PHILIPPINES -- THE Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines has affirmed the need to administer psychological tests for candidates to priesthood in the wake of damaging clerical scandals around the world.
       Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, the CBCP president, said it was imperative for seminary candidates to undergo such tests to avoid qualms in their ability to live a celibate life before they are ordained.
       The Vatican last week issued new psychological screening guidelines for seminarians around the world. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 10, 2008 7:19 AM]

    Catholic reform group urges parishioners to withhold donations

      - RCC.  
       Los Angeles Times, By Duke Helfand, for November 11, 2008
       LOS ANGELES (CA) -- A new Roman Catholic reform group on Monday called for Catholic parishioners nationwide to withhold church donations on Sunday to protest what it called the failure of religious leaders to protect children against clergy sexual abuse.
       A leader of the organization Send the Bishops a Message said that holding back contributions would allow lay members to vent their frustration over a scandal that has cost the Roman Catholic Church in this country more than $2 billion in legal settlements.
       "We're trying in a very small way to empower the laity to realize that they do have power to change this church," Frank Douglas, the group's national director, said at a news conference outside the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles. …
       Tod Tamberg, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, called the initiative "a very bad idea" that would harm efforts to assist the growing ranks of the needy. Churches, he said, use donations to provide shelter, food and other services. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 9:04 PM -->

    Bishops investigate ACORN, some parishioners squirrel away funds

       Chicago Tribune, ~ November 10, 2008
       UNITED STATES -- Roman Catholic parishioners will be asked to put a second donation in the collection plate on Nov. 23 to support the Catholic Campaign on Human Development. But one group is urging parishioners to hold on to their pocketbooks.
       Meanwhile, the Catholic bishops are exploring whether they should do the same. They fear that more than $1 million in grant money awarded to ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, might have put the church's tax-exempt status in jeopardy after the group was accused by Republicans and others of voter fraud in 15 states. …
       Meanwhile, another group is asking parishioners to withhold their money from the collection plate starting this Sunday. A coalition of Catholic reform groups urged fellow parishioners to withhold financial donations and "send the bishops a message that irresponsibility and secrecy will no longer be tolerated."

    Bishops Asked To Respond To Abuse Victims

       WJZ, with video, Pat Warren reporting, ~ November 10, 2008
       BALTIMORE (MD), (WJZ) – Catholic bishops meeting in Baltimore this week are called to respond to the concerns of the survivor's network of those abused by priests. Pat Warren reports the organization known as "SNAP" wants a new national panel to investigate charges of sexual abuse lodged against bishops.
       Gathering outside the meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, members and supporters of the Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests, SNAP, are asking for a change in the way sex charges are handled by the Catholic church.
       Theirs is a familiar voice in Maryland.
       In 2006, SNAP members were active during the sentencing of Father Jerome Toohey, who admitted to molesting Thomas Roberts when he was a Calvert Hall high school student.

    O'Donnell agrees to pay victims $5M

       Seattle Post-Intelligencer, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, ~ November 10, 2008
       SPOKANE, Wash. -- The former Catholic priest involved in many of the child sex abuse allegations in Spokane has agreed to pay his victims $5 million in order to avoid a trial that was scheduled this week.
       The catch is that Patrick O'Donnell doesn't have the money and his victims may never be paid.

    Archdiocese prepares for return to court

       Catholic Herald October 28, 2008
       Fraud alleged by abuse victims in seven cases
       MILWAUKEE (WI) -- The Archdiocese of Milwaukee will find itself in court again next spring or summer to defend itself against claims of fraud in seven lawsuits. The lawsuits, made by nine claimants, allege sexual abuse by four priests, decades ago, during the 1960s and 1970s.
       The filing of these suits stems from a July 11, 2007 Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that the archdiocese could be sued for fraud for placing priests in ministry when the archdiocese was aware of their history of abuse.
       Three of the four priests in these cases were priests of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Sigfried Widera and Lawrence Murphy are deceased; Franklyn Becker has been laicized. Bruce MacArthur, a priest of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, S.D., served for a short time in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

    SNAP calls upon Cardinal George to resign as USCCB president

      [Card. George]
       Catholic Culture November 10, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) yesterday called upon Cardinal Francis George to resign as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    About abusive bishops . . . statement by Becky Ianni, Virginia SNAP leader

       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests ~ November 10, 2008
       Statement by Becky Ianni of northern Virginia, Virginia director of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
       UNITED STATES -- However sporadically and imperfectly, at least some abusive priests have been defrocked or prosecuted, are being "monitored" or live in church run housing centers for pedophiles. Not enough, but at least some . . .
       To the best of our knowledge, little or none of this is happening with abusive bishops.
       No abusive bishops are being defrocked. Few disclose their whereabouts. Fewer still, we fear, are being monitored. Allegations against them are unresolved. No current church officials even claim to be taking responsibility for protecting kids from or warning adults about potentially dangerous predatory prelates And there are between 10 and 20 bishops who are proven, admitted or credibly accused abusive. Nine are deceased. The others walk free, however, mostly, we fear, in unsuspecting communities.

    Accused Predatory Bishops – a SNAP fact sheet - Nov. 2008

      [9 bishops] - RCC.
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests; Accused Predatory Bishops – a SNAP fact sheet - Nov. 2008; ~ November 10, 2008
       UNITED STATES -- We're particularly concerned about Gelineau (Providence RI), Hart (Cheyenne WY), O'Connell (Palm Beach FL), Rueger (Worcester MA), Ryan (Springfield IL), Skylstad (Spokane WA), Symons (Palm Beach FL), Williams (Lexington KY), and Zieman (Santa Rosa CA). The reasons are several but include at least one or more of the following:
       - their whereabouts are unknown (Dupre, Williams)
       - they've not addressed the allegations (Williams, Gelineau, Hart)
       - they resigned just before allegations against them surfaced (Ryan, Dupre, Symons)

    Judge to hear case on priest's records

       The Leader-Herald By KERRY McAVOY / POSTED: November 10, 2008
       SYRACUSE (NY) -- Attorney John Aretakis was to appear in state Supreme Court in Onondaga County this morning seeking files on a priest accused of sexual abuse in Montgomery County.
       In a news release, Aretakis said his lawsuit seeking access to the records would be heard by Justice Brian DeJoseph at 10 a.m. Aretakis is representing a family of four boys who say they were molested by the Rev. John W. Broderick. The attorney has a long history of lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany and other church organizations on behalf of people who claim to have been abused by priests.
       The priest has been charged with three counts of engaging in two or more sexual acts with children younger than 11 years old and one count of giving alcohol to a minor.

    Law Blog Round-up, 11/10/08

      [2001 Cristancho*] - RCC. Woman (in vitro fertilisation). Molested 2 children.    
       On the Record, ~ November 10, 2008
       MARYLAND -- Hello! Here are some law-related stories and posts to check out today:
       For the second year in a row, DLA Piper is the largest law firm in the country.
       The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests isn't buying Fernando Cristancho's contention that the woman who gave birth to his triplets concocted sex abuse allegations against Cristancho so she could get custody.

    St Stanislaus priest Brian Spillane to face more sex charges

      [1970s-80s - Fr Peter Dwyer*, Fr Brian Spillane*, Fr John Gaven*, Bro. Murray Wilson*, Fr Guy Hartcher*, Mr Stephen Wade* (mainly Vincentians)] - RCC - St Stanislaus' College (Bathurst), All Saints College (Bathurst). 13-40 Boys.    
       Daily Telegraph, By David Barrett and Gemma Jones, November 11, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- POLICE are to lay more charges against a priest from a Bathurst school as two other former staff facing child sex charges had their case controversially moved to Sydney.
       Former St Stanislaus chaplain Brian Spillane, 65, former president Priest Peter Dwyer, 65 and former vice president Brother John Gaven, 66 are facing 125 charges.
       Bathurst Local Court yesterday heard Dwyer, who is facing four charges, is likely to be charged with more offences within weeks.

    SNAP wants cardinal to quit post

      [Card. George] - RCC.  
       Chicago Sun-Times, November 10, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests sent a letter to Cardinal Francis George on Sunday asking for his resignation as president of America's bishops for allegedly ignoring years of sexual abuse within the church and allowing a convicted sex offender to work for Chicago's archdiocese.
       George is to appear at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops today in Baltimore, according to the conference Web site.

    Priest's allies slam 'trial by media'

      [1970s-80s - Fr Peter Dwyer*, Fr Brian Spillane*, Fr John Gaven*, Bro. Murray Wilson*, Fr Guy Hartcher*, Mr Stephen Wade* (mainly Vincentians)] - RCC - St Stanislaus' College (Bathurst), All Saints College (Bathurst). 13-40 Boys.    
       Sydney Morning Herald, by Jonathan Dart, November 11, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- AS VINCENTIAN priest Peter Dywer emerged from Bathurst District Court yesterday, he was surrounded by about 20 people to shield him from the waiting media and bemused onlookers.
       The former teacher and college president of Bathurst's exclusive boarding school, St Stanislaus College, faces more child sex charges, with prosecutors seeking an adjournment in his case until next month for further evidence to be gathered.
       Dwyer, 65, was arrested in September and charged with four child sex assaults against a single complainant, believed to be a former student whom he taught in the early 1980s.

    Report into abuse by clergy on hold again

      - RCC.  
       Clerical Whispers ~ November 10, 2008
       IRELAND -- The long-awaited report into the handling of complaints of child sexual abuse against clergy in the Dublin Archdiocese which was due to be published in September, has been delayed again and will not now be ready until the end of January 2009.
       The Sunday Tribune understands that, while he has the power to do so, Justice minister Dermot Ahern has not ordered the Commission of Investigation into the Dublin Archdiocese to extend its investigation to other Catholic dioceses.
       It had been speculated that the commission, which is chaired by circuit court judge Yvonne Murphy, would extend its investigations beyond Dublin. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 9:16 AM]
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Mon November 10, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Tue November 11, 2008 edition:

    31 allegations against Bishop of Sioux City, a pedophile who preyed on young boys, though the Iowa diocese does its best to hide the story

      [Bp Soens*] - RCC. 31 male victims.  
       City of Angels, By Kay Ebeling, ~ November 11, 2008
       IOWA -- "31?  Did you say 31?"
       "Uh-huh, there are 31 credible accusations against Soens," Janet Clark said, so I went to the Davenport Iowa Catholic diocese website and there it was … "Acused by 31 male minors."
       The November 3, 2008, press release barely mentions retired bishop Lawrence Soens (pictured at left). Instead the diocese headline reads: "Msgr. Drake Shafer found not guilty of abuse," with a nice little bio of the one monsignor who was found Not Guilty in the recent diocese review board report. You have to go to the Amended List of Accused Priest Assignments at the home page and then go down to the middle of page 2 in the middle of a chart to find out about the midwestern bishop: "Lawrence Soens: Accused by 31 male minors."
       "The Review Board found that certain allegations of sexual abuse against Retired Bishop Lawrence Soens are credible," reads a paragraph in the middle of the previous page of the pdf file and continues: "Then-Father Soens was accused of sexually abusing students at Iowa City Regina High School in the 1950's and 1960's when he was its Principal. He was also accused of sexually abusing a male minor when he was rector of St. Ambrose Seminary. The Review Board did not review all of the allegations against him because some claimants did not want their claims reviewed by the Board."
       That paragraph makes it appear there was maybe one more allegation at Iowa Regina High School, and then one more from St. Ambrose Seminary. Then the news release about the review board report came out on November 3rd when almost everyone in the United States was focused on the presidential election. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 9:32 PM]

    Former Vianney Staffer Wants Father Osborne Away from Kids

       KMOX, audio presentation, Kevin Killeen Reporting, , ~ November 11, 2008
       MISSOURI -- Former Public Relations Coordinator Linda Briggs-Harty says it's wrong for once-accused priest to be saying Mass at St. Peters in Kirkwood…

    Psychology and Seminarians

      - RCC.
       Zenit, By Karna Swanson, NOV. 11, 2008
       ARLINGTON, Virginia, ( Although the use of psychology in seminaries is not new, a recent document on the topic could help to clarify both its role and usefulness in houses of formation, says psychologist Frank Moncher.
       Moncher, who received his doctorate from the University of South Carolina, is an associate professor and director of the doctoral program at the Arlington-based Institute for the Psychological Sciences. He also oversees assessment of candidates for religious life for the Alpha Omega Clinic in the D.C. area.
       In this interview with ZENIT, Moncher discusses the document released Oct. 30 by the Congregation for Catholic Education: "Guidelines for the Use of Psychology in the Admission and Formation of Candidates for the Priesthood."

    Hate Pedo-Priests, Catholics? Then Don't Tithe This Sunday

      - RCC. Don't give gifts for paedophiles.
       Orange County Weekly, Posted by Gustavo Arellano in Ex Cathedra, 2:27 PM, November 11, 2008
       UNITED STATES -- Had lunch at Norm's in SanTana yesterday with Tucson resident. Frank Douglas, who writes Voice from the Desert, a blog regarding the Catholic Church's sex-abuse scandal. He was in Southern California to hold a press conference regarding a new effort by the faithful to get the Church hierarchy out of the Medieval Ages and into the present: Send the Bishops a Message, which urges Catholics to not tithe this Sunday as a way of expressing their furor in having to bail out dioceses across the country for their pedo-protecting ways.

    Pastor faces kidnapping charges in molestation case

      [2008, May - Wilson] - Baptist. Girl (16).
       Monitor-Index, By Janet Morales, 01:45 PM CST, Tue Nov 11, 2008
       MOBERLY (MO) -- James M. Wilson, pastor of Terrill Road Free Will Baptist Church, has been charged with felony kidnapping in connection with a May incident in Boone County that led to his arrest for child molestation.
       Wilson, who is also principal of the Terrill Road Christian School, was charged October 9 with second degree child molestation involving a 16-year-old female student of the school.
       The incident allegedly occurred May 6 when, according to a Columbia Police probable cause statement, the girl's mother dropped her off at a gas station near the Christian school in Moberly and she waited there for Pastor Wilson. Wilson allegedly picked her up around 8 a.m. and drove her to the Motel 6 in Columbia. The girl stated she and Wilson sat on a large bed in the hotel and watched cartoons.
       She said, according to the statement, that Wilson threw her onto the bed, took off her shirt and began to fondle her breasts. When the girl protested, saying they shouldn't be doing it because he was married, Wilson stopped touching her and apologized. The two then returned to Moberly where Wilson dropped the girl off at the gas station at about 10:30 a.m.

    Church: Marriages by defrocked priest are invalid

      - RCC.  
       The Associated Press, ~ November 11, 2008
       SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) – Brazil's Roman Catholic Church says it won't recognize more than 400 marriages performed over the past 20 years by a defrocked priest.
       The archdiocese of the city of Goiania says in a statement that Osiel Luiz dos Santos was forbidden to perform priestly duties when he got married in 1988.
       [COMMENT: The priest/bishop shall be the husband of one wife.  Read Timothy and Titus (disputed scriptures). ENDS]

    Roy Bourgeois threatened with excommunication

      - RCC.  
       National Catholic Reporter, Published: November 11, 2008
       UNITED STATES -- Maryknoll Fr. Roy Bourgeois has been threatened with excommunication by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith for his support of women's ordination, according to a letter made public today.
       The letter is from Bourgeois and addressed to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. It was distributed via an e-mail from Bill Quigley, a New Orleans lawyer who represents Bourgeois.
       According to Bourgeois' letter, which is dated Nov. 7, the congregation has given the priest 30 days to recant his "belief and public statements that support the ordination of women in our Church, or (he) will be excommunicated." The letter indicates that Bourgeois received notification from the congregation Oct. 21.

    O.C. Catholic school teacher accused of molestation

      [~ 2000s Mr Hong/Luong*] - RCC. 4 children (8-10).
       The Orange County Register, By CAMERON BIRD, ~ November 11, 2008
       GARDEN GROVE (CA) – A tutor and part-time teacher was arrested Friday after police said that at least four students accused him of touching them inappropriately.
       Garden Grove police say 52-year-old Hong T. Luong, who teaches music and choir at St. Callistus and St. Columban's Catholic schools and tutors at Paramount Learning Center, is accused of lewd conduct with children.
       Three 8- to 10-year-old girls from the tutoring center reported early last month that Huong [?] had touched them inappropriately, according to police. The investigation later expanded to include the Catholic schools when a student from St. Callistus approached authorities about a similar incident at an after-school event.

    A Little History on the New Vatican Guidelines …

       Patrick J. Wall: Clergy Abuse and the Catholic Church; November 11, 2008
       "The Catholic Church in North America possesses the greatest databank of evaluation and treatment of non-incarcerated pedophiles on the continent. That data should be analyzed scientifically and shared with others studying the problem." -- Reverend Canice Connors OFM 1993; Quoted in the Milwaukee Journal
       UNITED STATES -- The Catholic Church has propounded the myth that it was the single institution that preserved culture and learning when western civilization fell into the dark ages. With the recent release of the Vatican guidelines for the use of psychology in the training of priest candidates, the Vatican has once again attained vagueness and deception in an attempt to prove that they alone have ability to police their predator priests.
       What the Holy See is not telling us is that the Roman Catholic Church has the longest history and largest library on the causes, treatment, and prevention of childhood sexual abuse in the world. The problem is that they don't listen to their own advice and adhere to their own rules.

    Catholic Priests Continue to Sexually Abuse Children

      - RCC.
       Ethics Soup, ~ November 11, 2008
       never ends -- Catholic priests keep sexually abusing children. I don't believe most people are aware of the extent to which the abuse continues. I think most of us, particularly non-Catholics, think that it's pretty much over, since the height of the sex scandal was in 2002.
       Now that the Catholic Church is aware (although many say the Church was always aware -- after all it moved abusing priests from diocese to diocese once they were caught), it has to have done what was necessary -- investigating, defrocking, suspending and ordering administrative leaves and paying out $100's of millions in settlements to victims. Oh, occasionally local news reports may appear about a local priest abusing children. But that's rare, we think. How wrong we are!
       A week ago Ethic Soup reported "Priests Face Psychological Tests: Vatican Claims It Wants Gays Out of Priesthood," which you may read here. We decided a follow-up was warranted and searched the national newspapers and international news sites. You're in for a shock. [Then follows a few newsitems from various continents, collected during a week.]

    Catholic group calls for withholding offerings once a month due to handling of clergy sex abuse scandal

       KPCC ~ November 11, 2008
       CALIFORNIA -- A small group of Roman Catholics called "Send the Bishops a Message" wants to do just that. KPCC's Brian Watt explains that the new organization plans to employ the power of the purse.
       Brian Watt: The group accuses the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church of failing to protect children from clergy sexual abuse – and of continuing to cover it up. Frank Douglas, a spokesman for the group, called on all parishioners to hang onto their financial contributions once a month on designated "Withholding Sundays."
       Frank Douglas: They can send a message by doing nothing. All they have to do is pass the collection plate to the next guy without putting anything in. It's the perfect Catholic passive resistance activity.

    Five more diocese priests face sex abuse allegations

      [Decades - 140 priests in diocese] - RCC.  
       Irish Examiner, By Caroline O'Doherty, ~ November 11, 2008
       IRELAND -- FIVE more priests are facing allegations of child sex abuse in the country's largest Catholic diocese following complaints against them in the past 18 months.
       They bring to 140 the number of priests who have been accused of sex abuse in the Dublin diocese.
       A further 12 have been under suspicion but there are no formal allegations against them.

    Kneeling Before the World

      [2/3 of bishops] - RCC.
       InsideCatholic, by John Zmirak, November/11/08
       Last week, I interrupted my series of reflections on the Seven Deadly Sins to accommodate the elections. Let's hope that my dire predictions turn out to be alarmist, even hysterical.
       Much as I'd like to jump right back on the horse, and ride through the happy fields of Greed, or among Envy's icy crags, I think it's fitting to spend this week reflecting on where American Catholics are and how we got here: a gray, intermediate place halfway between the exercise of power and the pressure of persecution. It's called Irrelevance. It feels like a straight jacket and smells like formaldehyde, and we'll be thrashing around inside it for years to come. Let us use that empty time to clear our heads and get our story straight.
       Various writers here have wondered aloud why American Catholics seemed to care so little about the sanctity of life; why American bishops and priests, as a whole, were such unreliable allies. Those essays have offered cogent answers, but none was complete. My own diagnosis of the self-defeating Catholic liberalism that enfeebles even the orthodox failed to plumb its lowest depths.
       For that it took Philip Lawler, whose book The Faithful Departed is the most important work about the Church to appear in the last two decades -- since Anne Roche Muggeridge's sobering masterwork, The Desolate City. Lawler's book took enormous courage to write; its naming of names and relentless spade-calling of spades has made Lawler many enemies, and the book has been banned from the shelves of some Catholic bookstores. (From now on, when I visit such a store, I'm asking them about Lawler; if they won't sell his book, they'll lose my business.)
       What are they all so afraid of? The truth, it seems. Lawler points out that while less than five percent of American priests have been accused of sexual abuse, some two-thirds of our bishops were apparently complicit in cover-ups. The real scandal isn't the sick excesses of a few dozen pedophiles, or even the hundreds of priests who had affairs with teenage boys -- the bulk of abuse cases. No, according to Lawler, it is the malfeasance of wealthy, powerful, and evidently worldly men who fill the thrones -- but not the shoes -- of the apostles.

    State may ask Church for cash payment of €32m

      - RCC.  
       Irish Examiner, By Mary Regan, Political Reporter, ~ November 11, 2008
       IRELAND -- THE Catholic Church may be asked to make a cash payment of €32 million to the Government because it has so far failed to hand over property as agreed under the redress scheme to compensate victims of clerical sex abuse.
       The overall compensation package for abuse victims will cost €1.1 billion which is paid out by the Residential Institutions Redress Board set up six years ago.
       Under a controversial deal agreed back in 2002 the liability of religious orders is limited to €128m while the rest of the compensation is to be paid by taxpayers.

    "Whistleblower" & Victims' Group Challenge School & Church Officials

      - RCC.  
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, ~ November 11, 2008
       MISSOURI – What: At a sidewalk news conference, an ex-Vianney school official will
  • announce that she's starting an advertising effort to alert people about an accused predator priest, and
  • disclose that even after he resigned facing abuse allegations, the priest still roamed a Catholic high school unsupervised.
       Clergy sex abuse victims read a letter from a third victim of the priest who's come forward recently.
       They will also prod current archdiocesan, church and school officials to
  • prevent the priest from working in parishes or schools,
  • put him in a treatment center with other pedophile priests, or, at the very least
  • disclose where the priest is living now and warn his neighbors about him.
       When/Where: TODAY, Tuesday, Nov. 11
       At noon – outside St. Peter's Parish, 243 West Argonne Drive, in Kirkwood (966-8600)
       At 1:15 p.m. – outside the Marianist national headquarters, 4425 W. Pine, in the CWE

    10 Most Dangerous Pedophile Priests! Today in Baltimore!

      - RCC.
      Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, November 10, 2008
       BALTIMORE (MD) – WHAT -- At a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will
  • release a first-ever list of the "Ten Most Dangerous US Pedophile Priests," &
  • give copies of a 21 point brochure showing Catholics how they can support accused child molesting clergy WITHOUT intimidating or hurting victims, and
  • urge the US bishops conference to publish the brochure and teach parishioners how to respond appropriately and helpfully when their priest is accused of child sex crimes.
       WHEN -- TODAY, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 11:00 a.m.
       WHERE -- Outside the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, where hundreds of America's Catholic bishops are meeting this week (700 Aliceanna Street, 410-385-3000)

    Judge denies attorney priest's personnel records

      [Broderick] - RCC. 3 boys.
       Post-Standard, By Jim O'Hara, Tuesday, November 11, 2008
       SYRACUSE (NY) -- A judge Monday threw out a lawsuit seeking personnel records of a priest from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse who is accused of sexually molesting three young boys in Montgomery County.
       State Supreme Court Justice Brian DeJoseph agreed with lawyers for the diocese and other defendants that the lawsuit filed by lawyer John Aretakis was technically deficient because it failed to state a legitimate cause of action.
       Aretakis had been seeking records about the Rev. John W. Broderick from the Syracuse diocese; the Albany diocese; the Society of St. Pius X, based in Platte City, Mo.; the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, based in Elmhurst, Pa.; the Dominican Sisters of Idaho, which runs a school in Massena; the Franciscan Brothers; and the Rev. Timothy Pfeiffer, pastor of Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God Church, a St. Pius community in Syracuse.

    Ex-priest lawsuit appeal before MS Supreme Court

      [1998 Unnamed priest] - Christian.
       Biloxi Sun Herald, The Associated Press, ~ November 11, 2008
       JACKSON, Miss. -- The Mississippi Supreme Court will review a judge's dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Julie Hines, the former wife of ex-Gov. Ray Mabus, against a then-priest whom she had accused of taping her admission of an affair.
       The case is among dozens the Supreme Court will consider during the November-December term.
       Hines alleged Jerry McBride knew about and participated in the taping of a 1998 meeting between Julie and Ray Mabus in which Hines admitted to an affair. A Hinds County judge dismissed the lawsuit in 2006. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:35 AM]

    SNAP takes on Conference of Catholic Bishops

      - RCC.
       Examiner, By Andrew Cannarsa, November/10/08
       BALTIMORE (MD) -- A group of clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters gathered in Baltimore Monday to call for the resignation of the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, criticizing the conference's investigations of child sex abuses charges.
       "We're concerned for the safety of children and vulnerable adults," said Barbara Blaine, president and founder of Chicago-based support group Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP).
       Blaine, who said she was 12 when she was abused by clergy member in Chicago, and supporters called for Chicago's Cardinal Francis George to resign his leadership post with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Blaine spoke outside the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, where more than 200 bishops in the conference are holding their annual Fall General Assembly this week.

    The Bishop and the Millstone: Thomas Olmsted's Anti-Gay Hypocrisy and His Betrayal of Hispanic Children.

      - RCC.
       Phoenix New Times, by Stephen Lemons, ~ November 11, 2008
       ARIZONA -- Know what Jesus had to say about homosexuality? Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. It apparently was of no concern to him. Of course, he was always hanging out with this group of 12 righteous dudes, and he never married, according to scripture. Not that I mean to imply anything. Just that Jesus apparently preferred the company of men. At least most of the time.
       But when it came to the subjects of children and hypocrites, he had a lot to say. Of children, in Mark 9:42, Jesus told his disciples,
       "And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea."
       On the subject of hypocrites, lets just say there was no love lost between the Man from Galilee and these loathsome creatures, whom he compared to "whited sepulchers…full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness" (Matthew 23:27).
       This Bible school teachin' came back to me as I watched the above video of Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted encouraging his parishioners to vote for Prop 102, Arizona's constitutional gay marriage ban, which indeed passed this November 4, 55.37 to 44.63 percent.
       [DOCTRINE CHECK: Read the Epistle to the Romans 1:24-32, 1 Corinthians 7:2, and 1 Cor. 7:9. ENDS.]

    Catholic reform group urges parishioners to withhold donations

      - RCC.
       Los Angeles Times, By Duke Helfand, November 11, 2008
       LOS ANGELES (CA) -- A new Roman Catholic reform group on Monday called for Catholic parishioners nationwide to withhold church donations on Sunday to protest what it called the failure of religious leaders to protect children against clergy sexual abuse.
       A leader of the organization Send the Bishops a Message said that holding back contributions would allow lay members to vent their frustration over a scandal that has cost the Roman Catholic Church in this country more than $2 billion in legal settlements.
       "We're trying in a very small way to empower the laity to realize that they do have power to change this church," Frank Douglas, the group's national director, said at a news conference outside the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles.
       Tod Tamberg, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, called the initiative "a very bad idea" that would harm efforts to assist the growing ranks of the needy. Churches, he said, use donations to provide shelter, food and other services.

    Cardinal Francis George Of Chicago Asked To Step Down As President of U.S. Conference Of Catholic Bishops

      - RCC.
       AHN, AHN Staff, ~ November 11, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL), (AHN) -- The highest leader in the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the United States is being asked to resign for failing to address sexual abuse by priests and allowing a convicted sex offender to work for the Archdiocese of Chicago.
       According to FOX News Chicago, Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago received a letter Sunday from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) urging him to step down as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, a 200-member body comprising of bishops across the country.
       As president, George leads the proceeding of the bishop's conference held in Baltimore on Monday.

    Stannies case moved to Sydney

      [1970s-80s - Fr Peter Dwyer*, Fr Brian Spillane*, Fr John Gaven*, Bro. Murray Wilson*, Fr Guy Hartcher*, Mr Stephen Wade* (mainly Vincentians)] - RCC - St Stanislaus' College (Bathurst), All Saints College (Bathurst). 13-40 Boys.    
       CathNews, ~ November 11, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- Sex abuse cases against former St Stanislaus College staff, Vincentians Fr Peter Dwyer, Br John Gaven and Fr Brian Spillane have been adjourned with the men's lawyer Greg Walsh criticising what he described as "trial by media".
       The Sydney Morning Herald reports as Fr Dwyer emerged from Bathurst District Court yesterday, he was surrounded by about 20 people to shield him from the waiting media and bemused onlookers.

    Ex-priest wants perjury trial moved out of Scott County

       Quad-City Times, By Ann McGlynn | Monday, November 10, 2008
       IOWA -- An ex-priest charged with perjury wants his trial to be moved from Scott County.
       James Janssen, 85, is accused of lying to the court during his nephew's attempt to collect a $1.4 million civil judgment against Janssen for sexual abuse.
       Janssen's name and photo have been published "extensively" in the past five years, including 123 times in the Quad-City Times alone, attorney Michael McCarthy wrote.
       The publicity, he argued, "concerns a particularly inflammable matter, i.e., the sexual abuse of minors by priests in the Catholic Church over the last 50 years. The defendant has been the most prominent target of the accusations of sexual abuse." [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:57 AM]
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Tue November 11, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Wed November 12, 2008 edition:

    Priest Scratches Pupil, Calls Him Animal!

      [2008 Unnamed priest -NEW*] - ? RCC. Violence, abuse.  
       Javno, ~ November 12, 2008
       JOSIPOVAC, CROATIA – A 13-year-old D.T. returned home on Thursday with a scratched face and in tears. His mother first thought he was bullied by older pupils, but she was shocked when she heard her son was attacked by - a priest.
       The boy told her the priest made them kneel, but he objected it, because Sunday school was not held at church, but in a basement. The priest approached the boy, grabbed his face and started shaking him. When the boy wanted to go out, the priest shouted at him: "Get back, you animal!".

    The swinging 'Vicar of Dibley': Clergywoman kicked out over wife-swapping and drunkenness

      [~ 2000s Rev Teresa Davies -NEW*] - Church of England. Husband-swapping.  
       Mail, By Beth Hale, Andy Dolan and David Wilkes; Last updated at 10:09 AM on November 12, 2008
       UNITED KINGDOM -- From the moment she roared into the quiet village of Welton on her motorbike, the vicar caused quite a stir.
       Parishioners soon realised that she had a lust for life -- and many hoped she would use that to 'change perceptions of religion'.
       But unknown to her flock, the Reverend Teresa Davies was directing her passion towards other activities.
       The mother of two was a swinger, going on wife-swapping holidays with her husband Michael.

    Two members of a Vinton church charged with molesting children

      [? 2000s Mr Silverman -NEW*, Deacon Stone -NEW*] - Baptist. Children.  
       WDBJ, ~ November 12, 2008
       VINTON (VA) -- Two members of the same local church are charged with molesting children.
       Investigators tell News7 one man was an associate pastor, the other a deacon at Heritage Baptist Church in Vinton. But investigators point out that they don't think any of the abuse took place at the Vinton church.
       Daniel Silverman was arrested in September. Vinton police say the 42-year-old associate pastor is charged with the aggravated sexual battery of a 12-year-old.
       In Franklin County, Dean Harold Stone is charged with 24-counts of what the Commonwealth's Attorney calls "various sexual acts with minors." Charges include sodomy, and involve multiple victims.

    Alleged priest sex abuse

      [1998-2001 Bonin -NEW*] - RCC. Boy (9-12).
       News 10 Now, with video, ~ November 12, 2008
       WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. -- A former Watkins Glen man is suing the Catholic Diocese of Rochester and its bishop for alleged sexual abuse by a priest.
       After he filed the lawsuit Wednesday, the lawyer for Jason Hartley, 21, held a news conference in front of St. Mary of the Lake Church in Watkins Glen. He says a former priest there, Father David Bonin, abused Hartley over the course of three years, starting when Hartley was about 11. Bonin has since died, but Hartley's lawyer says Bishop Clark and the Rochester Diocese are also responsible for not doing enough to protect Hartley and others.
       "This behavior engaged in by the bishop and the diocese, their failure to act, to warn, to protect, affected children generally in this diocese. And we are encouraging all of the victims now to come forward," said John Hayes, a lawyer of Hartley.

    Second lawsuit filed against United Church minister

      [1970s, 1990s Tysick -? NEW*] - United Church of Canada. Teen girl.  
       The Vancouver Sun, by Thulasi Srikanthan, Canwest News Service, Published: Tuesday, November 11, 2008
       OTTAWA, CANADA -- A Carleton University instructor is the second woman to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against Rev. Allen Tysick, who was once described by Time magazine as one of Canada's heroes.
       Collett Tracey, 45, filed a $2.1-million claim Tuesday against Tysick - an Ottawa native - and the United Church of Canada, alleging she was sexually abused and exploited in her teenage years when she was part of a youth group Tysick led.
       None of the claims has been tested in court.

    SNAP To Release Video about Former Archbishop's Alleged Sexual Assault

      [Years - Abp Weakland -NEW*] - RCC. Shuffled predators 1977-2002. Hush money US $0.5m. Student.  
       WTMJ, By Jay Sorgi, ~ November 12, 2008
       MILWAUKEE (WI) -- Video testimony which has never been seen before, detailing a scandal with a former Milwaukee Catholic archbishop, will be released today.
       The testimony involves the case of now-retired Archbishop Rembert Weakland and a former Marquette student who accuses him of sexual assault.
       Lawyers conducted a deposition in the case this past summer, and the public will now hear the testimony from that case.

    Another madcap idea

      - RCC.  
       Manila Standard, by Bong Austero, November 12, 2008
       PHILIPPINES -- In my column last Monday, I wrote about how the proposal to require drivers to undergo neuro-psychological testing as precondition before driver's licenses can be granted or renewed was an impractical idea, particularly in this country where almost everything carries a tag price and those with money get away with practically anything. If implemented, the proposal will simply open another window for corruption at the Land Transportation Office, one of the government agencies notorious for corruption.
       Also on Monday, a news article was published in this paper about the Vatican's move to re-allow psychological testing for seminarians who wish to become priests of the Catholic Church.
       As I wrote last Monday, what makes psychological testing impractical is the fact that in order for results to be reliable and valid, they need to be conducted properly. This means strictly observing a number of testing protocols. The conduct of the test, the interpretation of the results, and the formulation of the diagnosis require a high level of expertise, which unfortunately, is not widely available in this country. The results are very seldom conclusive anyway; most psychologists play it safe by coaching [? ] their diagnoses by calling them indicators.

    Updated 11/11: Resident hopes message will empower Catholics

      - RCC.  
       Voice from the Desert, The Doings, By AMY DEIS, November 11, 2008
       HINSDALE (IL) -- Hinsdale resident Linda Pieczynski believes the Roman Catholic Church has been covering up sexual abuse of children and financial mismanagement.
       She has joined the advisory board of Send the Bishops a Message, a group urging Roman Catholics to withhold financial donations on certain Sundays.
       "We want to make Catholics aware that they can change their church," she said.
       The Send the Bishops a Message initiative is the brainchild of Frank Douglas of Tucson, Ariz., whose blog, Voice From the Desert, comments on reports of abuse and coverups of crimes by bishops and priests.

    Weakland Deposition Made Public

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 1977-2002. Hush money US $0.5m. Man.
       WUWM, By Marge Pitrof | November 12, 2008
       MILWAUKEE (WI) -- Part of a videotaped deposition was made public in Milwaukee Wednesday, a deposition by former Catholic Archbishop Rembert Weakland. He was questioned under oath earlier this year, by an attorney representing seven people who claim they were assaulted by priests years ago. In the deposition, Weakland says he returned sexually abusive priests to active ministry without telling parish members, because he did not think they'd accept those clergy members otherwise.
       Peter Isely represents SNAP, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests. He urged attorneys to make the deposition public, because he says the archdiocese has been publically questioning whether it can get a fair trial.
       "The archdiocese is making a public case right now, and it's not being responded to. Their lawyers and the chancellor of the Archdiocese have put out a four page statement saying, we can't get a fair trial, which is incidentally quite insulting I think to the people of this community, but we can't get a fair trial because the individuals involved in these particular cases that have been filed, are all dead. And that's simply not true. That is a lie, they're not dead.

    Catholic Bishop Disgraced Again

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 25yrs. Hush money. Man.
       Conservative American, By Peter Andrew, , ~ November 12, 2008
       UNITED STATES -- One day after we told you about the US Catholic Bishops planning a big fight with Obama over abortion, they are in the news again.
       Yesterday we questioned how much credibility these guys have left after all of the organized cover-up of criminal activity…sounds like organized crime to us.
       Today, they give us yet another example.  Disgraced former Archbishop Rembert Weakland, a pompous and arrogant gay liberal (he admitted to having a sexual relationship with another man and to using archdiocesan funds to pay hush money), is seen on new video (click to read rest of this story to see the video yourself) admitting they moved sexually abusive priests around for 25 years and kept it all a secret from the faithful in the pews who continued to write big checks.

    8 more indictments issued in FLDS polygamist case

      - FLDS.
       Houston Chronicle, By TERRI LANGFORD, 6:46PM, Nov. 12, 2008
       TEXAS -- A grand jury in West Texas handed down eight more indictments Wednesday in the criminal investigation into abuse allegations involving members of a polygamist sect.
       Jailed sect leader Warren Jeffs and three other members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were charged with eight different felonies, including aggravated sexual assault, bigamy and tampering with physical evidence, said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.
       FLDS members have been under investigation since April, when Texas Child Protective Services removed more than 400 children from the group's Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado, south of San Angelo.

    Rembert Weakland Deposition Tape Released

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 1977-2002. Hush money US $0.5m. Man.
       WISN, with video, ~ November 12, 2008
       MILWAUKEE (WI) -- A deposition was released Wednesday by lawyers representing men suing the archdiocese for fraud.
       Archbishop Rembert Weakland resigned in 2002 and has never publicly addressed the priest abuse scandal this directly. But in a videotaped deposition, Weakland answered questions about what he knew, why parishes weren't told about abusive priests and what he told the current archbishop about it.

    Sex offenders, as well as victims, need love of church to rehabilitate

      - Christian.
       The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, By CHARLES OHRENSCHALL, Thursday, November 13, 2008
       GEORGIA -- As a Christian, I believe firmly in the power of redemption. My life and my faith are enriched through service to my church community, particularly in reaching out to the marginalized and the oppressed.
       I was deeply concerned to read a recent Atlanta-Journal Constitution editorial about a Georgia law that has barred people on the sex offender registry from participating in their church communities ("Sex offender statute becomes tormentor: Family's ordeal shows how Ga. law goes way too far," @issue, Oct. 31). I believe this law – which is being challenged today in U.S. District Court in Atlanta – runs counter to the church's mission of sharing God's love and his message of redemption.
       I have seen how meaningful participation as a member of a faith community can be a powerful rehabilitative force in the lives of those seeking redemption for past sins. But Georgia's law severely limits this opportunity for rehabilitation while simultaneously preventing me from ministering to all members of my faith community. [DOCTRINE: There are New Testament texts that say a person who has accepted Jesus, and then betrays that teaching, cannot be accepted back into fellowship.  Most preachers never use these texts! ENDS.]

    Mattingly: U.S. Catholic bishops in a vise

      - RCC's secrecy codes.
       ScrippsNews, By TERRY MATTINGLY, Scripps Howard News Service, religion,
       UNITED STATES -- If you want to cause trouble for American bishops, stick them in a vise between Rome and the armies of dissenters employed on Catholic campuses.
       But the bishops had to vote on Ex Corde Ecclesiae ("From the Heart of the Church"). After all, they had been arguing about this papal document throughout the 1990s, trying to square the doctrinal vision of Pope John Paul II with their American reality. Rome said their first response was too weak, when it came to insisting that Catholic schools remain openly Catholic. Finally, the bishops approved a tougher document on a 223-to-31 vote.
       Soon after that 1999 showdown, someone "with a good reason for wanting to know" emailed a simple question to Russell Shaw of the United States Catholic Conference. Who voted against the statement?
       "There was no way to know. In fact, the Vatican doesn't know -- for sure -- who those 31 bishops where," said Shaw, discussing one of the many mysteries in his book, "Nothing to Hide: Secrecy, Communication and Communion in the Catholic Church." …
       Take, for example, the brutal waves of scandal caused by the sexual abuse of children and teens by clergy. For several decades, argued Shaw, the bishops have been afraid to openly discuss "the causes of the dreadful mess -- nasty things like homosexuality among priests, theological rationalizing on the subject of sex and the entrenched self-protectiveness of the old clericalist culture."
       That's the kind of scandal that creates global headlines. But, for most Catholics, more commonplace forms of secrecy shape their lives at the local level, said Shaw. [LOOK BACK: August 28, 2008.]

    Hikind Subpoenaed On Sex-Abuse Information

      - Judaist.
       The Jewish Week, by Hella Winston, ~ November 12, 2008
       NEW YORK -- State Assembly member Dov Hikind was subpoenaed Monday to provide testimony and files he has compiled about rabbis and yeshiva employees who have allegedly sexually abused children under their charge, and rabbinic leaders who may have protected the abusers.
       The Brooklyn Democrat says he has assembled detailed dossiers on "hundreds" of such cases. But he said he would "go to jail for 10 years" rather than reveal the names of the alleged victims, whom he has guaranteed anonymity.
       Michael Dowd, the attorney who served the subpoena on behalf of several clients allegedly molested by their yeshiva teacher as children, said he was willing to keep the names of the alleged victims from becoming public. He is representing his clients in a civil suit against Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Flatbush and its longtime teacher, Yehuda Kolko, who was convicted of child endangerment last April.

    Former archbishop admits shuffling abusive priests

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 25yrs. Hush money. Man.
       WXOW, Associated Press, 4:25 PM ET, November 12, 2008
       MILWAUKEE (WI), (AP) - The former head of Milwaukee's Catholic community says he returned sexually abusive priests to active ministry without telling parishioners because he knew they wouldn't be accepted otherwise.
       The comments of retired Archbishop Rembert Weakland came in a videotaped deposition released today.
       Weakland gave the deposition in June to a lawyer representing seven people who claim they were assaulted by priests. The cases are expected to go to trial next summer.

    Deposition of Archbishop Rembert Weakland

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 25yrs. Hush money. Man.
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, ~ November 12, 2008
       MILWAUKEE (WI) -- This links to video of a deposition given by Archbishop Rembert Weakland in which he discusses under oath how sexual abuse cases were handled in the Milwaukee archdiocese. The video is available in its entirety or in four parts.

    Four more FLDS members indicted in Texas

      - FLDS.
       The Salt Lake Tribune, ~ November 12, 2008
       TEXAS -- A Texas grand jury indicted four additional members of a polygamous sect on Wednesday.
       A Schleicher County court clerk said the four unnamed individuals face a total of eight charges. As with previous indictments, the names and charges will not be released until those named surrender to authorities or are arrested.
       The Schleicher County Grand Jury, which met Wednesday in Eldorado, has so far indicted 13 members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on charges related to underage marriages. Twelve face felony charges that include sexual assault and bigamy; one man was indicted on a misdemeanor charge of failure to report child abuse.

    Rochester Diocese, bishop sued over alleged molestation

      [1998-2001 Bonin*] - RCC. Boy (9-12).
       Star-Gazette, November 12, 2008
       NEW YORK -- An Odessa lawyer said he filed a lawsuit today on behalf of a former Watkins Glen resident who alleges a priest sexually molested him while serving at St. Mary's of the Lake Church in Watkins Glen.
       Lawyer John Hayes said he filed the lawsuit against the Diocese of Rochester and Bishop Matthew Clark this morning in state Supreme Court in Schuyler County.
       Hayes is representing Jason C. Hartley, who is now 21 and lives in Chemung County, according to the lawsuit.
       The lawsuit charges that from 1998 through 2001, the Rev. David Bonin, then pastor of St. Mary's on the Lake, sexually molested Hartley almost every Friday from when he was 9 years old to when he was 12. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 4:42 PM]

    Catholic Church still squandering its moral authority

      - RCC.
       Examiner, By Maureen Paul Turlish, Examiner Columnist, November/11/08
       Can the Vatican's latest order for seminaries to do a more thorough job preventing homosexuals from entering the priesthood be seen as anything other than more smoke and mirrors?
       Again the Holy See appears intent on a search and destroy mission to weed out candidates for the priesthood when what it should be doing is weeding out the sexually abusive and perverted clergymen who violate the innocence of thousands of children, not to mention young women, men and vulnerable adults.
       Skim some of the pages of the few grand jury reports and the other investigations made public on these horrific crimes.

    SNAP Releases Video of Former Archbishop Deposition

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 25yrs. Hush money. Man.
       WTMJ, with video, Story Created: Nov 12, 2008
       MILWAUKEE (WI), (AP) -- The former head of Milwaukee's Catholic community has admitted returning sexually abusive priests to active ministry without telling parishioners because he knew they wouldn't be accepted otherwise.
       "No parish would have accepted a priest unless you could say that he has gone through the kind of psychological examination and that he's not a risk to the parish," retired Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland said in a portion of a videotaped deposition released Wednesday.

    Lawyer releases deposition by Weakland in fraud case

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 25yrs. Hush money. Man.
       Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, with link to the video deposition, By Marie Rohde, Posted 11:08 a.m. Nov. 12, 2008
       MILWAUKEE (WI) -- A lawyer this morning released portions of a video deposition taken in June of retired Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland in which Weakland acknowledges that he had returned abusive priests to church ministry without alerting parishioners.
       The release of the deposition came in response to a contention last month by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee that the deaths of key people involved in the church's coverup of sexual abuse allegations had thrown into question the fairness of a pending trial, and that if the archdiocese lost the pending cases, it could face bankruptcy.
       Jeffery Anderson, a lawyer representing those suing the church, said the trial would be fair because Weakland's testimony showed that a coverup existed.

    SNAP Releasing Video Testimony From Priest

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 25yrs. Hush money. Man.
       Today's TMJ4, By Diane Pathieu and Katie DeLong, ~ November 12, 2008
       ST. FRANCIS (WI) -- An old scandal returns to the spotlight in Milwaukee Wednesday, with the release of some never-before seen video testimony from former archbishop Remberg Weakland.
       It involves the case of Weakland, and a former Marquette student that accused him of sexual assault.
       That case was in deposition this summer, and now, for the first time, the public will hear taped testimony from that case.

    Bishop Being Sued

      [1990s] - RCC.
       WETM, Reported by: Jeff Stone, Email: , Contributor: Katie Graham, with video, ~ November 12, 2008
       Lawsuit To Be Filed Against Bishop Clark
       NEW YORK -- A local lawyer will hold a news conference Wednesday to announce a lawsuit against Bishop Matthew Clark of the Rochester Roman Catholic Diocese. Attorney John Hayes of Odessa says Bishop Clark failed to protect a young man from being molested by a Catholic priest in Watkins Glen in the late 90's.

    Most Dangerous US Predator Priests Walking Free – a SNAP Fact Sheet (11/08)

      - RCC. List.
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests ~ November 12, 2008
       BALTIMORE (MD) -- The list includes: Father Fernando Cristancho, Monsignor Dale Fushek, Monsignor Wallace Harris, Monsignor Alan Placa, Father Kenneth J. Martin, Father Eric Swearingen, Brother William Mueller, Father Anthony Gonzales, Father Thomas M. Reardon.
    Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:58 AM

    Rembert Weakland, in first ever video testimony, details sex abuse fraud by archdiocese

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 1977-2002. Hush money US $0.5m. Man.
       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, ~ November 12, 2008
       MILWAUKEE (WI) – WHAT -- Leaders of SNAP, or the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, will screen, discuss and release to the public an approximately 15 minute DVD containing video taped testimony of former Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland taken during a nine hour court deposition this summer by Attorney Jeffery Anderson. SNAP urged the release of the deposition in response to published claims by the archdiocese this week that because "key players" in the sex abuse cover ups are dead, church officials are not going to get a "fair trial" in the fraud cases recently filed against the archdiocese by childhood rape victims of four Milwaukee priests.
       This is the first time that Weakland has answered questions under oath concerning his nearly 25 year involvement with dozens of priest sex offenders under his supervision while archbishop from 1977 to 2002. Weakland resigned in 2002 after it was learned that had paid a half a million dollars in hush money to a man who says Weakland sexually abused him as an adult. Weakland denies the abuse and calls the sexual relationship "inappropriate."
       WHERE -- The Healing Center, 611 W. National Avenue - 4th Floor (parking also available behind the building)
       WHEN -- Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 11:00 a.m.

    Priests face €11,600 pension cut as diocese deducts State equivalent

      - RCC scrimps.  
       The Irish Times, By PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent, ~ November 12, 2008
       IRELAND -- SOME RETIRED Dublin priests face a loss of income following a Catholic archdiocese decision to revise downwards its contribution to their pensions.
       The change means that priests who retired over the past year to 18 months will experience a drop in income of €11,600 each, equivalent to their State contributory pension.
       A spokeswoman for the archdiocese said last night that this was being done to ensure equity of income among all priests so that retired priests did not end up with a salary which exceeded that of working priests.
       She denied that it was related in any way to possible cost-saving to deal with the large amounts of money paid out by the archdiocese in child sex abuse compensation.

    Vatican might expel activist priest

      - RCC against equal clergy rights.  
       The Times-Picayune, By Bruce Nolan Wednesday, November 12, 2008
       LOUISIANA -- The Rev. Roy Bourgeois, the missionary priest from Lutcher who has devoted his career to opposing U.S. policy in Latin America, appears to be on the brink of excommunication from the Catholic church for participating in a ceremony that purportedly ordained a woman to the priesthood.
       Bourgeois, a member of the Maryknoll order, said the Vatican recently gave him 30 days to formally recant his position in favor of women's ordination, or face excommunication.
       In a response posted on the Web site of the National Catholic Reporter, an independent newspaper, Bourgeois told the Vatican he could not in conscience do so. He said he believes a call to the priesthood comes from God and it is inappropriate for the church to interfere with it.
       [DOCTRINAL QUIBBLE: But doesn't the New Testament say that the old priesthood had been swept away, replaced by the new High Priest, Jesus Christ? ENDS.]

    Priest from Vianney is called unfit for public duties

      [ 2006 Osborne*] - RCC. Teenage student.  
       St. Louis Post-Dispatch, By David Hunn, November/12/2008
       KIRKWOOD (MO) -- A Kirkwood woman and a national victim's advocacy group are mounting a campaign for the removal of the Rev. Robert Osborne from his position as a "visiting priest" at an area parish.
       Osborne used to be president of the all-boys St. John Vianney High School in Kirkwood until he was accused of sexually abusing a teenaged student in 2006.
       Criminal charges were not pursued by the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney, and Vianney settled the civil suit in 2007 for an undisclosed sum.

    Group outs top 10 priests accused of sex abuse

      - RCC.
       Examiner, By Carolyn Peirce, November/12/08
       BALTIMORE (MD) -- Three Catholic priests with ties to Maryland are among the nation's most dangerous sexual predators, according to a list released Tuesday by a group of clergy sex abuse victims demanding greater accountability from the Catholic Church.
       "We believe the bishops have not done enough to protect children and help victims heal," said Barbara Blaine, president and founder of Chicago-based support group Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.
       "We're asking them to take action to protect the innocent by helping to jail these priests."

    Prof accuses pastor of sex abuse

      [1970s, 1990s Tysick*] - United Church of Canada. Teen girl.
       Toronto Sun, SUN MEDIA, November 12, 2008
       OTTAWA, CANADA -- An Ottawa woman says her first hope for healing was reading last year about a sexual abuse claim against a "hero" United Church pastor.
       "I finally knew then I wasn't alone. There were others and I knew it wasn't my fault," Collett Tracey said yesterday.
       Tracey, 45, an English professor, has launched a $1.5-million lawsuit against Rev. Allen Tysick, an Ottawa native who once worked in eastern Ontario helping the poor.

    Clergy abuse victims visit St. Callistus School today after lewd-conduct charge against teacher

      [~ 2000s Mr Hong/Luong*] - RCC. 3 girls and 1 other (8-10).  
       The Orange County Register, By DEEPA BHARATH and ELLYN PAK, ~ November 12, 2008
       GARDEN GROVE (CA) -- Victims of clergy abuse handed out fliers and information outside St. Callistus School this afternoon alerting parents of the arrest last month of the school's lay music teacher on suspicion of molesting three girls.
       Garden Grove police on Oct. 22 arrested Hong Thai Luong, 52, known as Howie Luong at the school. Luong is facing four felony counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor after three girls between 8 and 10 came forward to accuse him last month.
       The three girls were not enrolled at St. Callistus, St. Columban's or St. Polycarp in Stanton where Luong also taught music, but took lessons at a studio run by Luong's girlfriend. But after his arrest, one more girl from St. Callistus came forward and accused Luong of touching her inappropriately, officials said.
       Joelle Casteix, regional director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), said there could be more victims, including those from Luong's past, who have yet to come forward. Casteix, along with two supporters, passed out fliers to parents who were picking up their children from the school. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 8:06 AM]

    MARYLAND: Two men listed among '10 Most Dangerous Priests'

      - RCC.
       The Daily Times Capital News Service, November 11, 2008
       BALTIMORE (MD) -- Two Maryland men were listed among the 10 most dangerous priests in a report released Tuesday by a sexual abuse support group.
       The list was released at a news conference held outside of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel, where hundreds of bishops were attending the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops fall general assembly.
       Barbara Blaine, president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said the group considers the 10 priests to be exceptionally dangerous because they have had numerous victims, have recently been accused of child sex crimes and continue to have access to children.

    U.S. Rep. Mark Foley reveals the demons he faced after being abused in church as a child

      [Ex-Congressman Foley] - RCC. Blames clergyman for his adult sex chats.
       South Florida Sun-Sentinel, WPTV's exclusive interview (with video), By Mark Hollis | November 12, 2008
       FLORIDA -- Former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley says in an exclusive interview airing today on WPTV-Ch. 5 that he wishes he had "confronted those demons" of sexual abuse suffered as a child before launching a political career that collapsed amid national scrutiny of his private life.
       The Palm Beach County Republican served in Washington, Tallahassee and Lake Worth for nearly three decades until his resignation from Congress in 2006 after news reports of his sexually explicit online chats with congressional pages. …
       When Foley resigned from Congress in the fall of 2006, his West Palm Beach attorney, David Roth, revealed that Foley was molested by a clergyman between the ages of 13 and 15. He also said that he was recovering from alcohol abuse. "Everything David Roth said that day was true despite the fact that so many people said that we were making it up to save my political seat," Foley said.
       Foley, 51 and now involved in a real estate business based in Palm Beach, contends that much of his life has been shaped by the abuse he encountered.

    Sex cases took toll on OPP officers

      - General community.  
       Standard-Freeholder, By TREVOR PRITCHARD, ~ November 12, 2008
       CANADA -- A retired Ontario Provincial Police detective was on the verge of tears as he told the Cornwall Public Inquiry how years of handling sexual abuse cases had affected both his life and the lives of his fellow officers.
       In February 1994, Det. Insp. Tim Smith was assigned to reopen the Cornwall Police Service's (CPS) investigation into sexual abuse allegations levelled 14 months earlier against Rev. Charles MacDonald, a local priest.
       In 1997, Smith would become the lead investigator for Project Truth, the OPP's four-year probe into rumours a pedophile ring had flourished in the Cornwall area. The 33-year veteran also investigated chilling stories of sexual abuse from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s at two reform schools in Alfred, Ont. and Uxbridge, Ont. …
       Smith told lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann the animosity between CPS chief Claude Shaver and Bishop Eugene LaRocque made it unlikely there was any collusion between the two organizations. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:51 AM]
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Wed November 12, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Thu November 13, 2008 edition:

    Man Charged With Child Porn On Church Laptop

      [2008 Mr Albert Stone -NEW*] - Assembly of God. Internet porn.  
       WTVN, By WTVN Newsroom, Thursday, November 13, 2008
       OHIO -- Federal investigators in Cincinnati have charged a man with using his church's computer to view and distribute child porn.
       Albert Stone, 28, allegedly used a laptop computer from the Assembly of God Church in Hamilton to exchange explicit photos over the Internet.
       According to court papers, FBI agents in New Orleans and Houston were working child porn investigations when they came across Stone.

    Former priest denies bigamy in Leamington

      [2004 Sangster - ? NEW*] - ? Church of England. Money. £10,000. Bigamy. Women.  
       The Courier, Published Date: November 13, 2008
       UNITED KINGDOM -- A FORMER clergyman alleged to have committed bigamy in Leamington had a history of marrying and fleecing vulnerable women, a court has heard.
       Roderick Gordon Sangster married Janet Ann Pollard at St Paul's church in Leicester Street in 2004.
       But Warwick Crown Court was told this week that he kept a crucial secret from his new bride and the vicar - he was already married.
       Sangster is also alleged to have used Ms Pollard's name to defraud Northern Rock [bank] of £10,000. And he went to great efforts to pretend to his 'wife' he was being paid to write a book - faking chest pains and being taken to Warwick Hospital when he was about to be found out.

    Parents say clergy sex abuse drove son to suicide

      [1978-80 Dudzinski - ? NEW*] - RCC. Boy.  
       WDEL By Peter Mac Arthur, ~ November 13, 2008
       DELAWARE -- The latest lawsuit facing the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington comes from parents who say a priest sexually abused their son, prompting him to commit suicide.
       William and Othell Heaney claim Reverend Edward Dudzinski began abusing 10 year old Kevin Heaney in 1978 when the victim was in Dudzinski's religion class at St. Mary Magdalen elementary. They say the abuse lasted for three years and changed his personality. The Heaneys say their son got into drugs and tried to commit suicide numerous times before finally shooting himself in 1987 and dying two days later.

    Richard Sipe…

      - RCC global history; 50% have concubines.
       Catholica (Australia), for November 14, 2008
       That other great American clerical campaigner on behalf of the victims of sexual abuse, and on greater accountability by the institution and its leaders, Fr Richard Sipe, in this new article argues for more honesty by the institution and greater efforts to eradicate the travesty of the sexual abuse of minors.
       Preliminary considerations for the understanding of the genealogy of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy…
       The long history of the Catholic Church records popes, cardinals, bishops, and priests who were saints and heroes. Their lives are powerful forces to inspire others to live like Christ. Likewise, the historical record tallies some from each group who were sexually active. They, too, can do good works. Although clergy who had concubines were troublesome or a distraction to the clerical system, for the most part they were tolerable–and still are. Thirty percent of German priests are reported to have women companions. The number in the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland is arguably fifty percent. Estimates for the African and South American clergy run much higher.
       Records exist from the first centuries of the Church that refer to sex between clerics. This group of clergy who is sexually active with each other are more problematic to the clerical system. Those who abuse minors–girls and particularly boys–is intolerable within the clerical system.
       In 1049 a saint wrote the core Church document that outlines and analyzes this clerical behavior and its effects.
       The dynamics of priests having sex with each other or with seminarians is particularly relevant today to the Church in the United States. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 10:41 PM]

    Second case filed alleging sex abuse by former Carlsbad friar

      [1970s Bro. Guillory* (Franciscan)] - RCC. Boy.
       Current-Argus, ~ November 13, 2008
       CARLSBAD (NM) -- Attorneys representing a sexual abuse victim filed a second civil complaint Thursday alleging negligence by two Roman Catholic dioceses and two Catholic parishes in Carlsbad related to sexual abuse allegedly committed against teenage boys by Kerry Guillory, a Franciscan brother working as a youth counselor with the parishes.
       Guillory is accused of having committed sexual acts with boys under his supervision while he was a youth counselor at the St. Edward and San Jose parishes in Carlsbad during the 1970s. [Posted by Kathy Shaw at 7:47 PM] [LOOK BACK: Dec 01, 2007]

    Panel: Ex-pastor guilty in 1980s sex abuse claims

      [1984-88 Campbell*] - Presbyterian. "Probable" but goes on. US$ 100,000 damages. Girl (14-17.
       Chicago Breaking News, 5:36 PM, November 13, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- Two years after sexual abuse allegations surfaced about Rev. Ronald Campbell, the Presbyterian ministry in Chicago has found the married father of two guilty of sexually abusing an underage girl for four years during the late 1980s.
       The six-member church panel determined unanimously that Campbell, 52, had on several occasions sexually abused Julie Lemley Hokanson, who was a 14-year-old member of First Presbyterian Church of River Forest when the abuse began.  They also found him guilty of misuse of office and lying to church officials.
       During the three-day trial in late October, it came out that Campbell, who initially denied wrongdoing, had a tattoo of the victim's initials enclosed in a heart on his upper buttocks.  Campbell has since been suspended from ordained office for a minimum of four years.
       [LOOK BACK: April 23, 2008, ~ March 04, 2008.]

    Woman escorted out of church because of Pro-Obama messages

      - Politics in RC church.
       Times-Herald, By SHAUNTEL LOWE / Times-Herald staff writer, ~ November 13, 2008
       FAIRFIELD (CA) -- A Fairfield priest forced a woman to leave church Sunday because she had messages supporting President-elect Barack Obama written on her car's windows, parishioners said.
       Elizabeth Caster, a member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Fairfield for six years, said Father Sebastian Meyer announced just before Sunday's noon mass that a car in the parking lot's loading zone bearing pro-Obama messages would be towed in 10 minutes if it were not moved.

    Priest sex victim used compo for paedo orgy

      - RCC.  
       The Sun, By JAMIE PYATT, ~ November 13, 2008
       UNITED KINGDOM -- A PAEDOPHILE was jailed for life yesterday – after a court heard he bankrolled his abuse with hush money given after he was molested by Catholic priests.
       David Cullen, 48, was sentenced over a string of sex attacks on boys as young as seven – some broadcast to other perverts live on webcam.
       He bought holidays for victims' parents to win their trust and converted a people carrier into a mobile sex chamber.

    Priest Abuses Power

      - No Eucharist for Obama voters.
       WCTV, ~ November 13, 2008
       COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA (AP) -- A priest at a South Carolina Roman Catholic church says his parishioners shouldn't take Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because of the Democrat's stance on abortion.
       The Rev. Jay Scott Newman said Thursday church law doesn't allow him to refuse parishioners the sacrament at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville.

    Church commission says minister had sex with minor

      [1984-88 Campbell*] - Presbyterian. "Probable" but goes on in Church schools. US$ 150,000 damages. Girl (14-17).
       Belleville News-Democrat By DON BABWIN - Associated Press Writer, ~ November 13, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- A Presbyterian minister accused of having sex with a woman when she was a teenager, even tattooing her initials on his buttocks, kept working as a pastor and college administrator after the church's insurance company paid his accuser $150,000.
       Rev. Ronald Campbell was removed from the ministry in April - nine months after the insurance payout.  But he did not resign from Trinity International University, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity Graduate School in Deerfield until this month, shortly after a church commission ruled he sexually abused the woman in the 1980s.
  • Child Victims Voice - Maryland
  • The Awareness Center, Inc.

    Two Kerala priests held for nun's murder in 1992

      [1992 Fr Kottur*, Fr Puthrukkayil*, Sr Sephi*] - RCC. Murder.  
       The Times of India, IANS, 1159 hrs IST, Nov 20, 2008
       KOCHI, India: Two Catholic priests have been arrested for the 1992 murder of a nun, Sister Abhaya, whose body was found in the well of a convent in Kerala's Kottayam town, police said on Wednesday.
       The 13th Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) team began its probe into the 16-year-old murder after 12 previous probes failed to crack the case.
       The Kerala High Court had last month rapped the investigating agency over the slow progress in its probe and asked the Kerala unit of the CBI to take over.

    CBI cracks the Abhaya code, priests booked

      [1992 Fr Kottur*, Fr Puthrukkayil*, Sr Sephi*] - RCC. Murder
       Kerala Online, Wednesday, November 19, 2008
       KOCHI, India -- The CBI Kochi unit today made a landmark arrest in connection with the murder of Sister Abhaya. Father Jose Puthrukayil, and Father Thomas Kottoor both of whom who had undergone narco analysis test and brain mapping test earlier were summoned by CBI yesterday. The priests will be produced before Chief Judicial Magistrate today afternoon.
       The lawyers of both the priests have confirmed the arrest. According to sources both the priests were arrested on the basis of the statements given by Sanju P Mathew a person living next to Pious X convent in Kottayam.
       Sources tell us that both the priests are right now undergoing interrogation in Kochi.

    Two priests arrested in Sister Abhaya murder case

      [1992 Fr Kottur*, Fr Puthrukkayil*, Sr Sephi*] - RCC. Murder
       The Hindu
       KOCHI, India (PTI): The CBI on Wednesday arrested two priests in the Sister Abhaya murder case.
       The arrests of Father Thomas M Kottur and Father Dr E Jose Puthrikayil was recorded by the CBI on Wednesday.

    Victims of sex abuse protest at Saint Paul

       Ottawa Citizen, by Jennifer Green, Published: Wednesday, November 19, 2008
       CANADA -- Victims of clergy sex abuse protested outside Saint Paul University yesterday, angry that a priest convicted of molesting an eight-year-old would get $60,000 to study canon law.
       The nine or so demonstrators with the Association of Victims of Priests hoisted their signs as they huddled into the icy wind on Main Street. One carried a crucifix with "Sex Abuse" on it; another called for all convicted pedophiles to be booted out of the church.
       Unbeknownst to them, Rev. Philippe de Maupeou left Ottawa in September, quitting his courses after just a few weeks. He now lives in a supervised ecclesiastical residence under the jurisdiction of the Montreal archdiocese.

    Priest 'blackmailed' after sex

       ANSA, November 19, 2008
       PALERMO, Italy -- An Italian priest was blackmailed after paying for sex, police said Wednesday.
       The priest reportedly admitted answering a woman's sex ad in a Sicilian paper two years ago and having sex "several" times with her since then.
       He claims the woman first asked him for 8,000 euros to keep quiet about the sessions and recently upped her demand to 20,000, saying she had photos of them having sex together.

    Steve Sheehan

       YouTube, (video presentation),
       UNITED STATES -- This links to a presentation Steve Sheehan of Boston made to the Board of Trustees of Voice of the Faithful in support of the only clergy sexual abuse survivor to be elected to a national position with VOTF.

    DHS Explains Second Alamo Warrant

       Today's THV Posted By: Mike Duncan,
       ARKANSAS -- Twenty children are now in protective custody with the state after more investigations into the Tony Alamo Ministries.
       A line of state police cars made their way into the Fouke headquarters of the Tony Alamo Ministries, authorities armed with a court order to take more children into protective custody.
       But they found no children in the compound, or in 14 Fort Smith homes also searched.
       Troopers later pulled over two vans on a Miller County highway and found 17 children inside. They took three more into state custody at the courthouse.

    Rabbi Nachum Rosenberg - Victim Advocate Speaks Out About Being Shot

      - Judaists.
       The Awareness Center, with video,
       NEW YORK -- Rabbi Nauchm Rosenberg has been advocating for Jewish survivors of sexual violence in Williamsburg/Borough Park (Brooklyn) New York for over 35 years.
       Over the last several months he had his life threatened if he did not close down a hotline. A little over two weeks ago there was a drive by shooting in which someone shot at him.
       Please listen to him tell his story and demand that he is protected. His goal is to help survivors make police reports and testify in court to help put an end to sex crimes in his community and around the globe.

    Accused priest needs new lawyer

      [1970s Picot] - ? RCC. Boy.  
       The Tribune
       CAMPBELLTON - Campbellton lawyer Raymond Dube appeared in Campbellton Provincial Court Monday where he told Judge Steven Hutchinson that he could no longer represent former Dalhousie priest Charles Picot, who has been charged with indecent assault.
       The charge under the Criminal Code as it existed at the time of the offence was laid after an investigation by Dalhousie RCMP. Picot is accused of allegedly indecently assaulting a Dalhousie boy some 30 years ago.

    Project: Report Semi-Finalists and their Work

       Pulitzer Center by Ann Peters, Pulitzer Center,
       UNITED STATATES -- They tell the stories of undocumented workers and a soup kitchen manager, a former addict-turned-counselor and a homeless vet, a Native American grandmother and a North Carolina dairy farmer. Profiles of individuals of significance in their communities.
       They are the 10 semi-finalists from some 100 entries in Round 1 of the joint Pulitzer Center/YouTube Project:Report. And they are embarking on Round 2 with an assignment to tell a local story with a global impact. …
       Kim Fischer chose her YouTube ID, 'DoGoodWork', because she wanted to tell the stories of people who helped others. Kim profiles Barbara Dorris, a local director of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and an abuse survivor. Barbara's message is: You're not alone and more damage is done in keeping the secret.

    The financial cost of child abuse is ten times the financial cost of obesity in Australia

       Monash University, November 18, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- Child abuse and neglect costs Australians ten times more than obesity, a landmark report has found. The report has also found that the number of cases of abuse in our community may be five times higher than the official figures.
       The Cost of Child Abuse in Australia, a joint research report by Access Economics, Australian Childhood Foundation and Child Abuse Prevention Research Australia at Monash University, is the first comprehensive report of its kind in Australia. It found that the real cost of child abuse to the Australian community in 2007 was $10.7 billion, and could be as high as $30.1 billion, including the monetary value of the pain and suffering that they experience.
       Professor Chris Goddard, Director of Child Abuse Prevention Research Australia at Monash University said this is the first comprehensive, national study of the costs of child abuse and neglect in Australia.

    Marriage advice vicar had affair

      [~ 2005 Gair*] - Church of England. Woman client.  
       BBC News
       UNITED KINGDOM -- A vicar who had an affair with a woman whom he was giving marriage guidance has been banned from the church.
       Andrew Gair, former rector of St Mary's, Debden, Essex, "kissed and touched" the unidentified woman "intimately in a sexual manner".
       A church tribunal in west London heard the affair blossomed in 2005.

    Vicar banned for 'intimate' liaisons

      [2005 Gair*] - Church of England. 7yr ban. Woman client.  
       EADT 24,
       UNITED KINGDOM -- A VICAR has been banned from Holy Orders for seven years after developing an 'inappropriate' relationship with a parishioner who came to him for marriage guidance.
       Andrew Gair, who now lives in Wrentham, near Beccles, shared kisses and 'intimate touching' with the mum in the rectory in his parish and shared long country walks with her.
       A tribunal has found that the former rector of Debden church in Essex was guilty of 'unbecoming and inappropriate behaviour' after the relationship developed.

    Vicar banned for affair with parishioner

      [2005 Gair*] - Church of England. 7yr ban. Woman client.
       Metro, Wednesday, November 19, 2008
       UNITED KINGDOM -- A vicar has been banned from the church for seven years for having an affair with a parishioner who went to him for marriage guidance.
       The Rev Andrew Gair, former rector of St Mary's, in Debden, Essex, "kissed and touched" the unidentified woman "intimately in a sexual manner".
       The church tribunal, held in west London, heard the affair blossomed in 2005 after the woman sought counselling from Mr Gair for her marriage difficulties.

    Deadline approaching for victims of Fairbanks Diocese abuse

      - RCC.    
       KTUU, with video, by Jill Burke, Tuesday, November 18, 2008
       ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- An important deadline is approaching for victims of abuse in the Fairbanks Diocese.
       Because the diocese has filed for bankruptcy, people have just two weeks to get their claims in by Dec. 2.
       And that deadline is the date for items to be received at an Anchorage courthouse, so there's actually less time to get the paperwork filled out and sent in the mail.

    Second man says he was abused by Glen priest

      [1998-2001 Bonin*] - RCC. Boy (9-12).  
       Star-Gazette, By Ray Finger,, November 19, 2008
       WATKINS GLEN (NY) -- Another man has come forward alleging he was sexually abused as a boy by a now-deceased priest who had served at St. Mary's of the Lake Church in Watkins Glen.
       Odessa lawyer John Hayes said Tuesday that the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke with him Monday about being molested by Rev. David Bonin in the rectory at St. Mary's and also in hotel rooms on trips he made with the priest and others. He was 8 or 9 years old when the abuse began, and it lasted about three years, he said.
       Hayes said the young man came forward after the media reported on a lawsuit he filed last week against the Diocese of Rochester and Bishop Matthew Clark in state Supreme Court.

    Priest denies sex assaults in two cases

      [1986, 1989 Mercure] - RCC. 2 males.
       Berkshire Eagle, By Conor Berry, Updated 03:03:54 AM EST, November/19/2008
       PITTSFIELD (MA) – A Roman Catholic clergyman accused of sexually assaulting two boys in the Berkshires was spared the titular honor of his vocation when he was arraigned in Berkshire Superior Court on Tuesday.
       It was "Mr. Mercure," accused child rapist, not "the Rev. Gary Mercure," Catholic priest, when the Glens Falls, N.Y., man was formally charged with three counts of forcible child rape and one count of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14.
       Mercure avoided prosecution in New York after coming under fire as a priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, which spans 14 upstate counties. He now faces sexual abuse charges in the Berkshires, where two men in their early 30s claim Mercure forcibly raped them in 1986 and 1989. The circumstances surrounding the alleged incidents were not made clear in court.

    Ottawa protesters demand university turf convicted priest

      [2004 de Maupeou] - RCC. Studying Church law. Girl (8).  
       Edmonton Sun By BETH JOHNSTON, SUN MEDIA,
       OTTAWA, CANADA -- A group of protesters gathered in front of St. Paul's University yesterday to alert the public that a Quebec priest who molested an eight-year-old girl on a 2004 church camping trip is studying law there.
       Father Philippe de Maupeou, who pleaded guilty in 2007 and served a six-month conditional sentence, is studying canon law on a three-year, $60,000 scholarship at the downtown religious university.
       Protesters argued de Maupeou shouldn't even be a priest anymore.

    Deceased priest named in abuse lawsuit

      [1998-2001 Bonin*] - RCC. Boy (9-12).  
       Press & Sun-Bulletin, November 19, 2008
       NEW YORK -- A former priest of a Catholic church in Tioga County has been accused of sexual abuse in a lawsuit filed by a 21-year old man that accuses the Rochester Diocese and its bishop, Matthew H. Clark, of negligence.
       The lawsuit, filed in State Supreme Court in Schuyler County, alleges one act of abuse occurred on Christmas 2001 while the Rev. Father David L. Bonin was priest administrator of St. Margaret Mary in Apalachin, where he served from October 2001 to March 2003.
       The Press & Sun-Bulletin does not identify alleged victims of sex abuse, but the plaintiff was not a member of St. Margaret Mary. The lawsuit alleges the plaintiff was molested every Friday at the rectory of St. Mary in Odessa from 1998 to 2001. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 19, 2008 8:23 AM]
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Wed November 19, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Thu November 20, 2008 edition:

    Police Withheld Details of Sex Abuse at Orphanage From Albanian Authorities

      [2000s Mr David Brown -NEW*; Mr Christodoulou -NEW*; Mr Arnold -NEW*] - Christian. Brown 20yrs PRISON. Gypsy orphans.    
       Buzzle, ~ November 20, 2008
       ALBANIA -- British police helped cover up a horrific sex abuse scandal at a Christian missionary orphanage in Albania, a Guardian investigation has found.
       Senior officers agreed to keep details of abuse secret from their counterparts in Albania after the British director of the orphanage, David Brown, persuaded them that while children had been sexually abused in his care, he had played no part in it.
       Brown, 57, an evangelical charity worker who founded the His Children orphanage seven years ago, was yesterday found guilty of "sexual relations" with minors.
       Sentencing him to 20 years in a maximum-security jail in Albania, Judge Gerti Hoxha said the home had been used as "camouflage" for sexual abuse. He hoped the sentence would serve as a warning to other pedophiles.

    The 2008 Presidential Election

      - RCs did not heed discredited hierarchy.  
       The Tidings, by Fr. Richard McBrien, for November 21, 2008
       UNITED STATES -- Regardless of how individual Catholics voted in this year's historic presidential election, there are at least three important lessons for their pastoral leadership to absorb.
       ---First, Catholic voters are paying less and less attention to the urgings of some of the Conference's most theologically rigid and politically partisan bishops. Catholics this year returned to their traditional allegiance to the Democratic Party by a margin of 53-45 percent. And Hispanic voters, most of whom are Catholics, supported the Democratic ticket by an astonishing margin of 66-31 percent.
       This was in spite of the efforts of a vocal handful of bishops, including Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver and Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton, to try to persuade Catholics that a vote for the Democratic ticket was tantamount to a vote for abortion and, therefore, gravely sinful. …
       The sexual-abuse scandal in the priesthood has had a devastating effect on the credibility of our bishops. They must take care not to worsen the problem. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 20, 2008 7:21 PM]

    VIDEO: Call for honesty about sexual abuse

      [1970s-80s Daleo] - RCC. Boys.
       WDEL with video, By Carl Kanefsky
       DELAWARE -- A lawsuit against a former priest in the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington led victims of childhood sexual abuse and their supporters, to urge parents to seek the truth.
       Members of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, went to St. Edmond's Academy in North Wilmington Thursday to distribute educational leaflets about Father Paul Daleo, a former staff member at the school, accused of sexually molesting young boys in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
       Joelle Casteix wants school officials to be honest, and says the suit alleges school administrators did nothing when they learned Daleo was assaulting students.

    Witch Hunt Against Chicago Archdiocese

       Catholic League November 20, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- Earlier today, Catholic League president Bill Donohue criticized Roll Call for an irresponsible story on Father Daniel Coughlin. Prior to becoming House Chaplain, the Chicago priest ministered to troubled priests. Though he did nothing wrong, the story left the impression that he did. Now a so-called victims' advocacy group, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), is accusing Father Coughlin, and Chicago Archbishop Francis Cardinal George, of wrongdoing.
       Donohue addressed this new development today:
       "There is no group in America that has made more wildly unsubstantiated accusations against the Catholic Church than SNAP. Now it's feeding off the Roll Call story, waxing delirious once again. Yesterday it accused Father Coughlin of helping to 'conceal felonies,' yet offered not one iota of evidence that the priest ever broke the law.
       [CONSIDER: The spirit of the law gives life, but the letter of the law kills. ENDS]
       [COMMENT: SNAP is not making wildly unsubstantiated accusations against the RCC.  Instead, it gives RCs the opportunity to expose and remove the wicked people running some parishes and dioceses. ENDS.]

    Court allows pay for man who guarded Geoghan

       Boston Herald, Associated Press, Thursday, November 20, 2008
       BOSTON (MA) -- The highest court in Massachusetts has upheld disability benefits for a prison guard who said he was traumatized after being falsely accused of harassing pedophile priest John Geoghan.
       Cosmo Bisazza said he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after Geoghan was murdered by another inmate. He said inmates threatened him and told reporters he had harassed and beaten Geoghan, including by placing feces in his cell.

    Sociological Question: Is Homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Priesthood connected to clergy sexual abuse?

       Voice from the Desert,
       The Catholic Priesthood and Homosexuality: Sexual Politics and Clergy Sexual Abuse
       By John Shuster, 2008

       UNITED STATES -- Anecdotal Background Information:
       The Roman Catholic Priesthood is a safe haven for a persecuted and marginalized homosexual subculture
       Gay men have learned not to trust heterosexual culture and have worked to create safe and accepting environments where they can find acceptance and stability.
       The priesthood has emerged as a profession where gay men can find camaraderie and a sense of belonging matched with a well-funded professional lifestyle. …
       Is there a direct connection between homosexual orientation and sexual abuse? No. Sexual orientation does not establish a proclivity towards sexual abuse. Both gay and straight priests have been involved in sex crimes against children and breaches in their fiduciary relationships with vulnerable adults.

    U.S. House chaplain sought abuser's release

       Chicago Tribune, By Manya A. Brachear and Margaret Ramirez, November 20, 2008
       CHICAGO (IL) -- Before his appointment as chaplain of the House of Representatives, Rev. Daniel Coughlin pushed for the early release from prison of a priest convicted of sexually abusing two teenage boys.
       In a letter dated May 20, 1999, 10 months before he was nominated for the chaplain post, Coughlin asked the Wisconsin Parole Commission to release Norbert Maday, 70, from prison and place him under the supervision of the Chicago archdiocese.
       "We would be pleased to receive Norbert Maday into the archdiocese of Chicago system," he wrote. "We would also accept financial responsibility for his maintenance, monitoring. . . . This would relieve the state of Wisconsin from the financial burden of caring for Maday."

    Sr. Abhaya Murder Case - New developments

      [1992 Fr Kottur*, Fr Puthrukkayil*, Sr Sephi*] - RCC. Murder.  
       INDIA -- It looks like justice is finally being done in the Sr. Abhaya murder case. After 16 years, the CBI has arrested and remanded two priests and a nun on Nov 18th and 19th. The CBI joint director Ashok Kumar said the arrests were made on strong evidence. It was evident from the news came out in May 2008 that the narco analysis points at Thomas Kottoor, Jose Poothrikkayil and Stephy as the culprits.
       The arrest also renews my faith in our country's judicial system. Reportedly, there were serious tampering of evidence right from the beginning of the case inquiry. The case was initially taken by Kerala Police and then moved to Crime Branch and finally to several teams of CBI. The Court intervened and severly criticized CBI and closely followed up the case. If not for the Kerala High Court and the latest CBI team, the case would have been lost forever and the arrests would never have been made.
       One person to remember on this occassion is Mr. Varghese P Thomas, the retired DSP of CBI. In 1993, he called a press conference and announced his resignation from CBI, stating that his conscience did not permit him to comply with a strong directive given by his superior officer, V. Thyagarajan, the then Superintendent of CBI Cochin Unit. He had also mentioned that the political pressure came from various places including the then prime minister Narasimha Rao's office. The action council convener Jomon Puthenpurackal later said in a press conference that former minister K M Mani was involved in the putting political pressure on the case.

    Former Frederick priest must register as sex offender

      [2008 June - Whipkey*] - RCC. Nude jog around high school track.  
       Longmont Times-Call, By Victoria Camron,
       GREELEY (CO) – A former Catholic priest who was found jogging naked in Frederick must register as a sex offender, a Weld County judge ordered today.
       "This incident is a manifestation of the substantial risk you pose to the community if you are left untreated," Judge Timothy Kerns said to Robert Whipkey during the half-hour sentencing hearing.
       State law required Whipkey to register, but the judge said he would have ordered it anyway.  He also sentenced Whipkey to five years' probation and 100 hours of community service.
       [LOOK BACK: August 11 and 17, 2008]

    Priest Sentenced For Jogging Naked In Frederick

      [2008 June - Whipkey*] - RCC. 5yrs probation. Nude jog around high school track.
       CBS 4, with video,
       GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) ? A Catholic priest convicted of indecent exposure will not serve any time in jail. A Weld County District Court sentenced Father Robert Whipkey to five years probation Thursday morning.
       Whipkey will also have to register as a sex offender.
       During the hearing, he told the judge the publicity surrounding the case has been a hardship on him and his efforts to look for employment.

    Naked Jogging Priest Must Register As Sex Offender

      [2008 June - Whipkey*] - RCC. 5yrs probation. Nude jog around high school track.
       GREELEY, Colo. -- A former Catholic priest, who was caught jogging naked in the small Weld County town of Frederick, was given five-years probation Thursday and was ordered to register as a sex offender.
       Robert Whipkey was also ordered not to have contact with any children younger than 18, including family members.
       Weld County Judge Timothy Kerns could have sentenced Whipkey to from six to 18 months in prison.

    'Canadian hero' faces lawsuits

      [1970s, 1990s Tysick*] - United Church of Canada. Teen girl.  
       Canadian Christianity, By Lloyd Mackey,
       CANADA -- "WE OFFER a downtown home to Victoria's homeless and poor. We don't judge them and we are not judging Al (Tysick) either. The matter is before the courts."
       That was the word on Tuesday from Dennis Anholt, chairman of the board of Our Place, whose executive director, Al Tysick, has been named in two civil suits alleging sexual abuse dating to the 1970s and 1990s.
       Anholt stressed that while the board was "not judging" Tysick -- known informally in Victoria's homeless community as Reverend Al -- it was taking the matter "very seriously." But as of press time, the executive director has not been asked to step aside from his duties.

    Roll Call Smears Innocent Priest

      - RCC.  
       Catholic League, November 20, 2008
       WASHINGTON (DC) -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue today accused the Washington, D.C. newspaper, Roll Call, of smearing Father Daniel Coughlin; the Chicago priest has been the House Chaplain since 2000:
       "We have always held Roll Call in high regard, but after the hit job on Father Coughlin, we no longer do. What the newspaper did was classic yellow journalism.
       "Yesterday, Roll Call made a big splash on the Internet with its 'Breaking News' story on Father Coughlin. The headline, 'Chaplain Managed Abusive Priests,' gave the impression that Coughlin either did something illegal or something immoral. The fact is he did neither.

    Coughlin Worked With Chicago's Fallen Priests

      - RCC.
       Roll Call, By Paul Singer Roll Call Staff November 20, 2008 WASHINGTON (DC) -- Before he became the minister for Members of Congress, the Rev. Daniel Coughlin ministered to a very different – and very troubled – flock.
       Beginning in 1990, Coughlin was the director for the Cardinal Stritch Retreat House in Mundelein, Ill. The Web site for the retreat house describes it "as a place of prayer and retreat," and invites visitors to "come away to pray."
       But it also has served since the early 1990s as a place where the Archdiocese of Chicago sends priests when they are removed from ministry because of allegations of sexual misconduct.

    Survivors group: Did House chaplain once hide clergy sex crimes?

      - RCC.
       Raw Story by David Edwards and Muriel Kane Published: Thursday November 20, 2008
       WASHINGTON (DC) -- Roll Call revealed Wednesday that the Catholic priest who currently serves as chaplain for the House of Representatives formerly oversaw a Catholic retreat outside Chicago where troubled priests were sent, including those accused of sexual misconduct.
       The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) has issued a statement concerning these revelations about Rev. Daniel Coughlin. "Sadly, this is a familiar pattern in the Chicago archdiocese: a priest who successfully keeps quiet about clergy sex crimes wins a promotion. … Among other questions, Coughlin needs to be asked, 'Did you ever call the police about any of these known or alleged crimes and if not, why not?'"
       The Roll Call article does not suggest that any impropriety at the Congressional end was involved in the selection of Rev. Daniel Coughlin. However, the fact that no one in the House of Representatives appears to have been aware of their chaplain's past work does raise questions about the vetting process.

    Chaplain's Work With Abusers Was Little-Known

       Roll Call By Paul Singer Roll Call Staff November 20, 2008
       WASHINGTON (DC) -- In March 2000, then-Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), attempting to quell a firestorm of Democratic criticism that he was anti-Catholic, appointed a Catholic priest as the new Chaplain for the House of Representatives. Hastert told his colleagues that the Rev. Daniel Coughlin came with the "highest recommendations" from Cardinal Francis George of the Chicago Archdiocese, and that Coughlin "has been a parish priest and spent the past several years counseling parish priests within the archdiocese."
       What Hastert did not say – and probably did not know – is that for 10 years Coughlin had been at the center of the Chicago Archdiocese's efforts to manage priests who had been accused of sexual abuse. When the archdiocese removed an accused priest from ministry, Coughlin frequently became his caretaker, providing services ranging from room and board to spiritual support and advocacy.
       Coughlin spent five years running a Catholic facility outside of Chicago where the archdiocese sent priests who were suspected of committing sexual offenses – though Coughlin was not responsible for overseeing the men. He then spent the next five years serving as the vicar for priests, the archdiocesan point man for counseling troubled priests, including those accused of sexual misconduct. Hastert apparently did not know the details of Coughlin's service, and for the most part, they have never been made public.

    Recovered memory was Reconciliation for me. It explained everything, even lies I told as a spokesperson for NASA.

      - RCC.
       City of Angels By Kay Ebeling
       People wonder about recovered memory. I can understand why. I would wonder myself about stories like mine that are part of the clergy crisis in the Catholic Church, if it hadn't happened to me. Even as a teenager, I was drawn like in a fugue state to movies like Sybil and parts of The Chapman Report that dealt with suppressed memories, and their effects on a person in adult life.
       What people don't realize is how the person having the recovered memory knows the memory is real. In my case and in Peter Saracino's whose story we posted yesterday, a Reconciliation came with the recovered memory.
       Funny to choose the word for the sacrament that comes with Confession, since the perpetrators of our crimes were Catholic priests, but the word Reconciliation really works. For me and others, recovering a long suppressed and affecting memory is like a gonging bell has been going off in your head for decades, and suddenly SPRROOONNNG the bell stops clanging and everything in your life falls into place.
       What I created in my mind to remember instead was what any 5 year old child would create if a Catholic priest was towering over them conducting sexual activity.

    Residents of Wayne, N.J. Protest Arrival of Priest

       1010 WINS, with audio, by Steve Sandberg,
       WAYNE, N.J. (1010 WINS) -- Residents of Wayne, N.J. are protesting the arrival of an accused pedophile priest to their town.
       Fr. James Tully has been hiding out in churches around the world and is now taking refuge at the Xaverian Missionary Fathers residence in Wayne.
       In 1986-87, Tully, a Xaverian Missionary priest, sexually abused Bill Nash, when Nash was a young seminarian in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, according to Milwaukee Criminal Court documents.
       "Fr. Tully has been abusing kids for decades. I've come forward to try to put a stop to this," Nash told 1010 WINS' Steve Sandberg.
       Tully also abused other Wisconsin kids, according to the documents, and abused youngsters in Boston according to a settlement by the Archdiocese of Boston.

    Kerala Church Supports Priests Arrested In Murder Case

      [1992 Fr Kottur / Kottoor*, Fr Puthrukkayil / Poothrukayil*, Sr Sephi / Sephy*] - RCC. Murder.  
       Indian Catholic
       KOCHI, INDIA (ICNS) -- Church people in Kerala have rallied behind two Catholic priests and a nun arrested in connection with a 16-year-old murder case.
       The arrests are an attempt to "save the skin" of the federal investigating agency, says Father Paul Thelakat, spokesperson of the Kerala-based Syro-Malabar Church (SMC), an Oriental Catholic rite, reported UCA News.
       The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Fathers Thomas Kottoor, 61, and Jose Poothrukayil, 56, on Nov. 18 and St. Joseph Sister Sephy, 45, a day later. All three belong to the SMC's Kottayam archdiocese.

    Catholic priest's past catches up to him in Wayne

      [ 1990s Tully] - RCC. Boys.     
       News 12
       NEW JERSEY -- This link to a video about the Father James Tully, who is now in Wayne, N.J. He was placed on probation in the 1990s for sexual abuse of boys in Wisconsin. He later went to Italy where he was located by William Nash of Massachusetts, who said he was abused by Father Tully. The priest relocated to Wayne last summer.

    Orange County Bishops and Their Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card: A History

      - RCC.
       Orange County Weekly, Posted by Gustavo Arellano in Ex Cathedra, 7:41 AM, November 20, 2008
       ORANGE COUNTY (CA) -- I'm getting disappointed with Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown. As of recently, I've been reporting more on the kooky actions of former Orange bishops, whether it was homo-hating or homo-hypocrisy, than the current head of the county's Catholics. So it hurts me to report that the latest in Orange County Catholic idiocies again emanates from alumni--in this case Fresno Bishop John Steinbock and his $10,000 donation to the St. Luke's Institute.
       St. Luke's is notorious as the place where the Catholic hierarchy send their pedo-priests off for treatment, and it has a special place in Orange County Catholic history. It's where Bishop William Johnson sent Eleuterio Ramos to unsuccessfully rejigger his child-molesting mind in the late 1970s. It's where Bishop Norman McFarland sent Monsignor Michael Harris to find out what the Orange diocese already knew--that Harris was a boy-lover. It was where Placentia native Manuel Moreno sent off Tucson's most notorious pedo-priest while head of the Diocese of Tucson. Why, even Brown sent off a priest to the Maryland center after investigators found the priest had downloaded child porn.

    The Silent Treatment; Fordham Offers "No Comment" To Allegations of 1960s Clergy Abuse

      [1964 to 1966 O'Brien (Jesuit), and 1968 Drake (Jesuit), 1994 Prof. Hudson] - RCC.
       "The Internet," Fordham University's student blog of news, analysis, comment, and review; by Peter Mullin, Co-Sports Editor, with Bill Donahue, Co-Editor-in-Chief;
       NEW YORK -- In April of 1994 an 18-year-old freshman walked into the office of the Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill, a place that, according to the University's mission statement, concerns itself with fostering an "environment that celebrates and protects the dignity of the human person." Inside the confines of that office the young woman started the process of protecting that dignity. She told the Dean a story of how, after a night of drinking in the city, her philosophy professor took advantage of her in his office. By the end of the semester, her professor had resigned.
       Ten years later that scene would come to national attention in an article by Joseph Feuerherd published in the National Catholic Reporter. The story detailed the alleged 1994 sexual misconduct of Deal W. Hudson, a top advisor to George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign, while he was a tenured professor of philosophy at Fordham.
       That July, Fordham spokeswoman Elizabeth Schmalz issued a statement to NCR saying, "Sexual Harassment is not tolerated at Fordham University." It continued, "Fordham followed its policy rigorously in this case and initiated an investigation into the matter upon receipt of the student's complaint."

    Fugitive sex offender, former priest arrested in California

       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
       STOCKTON (CA) -- Once again we see a pedophile priest getting no supervision by the church hierarchy and going on to commit more crimes. We're seeing this pattern more and more and expect this trend will accelerate.
       This is why predator priests, when convicted, need long sentences. Most of them are compulsively driven to commit more sex crimes.
       We hope that others who saw, suspected or suffered Sherwood's crimes will gain the strength to come forward, get help and call police.

    Congressional chaplain oversaw predators; Sex abuse victims respond

       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
       CHICAGO (Il) -- Sadly, this is a familiar pattern in the Chicago archdiocese: a priest who successfully keeps quiet about clergy sex crimes wins a promotion. It's very depressing and troubling that a priest who helped conceal felonies is rewarded with a prominent national post like this.
       Among other questions, Coughlin needs to be asked, "Did you ever call the police about any of these known or alleged crimes and if not, why not?"
       Surely there's a more appropriate and less sullied cleric who can be the House chaplain.

    Three held in sensational nun murder case in Kerala

      [1992 Fr Kottur / Kottoor, Fr Puthrukkayil / Puthrukayil*, Sr Stephy*] - RCC. Nun dead.
       The Peninsula (Qatar), By John Mary
       Thiruvananthapuram, India -- India's premier probe agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation, has arrested two priests and a nun in connection with the alleged murder of a 21-year-old Catholic nun in the south Kerala district of Kottayam 16 years ago.
       The CBI team produced Fr Jose Puthrukayil, chancellor of Knanaya Catholic Church in Kottayam, Fr Thomas M Kottoor, principal of Pius X College in Kasargod district, and Sister Stephy, the victim's convent mate, before the Chief Judicial Magistrate at Kochi today.
       All three have been remanded in the CBI custody till December 8.
       The CBI did not submit any fresh detailed evidence in the court but the probe team chief, Superintendent of Police, Ashok Kumar, told reporters that the agency had sufficient evidence and would be able produce it in the court within a month. Fr Thomas Kottoor was a lecturer at the BCM College Both he and Fr Puthrukayil were taken into custody on Tuesday evening while the nun was picked up this morning. All three were subjected to the lie-detector and narco analysis tests.

    Other priests involved in murder cases

      [1992 Fr Kottur*, Fr Puthrukkayil*, Sr Sephi*, and < 1966 Fr Onamkulam] - RCC. Women dead.
       Express Buzz
       KOCHI, India -- Priests getting involved in murder cases is not new in Kerala. The arrest of Fr Thomas Kottur, Fr Jose Puthrukkayil and Sr Sephi in connection with Sr Abhaya murder case has stirred up the memory of other sensational cases in Kerala involving the priests.
       In 1966, Fr Benedict Onamkulam, a priest of Changanassery Archdiocese, was sentenced to death for the murder of a widow -Mariakutty- on the basis of "circumstantial evidence".
       However, he was acquitted by the Kerala High Court on an appeal filed against the lower court judgement, sentencing him to death.

    Abhaya case: Oh Father, they knew what they did

      [1992 Fr Kottur*, Fr Puthrukkayil*, Sr Sephi*] - RCC. Nun dead.
       INDIA -- FINALLY, THE Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested two priests in connection with sister Abhaya murder, which has been mocking at the credibility of our investigation agencies and the conscience of millions of Christians alike for more than 16 years.
       Father Thomas M Kottur (61) and Father Dr Jose Puthrukkayil (56), former lecturers at BCM College, Kottayam, are reported to have been incriminated based on some clinching evidence revealed by a key witness in this murder mystery, and they have been booked for the same. And the third accused, sister Sephi (45) is also under custody. They have been remanded to CBI custody for further interrogation.
       Neither the Kerala police nor the CBI has ever had a case as controversial and unsettling as this one because the people who are involved in this case have been known to enjoy enough media support, money and political power to keep the investigation agencies at bay.

    The Audacity of Hope or a Fool's Errand:

      - RCC.  
       In the Vineyard
       CHICAGO (IL) -- The Criminal Prosecution of Cardinal Francis George and/or the Archdiocese of Chicago
       How is it that a cardinal archbishop of Chicago can get away with acknowledging,
  • that he never reported allegations of sexual abuse of minors, something required by Illinois law;
  • that he rejected the recommendations of his own Review Board in 2005 to remove a priest from ministry,
  • and that more children were abused as a result;
  • that he knew of five allegations against another priest since 2002 and did not remove him from service until 2006;

    Children in Alamo case still sought

       Arkansas Democrat-Gazette BY ANDY DAVIS, Posted on Thursday, November 20, 2008
       TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS – State child protective services caseworkers spent Wednesday finding foster homes for the 20 children seized from the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries while a search continued for other children who were missed during a sweep of Alamo properties.
       The children, 11 boys and nine girls, were taken into protective custody Tuesday after Arkansas State Police officers and Department of Human Services caseworkers went to Alamo's compound in Fouke and to more than a dozen Alamo-controlled homes and businesses in the Fort Smith area.

    Advent Ember Day slated

      - RCC.
       Catholic Sentinel
       OREGON -- The Ember Day for Advent will be on Wednesday, Dec. 3. An Ember Day is a day set aside for prayer and fasting.
       Archbishop John G. Vlazny instituted Ember Days in the Archdiocese of Portland in 2002 as days for prayer for victims of child sexual abuse.
       Archbishop Vlazny specified that Ember Days in the Archdiocese be celebrated three times each year: in the Advent Season before Christmas, in the Lenten Season before Easter and in the fall.

    Congressional chaplain accused of covering up local abuse

      - RCC.
       ABC 7, By John Garcia
       CHICAGO (IL) -- A Chicago priest who is now a chaplain in Congress played a role in managing other priests accused of sexual abuse, according to "Roll Call," Capitol Hill newspaper. This news is a surprise to those who support the victims of clergy abuse.
       Reverend Daniel Coughlin has been the chaplain of the House of Representatives since 2000. Frances Cardinal George recommended him for that position. Before that, he was in Chicago where he ministered to a group of troubled priests, according to "Roll Call."

    Church officials silent about fate of priest in abuse case

       The Journal News, By Gary Stern, November 20, 2008
       NEW YORK -- A former Westchester resident whose accusations of abuse against Monsignor Charles Kavanagh brought down the former chief fundraiser for the Archdiocese of New York is now furious that church officials will not tell him whether a decision has been reached in the slow-moving case.
       Upon hearing this week that a decision had been reached, Daniel Donohue said he contacted the Rev. Richard Welch, who served as prosecutor for the archdiocese in a church trial on the case.
       "The first thing he said was: 'I don't think they realized this would get out so quickly,' " Donohue said.

    Abuse suit names O'Grady, Mahony

      [Oliver O'Grady] - RCC.
       The Record, By Scott Smith, November 20, 2008
       STOCKTON (CA) -- Attorneys for a local man who said a notorious priest molested him as a boy filed a lawsuit Wednesday that also seeks to hold Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony responsible for allowing years of sexual abuse.
       This is one of many lawsuits against the Roman Catholic Church stemming from Oliver O'Grady's alleged abuse but the first that tries to hold Mahony personally responsible, attorney John Manly said from the front steps of the San Joaquin County Superior Court.
       "Oliver O'Grady is a shark. He's a lion," Manly said. "And Cardinal Mahony was the lion tamer, and he opened the cage."

    Priest facing abuse counts sues family

      - False statements claim.
       Schenectady Gazette, By Edward Munger Jr.,
       FONDA (NY) – A priest facing felony child sex abuse charges in Montgomery County filed a civil lawsuit this week against the family that made the accusations against him.
       The Rev. John W. Broderick, 47, is seeking $500,000, alleging that the family made false statements about him.
       In a September indictment, a Montgomery County grand jury lodged three felony counts of second-degree sexual abuse and a misdemeanor count of first-degree unlawfully dealing with a child against Broderick. The indictment charges that Broderick, who authorities said was serving as the Palatine Bridge family's "spiritual adviser," abused three children between October 2005 and May of 2007.
       Broderick also is accused of providing alcohol to a person under 21 in 2007.
       In his lawsuit, filed Monday in state Supreme Court in Montgomery County, Broderick says his arrest caused him to suffer "loss of reputation, loss of employment, past and prospective, the expenditure of money for legal fees to defend a criminal action and other damages."

    "You have helped us to save the vocations of many"

      - RCC.
       California Catholic Daily
       FRESNO (CA) -- Fresno Bishop John Steinbock has pledged $10,000 to support the Saint Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland – the famous treatment center for wayward priests. Among the Institute's more infamous patients were serial pederasts and defrocked priests Rudy Kos of Dallas and John Geoghan of Boston, who was murdered by a fellow inmate while serving a prison term for his crimes. Four years ago, Bishop Steinbock sent one of his own priests to the Institute after parishioners discovered their pastor had been soliciting liaisons on a homosexual web site.
       A letter obtained by California Catholic Daily to Bishop Steinbock from Msgr. Stephen Rossetti, president of Saint Luke Institute, indicates that on June 17, the Institute received the second installment of a $10,000 pledge from the Fresno diocese. So far, according to the letter, the diocese has paid $4000 toward the pledge, with a balance remaining of $6000.
       "Thank you for your most generous support," wrote Msgr. Rossetti. "Your second gift of $2,000 from the Diocese of Fresno toward your pledge to our Fund Campaign will enable us to continue to assist priests, deacons and women and men religious who come from dioceses or communities who cannot afford treatment."

    MacDonald's lawyer may have to take to the inquiry stand

       Standard-Freeholder, By TREVOR PRITCHARD,
       CANADA -- The lawyer for alleged sex offender Charles MacDonald may be forced to step down because of a conflict of interest over upcoming testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.
       Michael Neville has represented both MacDonald and the estate of probation officer Ken Seguin, another alleged abuser, since the inquiry began hearing witnesses in February 2006.
       Neville has also defended the now-retired priest in criminal proceedings since 1996, when MacDonald was first charged with sexually abusing children. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 20, 2008 8:03 AM]
    ////////// End of Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker Thu November 20, 2008
    Abuse Chronology:
    For good teachings to be heeded, a big clean-up is needed.

    #### Clergy Sex Abuse Tracker, www.bishop- accountability. org/ abuse tracker , Fri November 21, 2008 edition:

    Priest jailed for child porn

      [- 2007 Morrow -? NEW*] - Presbyterian. PRISON. Child porn.    
       Courier Mail, 03:00pm, November 21, 2008
       BRISBANE, Qld, AUSTRALIA -- A PRESBYTERIAN minister has been jailed after he was caught in possession of 170,000 indecent images in one of the biggest child porn stings in Queensland history.
       John Caldwell Morrow, 69, from Eagle Heights in the Gold Coast hinterland, was one of 13 men arrested in September last year following a two-month special operation that included tip-offs from German police.
       The Brisbane District Court was told on Friday that Morrow was identified as having downloaded a large number of child exploitation images, literature and videos from the internet.

    Protesters opposed priest

      [2004 De Maupeou -? NEW*] - RCC. Girl(8).  
       Northern News, ~ November 21, 2008
       CANADA -- A group of protesters gathered in front of St. Paul's University yesterday to alert the public that a Quebec priest who molested an eight-year-old girl on a 2004 church camping trip is studying law there.
       Father Philippe de Maupeou, who pleaded guilty in 2007 and served a six-month conditional sentence, is studying canon law on a three-year, $60,000 scholarship at the Main St. religious university. Protesters argued de Maupeou shouldn't even be a priest any more.
       "This priest needs to be let go, and that's what we're here to tell people about," protester Carlo Tarini said.

    Ex-altar boy sues Catholic Church

      [≤ 2003 Szott -? NEW*] - RCC. 2003 child porn. Altar boy.
       The Detroit News, by Paul Egan, November 21, 2008
       DETROIT (MI) -- The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit is facing a second civil lawsuit over allegations it failed to stop a priest who molested children when he served at parishes in Warren, White Lake, Redford, Pontiac, and Utica.
       The lawsuit filed by former White Lake Township resident and altar boy James Schultz names as defendants the archdiocese and the Rev. Timothy Szott, who was convicted in 2003 of possessing child pornography. Szott, stripped of his ministry though not his priesthood, by the Vatican in 2005, died of leukemia in Arizona in September.
       The archdiocese is aware of the lawsuit and "we're always saddened when we hear this type of a claim," said spokesman Ned McGrath, who declined to comment on the allegations.

    Catholic guilt

      - RCC.  
       Gair Rhydd (Wales), ~ November 21, 2008
       According to George Carpenter, Catholicism is in a no-win situation
       WALES -- The Pope's latest effort in the battle against sexual abuse among the clergy has made headlines recently. Earlier this year, Benedict XVI made a historic apology to victims of child abuse perpetrated by the Church to an audience in Australia, meeting and praying with several victims.
       In another attempt to quell the controversy which has rocked Roman Catholicism since the 1950s, a document has been released issuing guidelines on sexual behaviour within the clergy. Among these are proposed psychological 'screenings' designed to filter out those priests who might break their vow of celibacy.
       Given the sensitivity of the issue at hand, it is no surprise that the guidelines in said documents have drawn fire from rights groups who take issue with its treatment of both priests and victims.
       Terms such as 'psychological defects' could refer specifically to paedophile cases; however, coupled with the negative implications for those with 'deep-seated homosexual tendencies', it would appear that gay priests are being tarred with the same brush as potential child molesters.
       These sweeping statements have been duly noted by gay rights groups, accusing the Church of making scapegoats out of homosexuals, whose sexual preferences have little in common with those of offenders.
       Elsewhere, however, the Church has been accused of towing the line too much, with the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) claiming the document doesn't go far enough. [Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 21, 2008 4:29 PM]

    Abhaya case: Accused moves Kerala HC

      [1992 Fr Kottur*, Fr Puthrukkayil / Puthrikayil*, Sr Sephi*] - RCC. Nun dead.  
       The Hindu ~ November 21, 2008
       KOCHI, India (PTI): Father Jose Puthrikayil, arrested in the sister Abhaya murder case, on Friday filed a petition in the Kerala High Court seeking to quash the order of a chief judicial magistrate remanding him to 14 days' CBI custody.
       Continuous detention of any person, especially a priest for 14 days at a stretch is "illegal, inhuman and hard", Puthrikayil, second accused in the case, stated in the petition.
       He said that the CBI has not narrated the prior history of investigation and likelihood of further charges which it expects to derive from the accused. The investigating agency is bound to narrate the above aspects in an affidavit, he stated.

    New claims over sex abuse priest

       Newcastle Herald, BY JOANNE MCCARTHY, 4:00:00 AM, November 22, 2008
       AUSTRALIA -- A NEW Zealand woman is seeking compensation from Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese after alleging late priest Denis McAlinden sexually abused her when he was sent to New Zealand in the 1980s.
       The woman has engaged Newcastle legal firm Braye Cragg to act on her behalf, and more victims are expected to come forward after reports about Father McAlinden were published in a New Zealand newspaper this week.
       The reports detailed how Maitland-Newcastle diocese Bishop Michael Malone issued a statement in October last year saying Father McAlinden was a serial child sex offender over nearly five decades who was wanted by police for alleged child sex offences at the time of his death in 2005.

    Was Weakland following church orders?

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 1977-2002. Followed RCC orders. Hush money US $0.5m. Man.  
       WDJT, with video,
       MILWAUKEE (WI) -- New videotape has been released of former Archbishop Rembert Weakland.
       Weakland implies when he hid pedophile priests he was following church orders.
       CBS 58's Veronica Griffin has the latest stunning revelation on a sex scandal that won't away.

    Milwaukee Catholic Sexual Assault Scandal Unravels

      [Abp Weakland] - RCC. Shuffled predators 1977-2002. Hush money US $0.5m. Man.
       WITI, with video and link to the full deposition posted by ,
       MILWAUKEE (WI) -- WITI-TV -- The entire deposition of Former Archbishop Rembert Weakland has been released, gives details about sexual abuse in the church. FOX 6's Mike Lowe gives you some of the disturbing details.

    Let's have open forum, SNAP says to chaplain of U.S. House of Reps. and Chicago Cardinal George

      - RCC.
       Voice from the Desert
       CHICAGO (IL) -- A national support group for clergy sex abuse victims is challenging top Chicago Catholic officials, including a controversial high profile Washington chaplain, to join them in an "open forum" about how Chicago predator priests are alleged/allegedly? supervised, both now or several years ago when the chaplain helped perform that role.
       Leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAPnetwork. org), are issuing the invitation in response to criticism of their group by Cardinal Francis George's PR woman in today's Chicago Tribune. Colleen Dolan blasts SNAP for criticizing Coughlin, who is the chaplain for the US House of Representatives.
       Yesterday, a Washington DC newspaper, Roll Call, disclosed that Coughlin spent ten years "at the center of the Chicago Archdiocese's efforts to manage priests who had been accused of sexual abuse." For five years, he ran "a Catholic facility where the archdiocese sent priests who were suspected of committing sexual offenses." Posted by Kathy Shaw on November 21, 2008 11:53 AM

    NJ Community on Edge After Pedophile Priest Moves In

      [ 1990s Tully] - RCC. Boys.     
       WPIX, with video presentation,
       WAYNE (NJ) -- William Nash of Massachusetts, who said he was abused by Father James Tully when he was a seminary student in Wisconsin, went to New Jersey this week to warn residents that the priest has moved from Italy to their town.

    Church officials silent about fate of priest in abuse case

       Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests,
       NEW YORK -- Once again, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has failed to honor their promise to be open and transparent. A brave survivor stepped forward and revealed his abuse, worked with the hierarchy of the church through a rare canonical trial and now has been shut out of the decision. Daniel Donohue did everything the diocese asked of him when he revealed that Monsignor Charles Kavanagh had molested him as a high school seminary student. He testified at the trial but has since learned a decision has been reached but the church has refused to tell him the outcome. We hope anyone who was harmed by Kavanagh will step forward and seek help. That anyone who saw or suspected his misdeeds will contact law enforcement.

    Murdered Nun's Father Ready To Move Supreme Court

       Indian Catholic
       KOTTAYAM, INDIA (ICNS): Father of a catholic nun murdered 16 years ago says he will move Supreme Court if culprits are not punished in the state High Court. Thomas, the murdered nun's father, told this at a press conference in Kottayam on Thursday, a day after two Catholic priests and a nun were arrested for their suspected involvement in the crime.
       His statement comes in the wake of media speculation that culprits may escape punishment in the court for want of evidences. Reports say initial investigators themselves had destroyed most primary proofs soon after the nun's body was found in the convent well in 1992.